Answering A Reader…

A numerology question from Iris:

Iris // January 6, 2009 at 10:31 pm (edit)

Hi Denise. Tell me, is it possible that someone’s personal year can start early. My personal year for 2009 is 6 but everything I am supposed to experience this year happened last year. The personal year 7 is more of what I’m into now.

I hope I am making sense.

Hi Iris,

Actually, depending on when you were born within that year it would change. For example if you were born December 31 you would add up your 12 + 31 = 34 then the year 2009 = 11, so the number would be 45 which would be a 9.

However, your year change wouldn’t happen until December 31, so you would experience 2009 as a number 8 even though technically it would be a 9.

Some numerologists don’t agree with this, they believe once the year number changes so does your personal year, so you have to go with your own experience. In your case you feel you experienced your year number early. What is your birthday so I can help you figure it out.

It’s possible that if your birthday was very close to midnight and you moved to another time zone, perhaps your birthday would fall on the next day or the day before depending on where you moved. In astrology its called a relocation chart. I’ve never really heard it applied to numerology, but it seems possible that this could occur in such an instance as well. 

For example your birth date was 11/11 at 11:51 PM Sydney Australia and then you moved to the Berkeley, CA you would actually have been born on 11/10 at whatever time (you get the idea). Or reverse that and say you were born at 11/11 in Berkeley, CA at 11:51 PM and moved to New York you would actually have been born at 2:51 AM 11/12. Perhaps something like this occurred in your case? You can e-mail me your info if you don’t want your personal information on the blog.

Best wishes and many blessings,


Answering A Reader…

3 thoughts on “Answering A Reader…

  1. Stephen says:


    For: iris

    This year will be a #5 Personal Year for you.

    Reading for Year:
    9/4/2008 — 9/4/2009

    * Your Personal Year lasts from 1 birthday to the next.

    Personal Year Number:

    The Five Personal Year is about flexibility, change and education. There may be a level of risk for you, this year. Do not be afraid of chasing after opportunities to further your education, relocate, change jobs, or travel. Crisis at this time might involve funding, moving or stagnation.

    Keywords for the year:
    Communication, Learning, Secrets, Messages, Travel

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