Year of The Black Panther (Medicine Cards)

If you haven’t heard of the medicine cards, I highly suggest looking into them. They are excellent for doing personal readings for yourself. As a matter of fact they work better than anything else for that, the tarot can be hard to interpret when looking at it for yourself.

Here’s a link to anyone interested in checking them out: Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals

I highly recommend this for anyone interested in a personal/spiritual divination system that is easy to use, clear and used primarily for your own use.

OK, that being said I pulled a card just after New Year’s eve to represent the general feel of 2009 and got the Black Panther. This is powerful medicine. It’s meaning is to trust the unknown or be thrown into the abyss.

The black panther is a great teacher, but it doesn’t teach gently. In my own experience it denotes a period of chaos which can lead to a loss of reason. Black panther is a nocturnal predator and only the keen, able and strong are able to survive it. 

It nurtures the spirit through the teaching of fierce independence and self-sufficiency, but it can also cause chaos, destruction and disruption. It has resonance with Pluto in that it destroys the old ways holding a person (or a world) back in order to nuture and teach independence, strength and self-reliance. It has no patience for superficiality, and its energy is strong, forthright. It will rip your throat out if you act out of fear and not out of deep abiding faith in yourself. 

This will be a year when structures are shaken down to their foundation, and people who have lead unconscious lives will have to wake up or risk losing either their peace of mind or their physical well being. Black panther is a harsh teacher, but very mystical. 

We will see people’s interest in symbolism, deeper meaning and spirituality rise along with the panther’s reign. For those who embrace their own instincts and personal power, it will be a year of advancement. A year when you will see through the collective chaos with laser sharp clarity while others are drowning in it.

This however will not be the year to save someone else like a friend, lover or family member. The panther stalks alone. If you attempt to save someone else this year (I mean personally not in the way of global or through broader acts of charity) be careful because a great deal of damage can be done to the person you are trying to save, and to your relationship with them. Panther’s attempt to rescue a weaker animal can lead to accidentally tearing its throat out. There is no room for subtlety during black panther year. It is a year of extremes, of predators and prey, kill or be killed, trust or perish.

The world will go through major changes this year, and its likely extreme circumstances, war and natural disasters will not abate, more likely these things will proliferate. It will be a tough year for many, but it will teach us the most valuable lessons of our lives.

For those on the journey toward spiritual enlightenment, it will lead the way to great inner strength, magic, psychic awareness, and will open doors to the other side, other dimensions, and parts of the brain most of us have turned off.

Don’t be afraid if this year you have visions, crazy dreams or intense spiritual experiences. Embrace these experiences and let them change you for the better.

Year of The Black Panther (Medicine Cards)