Answering A Reader (Chris)

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“It is impossible to use the tarot to give readings for yourself, unless it is a simple yes/no spread, and still you won’t really understand it except for the yes/no side of it.” Will you elaborate on this, Denise? I give myself readings on occasion, as do several of my “psychic”/”6th sensory” friends. I’ve always found my own readings to be very insightful, accurate and helpful. ‘Impossible’ seems to be an off-the-mark adjective? Difficult perhaps? But impossible? Just looking for clarification. Also, I’m wondering, surely along with many others, when do you see life becoming less of a struggle for most of us? My gut tells me it’s going to be awhile, which is a strong contradiction to the last eight years or so of my life’s activities for the path I’m on. While I have read each of your entries word for word, some more than once, I’ve not seen a mention of when the new lifestyles we will all ENJOY (yes, that’s right, all of what’s going on is for the better) might settle into a sustainable routine for the majority of mankind, globally? Mid to late 2011 is what my gut seems to be indicating. Yours?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your post.

Certainly, my statement is hyperbole. I have done readings for myself as you mentioned so have my psychic friends. However it is really, really hard to interpret and not the same as getting a reading from someone else. The closest thing to get an objective reading in that way, that I’ve found is with the Medicine Cards. That’s really what I was trying to say. Yes/No spread of course is the easiest to delineate, clear, concise and not open for interpretation, it takes the subjectiveness out of what can be a maze in terms of interpretation for the Rider-Waite based tarot.

In answer to the second part of your question, yes, around the end of 2011 beginning of 2012, although I feel the worst of it will be felt the next couple of years. I do feel it will be a lifestyle shift for all of us for the better, one we were in desperate need for. I feel many of us will learn to cherish things that are truly important and be better for it.

Best wishes to all and many blessings,


Answering A Reader (Chris)

One thought on “Answering A Reader (Chris)

  1. Hi Denise, this is going back a few posts, but can you explain the difference between “early-degree” and later-degree” Virgos (or any sign). Did you mean degrees as in the chart (for example, when you did my chart last month there is a 23 degrees right by my sun, but a 13 degrees on the outside of the circle right by my sun sign). Or did you mean early or late by whether they were early or late in the sign, as in the case of Virgo, born closer to Leos (say August 24) or born closer to Libras (say September 19? Hope my question makes sense.

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