I wrote a post last night and put it up but it disappeared. And I can’t find it! It was very long and complex and had a follow up. I found the follow up but not the first half. This makes me sad. I guess I’ll answer some readers and get back to this subject later.


2 thoughts on “Weird…

  1. Id says:

    aha …….. mercury retrograde these sort of things happen.

    yesterday I spilled liquid on my laptop ( first time ever and hopefully the last )

    first thing I did is turned it upside down, unplugged the power cord and held the power button till it shut off.

    after that I took a few paper towels kept them between the screen and moniter and left the computer upside down.

    Turned it on today mornings and it’s working fine. keys are a bit sticky but freeing up…

    ………. dont ask me what I spilled on it and I do not drink milk not after I was weaned away 🙂

  2. grace43 says:

    ((hugs)) I think this happens to everyone at one time or another.

    Pres. Obama is asking everyone to contact him with ideas at Do you think he actually reads these emails and uses the ideas? If he does will our Congress also actually start listening to us? That will be a nice switch. Once I wrote a letter to my Congresswoman and she wrote me back that she was doing everything she could to stop people like me. I have had better luck with my Senators, but I really feel things would be different if they actually read their mail instead of their employees.

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