Answering Readers…

The first question comes from Sinead. I actually have a half-written post from about a month ago that I never finished regarding this subject. I’ll have to post it later.


Hi Denise: Did you ever hear of 12/21/2012 being the end of the world or possibly earth changing? Thanks, cusious about it astrologically…

Hi Sinead,

Yes, I have heard this because it’s when the Mayan calendar runs out. People have speculated that it signals the end of the world. The Mayans broke segments of time into worlds, kind of like western astrology does via ages. However they used different language to describe this then we do. Instead of ages like the Taurus age, the Aries age, the Pisces age (which we are in the tale end of) and the coming Aquarius age, they used the term world and they paired it up with animals and animal Gods who had significance to their culture. 

The fact that their calendar ends December 21, 2012 could mean a lot of things. Perhaps they just calculated their calendars until they ran out of steam figuring they would get to what was beyond 2012 when the time came. Or they saw that as the pole has shifted backwards through the zodiac, in our recorded time from Taurus all the way through to current Pisces, with Pisces being the last sign, and perhaps for them a similar astrological configuration symbolizing the last sign, the pole then goes past the last western sign (and maybe their version of a last sign) to point toward Aquarius. Either they saw this a quandary to figure out later, or as some have stated the end of all worlds. As we are currently living in the last sign in the grand procession of ages before going past the final sign of Pisces, they may have had a system that mirrored ours and perhaps this is when (in their system) the pole shifts completely toward the next sign.

Some have speculated that the end of all worlds means a vibrational shift that would happen at this time, others Armageddon.

Also take into consideration this date falls on winter solstice, traditionally an ending of one year as the God dies and is reborn and beginning of a new year. It could be very simply that they were forecasting the end of their own culture and the demise of the world they had known, sort of like the bible has done. Of course with global warming, an economic depression and wars raging all over the globe it doesn’t seem that far off to imagine the literal interpretation to be accurate.

It’s my belief we will experience a period of purging and destruction that will be followed by a new well spring of humanity, which hopefully will be (and I believe it will be) a collective evolutionary shift toward greater enlightenment at the end of the storm.

Let’s face it, we don’t seem to learn much from love, peace, and roses. We seem to need a little butt kicking to get us straight from time to time. I wish it weren’t so, but it seems for the majority of us, we learn through loss and hard times not through appreciation of what we have. Our lower tendency is toward greed, which we don’t always even know we are exhibiting. For instance we have plenty of food, shelter, clothing, a loving family, a nice home, a good car, a wonderful job and we wish for a bigger house, more money, more power, etc. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it pushes us to be bigger and better than we are, it’s often called ambition. But the negative side of this means we aren’t truly present in our lives appreciating all the good we have and learning from it. Some of us have the ability to do so, but most of us have a motto more akin to that old Rolling Stones song, “I can’t get no satisfaction.” Personally, I liked the Devo version better, but then I’m a dork for Devo.

I’ll re-read the post I was writing about the Mayan calendar ending and put it up in the next few days.

Sally Herr

Perhaps you have answered this question previously. What is you sense of conspiracy theories regarding 9/11? Thanks. Sally

Hi Sally,

I think I did answer this in a previous post, but it’s fine. It’s my intuitive feeling that the Bush administration knew about what was going to happen on 9/11 and there was a conscious decision not to interfere, but rather exploit the situation to further the neo-con agenda. This was my first initial feeling the day of the event, despite some friends rushing to say that it was actually planned by the Bush administration. I did not have that feeling. Of course facts have come out which were documented in Michael Moore’s film confirming my feeling. I don not feel or believe explosive devices were already in place in the towers. The heat from the fuel, and the poor upkeep on the flame retardant material that was supposed to cover the metal skeleton of the buildings, allowed the metal to bend in on itself, causing the weight to collapse the buildings.

The fact that invading Iraq had been a neo-con objective since the last war and an excuse was needed to justify breaking the Genova convention, I believe was why the events of 9/11 were allowed to take place. Why else would there be a stand down order issued? Besides the long standing friendship with the Bin Laden family, which is why they were the only people allowed to fly besides our president who never touched ground. When we needed him most he was playing chicken in the sky.

I’m not saying there wasn’t a conspiracy of exploitation, willful ignorance, and apathy. I just don’t believe they went as far as planting the bombs and ordering the terrorism. The terrorism was inevitable if one looked the other way, and that’s what they did. In that way I do believe they were co-conspirators in waiting for the shoe to drop, so they could use it to whack their enemies.


aha …….. mercury retrograde these sort of things happen. yesterday I spilled liquid on my laptop ( first time ever and hopefully the last ) first thing I did is turned it upside down, unplugged the power cord and held the power button till it shut off. after that I took a few paper towels kept them between the screen and moniter and left the computer upside down. Turned it on today mornings and it’s working fine. keys are a bit sticky but freeing up… ………. dont ask me what I spilled on it and I do not drink milk not after I was weaned away 🙂

Hi Id,

Urggg! Mercury retrograde! It’s enough to drive a person crazy. Have you noticed people also drive erratically during Mercury Retrograde? I’ve seen more near misses and accidents during those periods then any other time. I think your right about the missing post. Hope your computer is OK. 


Hi Denise, Mercury retrograde. I’ve lost calls and emails this week. I had a question about the increase in autism. Do you have any theories or any insights through readings you may have done with families of autistic children? Thanks!

Hi Hope and a Plan,

I’ve done research about autism because of my pregnancy, and of course, my now one year old daughter. It has always been my feeling that it will turn out to be environmental toxins. For awhile people were concerned about Mercury in vaccines, but that was removed about 10 years ago, and the incidents of autism have continued to soar and have actually gotten worse. The anecdotal stories of people noticing their kids (mostly boys get autism) exhibiting the signs shortly after vaccination made me spread my daughter’s shots out because I felt it wasn’t so much the vaccination as perhaps overloading a baby with too many things to try and fight off, and perhaps for babies (especially boys because of the x chromosome and the fact that this makes them biologically weaker health wise) who are already dealing with toxicity, a bunch of vaccinations that overload their immune system is enough to set the autism ball rolling. 

I know some scientists think it is genetic, but I have a feeling it will turn out to be a number of toxins, and could also be further complicated and linked to the breakdown in our immune system caused by exposure to more UVB rays then ever before. 


((hugs)) I think this happens to everyone at one time or another. Pres. Obama is asking everyone to contact him with ideas at Do you think he actually reads these emails and uses the ideas? If he does will our Congress also actually start listening to us? That will be a nice switch. Once I wrote a letter to my Congresswoman and she wrote me back that she was doing everything she could to stop people like me. I have had better luck with my Senators, but I really feel things would be different if they actually read their mail instead of their employees.

Hi Grace,

I bet he would read an e-mail if it had a great idea. I’m sure he has other people fish through them first. That’s a pretty cool thing to hear though. I wasn’t aware he’d put that out there.

Best wishes and many blessings to all of you,


Answering Readers…

8 thoughts on “Answering Readers…

  1. Gwen says:

    Dear Denise

    I’ve been reading Nostradamus’ predictions and became alarmed when I read that Britain and America would go into bankruptcy. In lieu of all the billions being given to corporations from our government, it seems doubtful this actually will turn our economy around. Further, many of these corporations have off-shore accounts which have been a loss of millions and millions of tax dollars. How ironic, those who cheated the gov’t out of millions of tax dollars are getting hand-outs. Just doesn’t makes sense. Do you think bankruptcy is in the future for the US?

  2. Sinead704 says:

    Hi Denise:

    Thanks for the info on 12/21/2012. I was also thinking that I could see people becoming naturally psychic in the near future, I see it happening more and more. People believing in intuition & manifesting.

    Also I am a pisces. When does the pisces era end again?

  3. Chris says:

    Sinead704: I believe the type of souls coming to earth are here to help turns things around. They’re all in dire need of psychic ability and deep rooted spirituality to do the task at hand. Completely agree there are more psychics and “six sensory” folks around these days, and praise the highest one for it. 😛

  4. grace43 says:

    If you want to contact Pres. Obama with an idea, tell him your story, or just complain to him about something, go to:

    I wrote him an impassioned letter a couple of days ago about a subject near and dear to my heart. So far all I’ve received was an immediate thank you note response.

  5. Juno says:

    About autism – I also agree the vaccinations are too many and too close together. I also spread out the vaccinations for my 2 1/2 year old son and was given loads of grief from the nurses because of it. I have a niece and a nephew with autism, and was not going to risk it. Both came down it it shortly after their MMRs, but who knows if that was the sole cause. Also have heard that babies with jaundice in the first week have a higher liklihood for autism. Thanks for your info, Denise.

  6. Wei says:

    I think astrologers are also alarmed with the date of 12/21/2012 because a grand cross will form and that is supposed to be really bad? The planets will align on that date which is something that happens every few thousand years. When Y2K was looming, I didn’t bat an eye and thankfully everything turned out fine. (One of my friends sought refuge in New Jersey! lol) But, this time, the convergence of so many prophecies really concerns me. The chances of surviving a polar shift is very small and that is the mode in which the world as we know it may end. Many stories that ancient cultures said the sun rose from the west and set in the east, a sign that the poles were opposite of what it is now. I went to Mexico this past April and the Mayan ruins struck me as a civilization that were mentally more sophisticated than their physical environment. Their calendar so incredibly accurate, it has now become scary.

  7. Hopeandaplan says:

    I think like a chart with the wrong timing we are given information to contemplate and raise our awareness to impending changes. I find it hard to believe there is a point to knowing when everything was going to end. Except if you wanted to travel out into space to avoid an incoming asteroid. Mayans used to cut out the beating hearts of living sacrifices. They were incredibly superstitious. I am hopeful. We’re all going to pass one day and I look at all of the smiling faces on television awaiting the inauguration and it is absolutely zen. It took 8 years of hell for us to get here and probably more to shift. I agree with Denise humanity inherently isnt grateful so that’s why our lessons have to kick our butts. all the best to everyone!

  8. DERA says:

    I believe the Mayans’ calendar ending on 12/21/2012 is the end of an era and the beginning of a new age. I believe it is the end of patriarchy. Can the tara answer this one?

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