Some Clarification (kind of answering readers)

I just wanted to clarify some stuff I wrote about. I’m not sure if it made sense or not. Grace mentioned she didn’t believe that the aliens or inter/extra-dimensional beings were necessarily superior to us. I agree, and I also don’t think we are superior to any other animal on the planet.

It’s interesting to note that ancient Celtic lore about the Faerie people was very similar to recent alien abduction stories. Also it was said that no one could understand the motivations of the Faeries, they don’t play by our rules which are very similar to the stories of people abducted by aliens.

For all we know we could be one giant science experiment for one group of alien/extra-dimensional peeps, or we’re some kind of zoo. Who knows. It doesn’t really matter other than we can’t possibly understand their motivations. From descriptions people have given of abductions the gray types are very unemotional and have an ant-like group mind sort of thing about them. Then their are the Nordic ones which are more akin to the stories we associate with the Faerie people. Whether they are extra-terrestrial, extra-dimensional or some version of us in the future coming back we really can’t know. But Grace is right, just because they have superior technology does not mean they are better then us. Just like we are not better than a gorilla, just different.

As a matter of fact the more scientists have researched animal intelligence the more they have found many animals to be surprisingly brilliant. Ravens and crows are supposed to be as intelligent as dogs and are excellent tool users. Supposedly Border Collie’s are as smart as chimps, and can understand about 200 words, and commands after just one use. There are many others, like dolphins who among other things can recognize themselves in the mirror, besides us, elephants and chimps this isn’t a really common quality. Anyway, you get my point.

The 2012 thing is pretty scary, not because of the grand cross, those happen a lot, all the time actually. They aren’t fun but they are pretty common. It’s because the Mayan calendar literally stops and calls that date the end of all worlds. Kind of creepy. Terrance McKenna was of the mind that it was going to be some sort of dimensional shift. Some have thought it was when the pole shift would happen, although the pole shift has been going on now for a while and is likely going to continue on its slow steady course. I’ll have to run a chart for that date and do more research. I’ve kind of resisted it because I guess I didn’t really want to know especially if it truly was fated so long before we could do anything about it. It seems unfair and I usually focus on the intersection of fate and free will, the area where we can control our destiny if we choose to do so. The only thing to me that fits with the end of the world happening on that day exactly, especially having been forecasted so long ago by the Mayan’s is potentially a huge comet or asteroid hitting the planet that day that the Mayan’s had some kind of astronomical information about which we don’t yet  have.

There are technologies which have been lost over time, some relatively recently discovered such as indoor plumbing; turns out the Minoans (and I think the Romans may have imported some aspects of this with their group bath house situations) not only had it, but also multiple story buildings. The Roman’s also had the multi-story technology, but it wasn’t as sophisticated from what I’ve read. All of this was pretty recently uncovered by archaeologists; so anyone poo-pooing the idea that the ancients were sophisticated technologically need only to think about that, and realize we didn’t discover they had this technology until the past 15 years or so. 

And I realized today after hearing it on the news that Obama’s going to be sworn in at noon. I remember thinking this was the most logical time, but was given the time of 2 PM and ran a chart for that time instead. I’m going to put in the new time, and do analysis of his inauguration and what it means for the country for the next post. And also rectify Lincoln’s chart and the comparison between both of them again.

I really wonder if Obama is Lincoln re-incarnated. It kind of makes sense. Lincoln was never able to finish the job and Obama has so much in common with him in terms of their career paths. Although, of course, Obama might have used Lincoln as a role model which could explain this aspect of his life. But I don’t know. There is a feeling about Obama, besides him being tall and skinny, and the opposite sign of Lincoln, something about his coolness and great oratory ability that seems very Lincon-esk.

On the subject of both England and the US going bankrupt that Gwen asked in a post, when my father-in-law told me he was voting for Bush the first time around I  said to him, “He’s going to bankrupt this country just like he’s done with every company he headed.” I think Obama is going gray already trying to figure a way out of this financial mess. I’ll have to meditate more on this and get back to you though. But I feel we are teetering that way right now. We are in so much debt to China and now they are doing all of our manufacturing, it will be very hard to extricate ourselves from this mess. I will do some readings about this though and a specific post about this issue over the next week.

Well, Happy Inauguration everyone! It’s a new era. Let’s make it a better one by staying involved. As we can all see politics are not something that happen far away on a hill that have nothing to do with us personally. What goes on in Washington or in my case Sacramento because I live in CA, affects us personally from our retirement (thank GOD and Harry Reid that Social Security didn’t end up invested in the stock market) to our children’s education to our health care, to our jobs.

Our lives are directly and indirectly effected by politics and public policy from the moment we are born. From the opportunities we get in terms of education, to the whether we will be taken care of in our old age. I’m so happy to see people getting involved and the word apathy considered no longer cool.

Best wishes and many blessings to all!


Some Clarification (kind of answering readers)

10 thoughts on “Some Clarification (kind of answering readers)

  1. Hopeandaplan says:

    Hi Denise, I’ve been thinking a lot about these subjects and wonder if it isnt the integration of alien societies with ours which will happen in 2012. I was fascinated how the Catholic church came out and said that of course God was capable of creating other beings. They contend that they are spiritually superior in the sense they never lost their connection to God therefore never needed to be “saved” by Christ. I just started reading about the Koran and there are passages that can be interpretted as interdimensional wormholes. I think God or the God force is a physicist or physics. Happy inauguration day!!!

  2. Wei says:

    Very well written clarifications. Thanks for the grand cross info. Well, I think most people aren’t sure whether 2012 will happen or not, however astrology is a tool that informs. It may not foretell what the future holds but reminds us we are part of a larger world and the choices we make has a large impact on everyone. Yes, hope Obama through his oratorial gifts and intelligence will usher in a new era of social justice and to the end of corruption. May not be the solution, but hope it is the beginning of one.

  3. jane b says:

    Denise is correct in stating that there are several “old” technologies that we are discovering only today. I would point you all toward the Horizon Project regarding 2012. They are looking at the mass of current scientific evidence (astrophysics, astronomy, etc) and comparing that to various ancient prophecies. There is strong evidence that there will be a shift in the geographic pole sometime during our passage through the Galactic Equator, i.e. Dark Rift, because this has happened every other time we’ve passed thru. They feel our transit has already begun, and we’re going to be feeling even stronger effects as the median date gets closer. btw, They have also determined December 21, 2012 is the date the Earth will be closest to the Rift before it begins veering off again. This information was only discovered recently.

  4. Iris Boyd says:

    From some books I have read, 2012 will be the end of the Pician (sp) age and the beginning of the age of Aquarius.

    In my opinion, I think that it won’t be some big, rapturous change but a soft, gradual transition into a new era.

  5. Juno says:

    It definitely FEELS true about Obama being Lincoln reincarnated. Thanks for the info on 2012 and aliens. You mentioned Terence McKenna and he was brilliant. Great theories on transforming consciousness and the “machine elves” (i.e. fairies) that visit when you do DMT or peyote. He described them as having a sense of humor about us as a species, but not necessarily one that runs in our favor 🙂

  6. grace43 says:

    Thanks, Denise! Could it be possible the Mayans continued their calender and it was destroyed or is as yet undiscovered or possibly not in the local we think it is (ie Central America)? I am the first to admit that I don’t know much about Cental American history. I do know they have had a lot of unrest in that area for a long time. It is possible there are plenty of ruins which have not been discovered yet or were destroyed by war or looters or even the Spanish in their quest to destroy Central American culture.

    I have heard the theory that some of the Mayans left Central America and move to North America. And became what we know as the Anatazes. I understand there is a pyramid under the dirt in Mississippi that Bush stopped archeological investigation on. I am wondering if possibly they continued their calender here.

    I am not concerned about the end of the Mayan calender, but this tilt of our solar system towards the center of our galaxy causing more cosmic radiation to come our way has me a bit concerned. I really don’t want to die from radiation.

    I think you are right about animal intelligence. I think whales are much smarter than we realize. They don’t have the ability to make tools, but if the large brain theory actually works, then they are loads smarter than we are.

    If anyone is interested in learning more about the different possible alien species, here is a link:

    If anyone is curious about the standard experience of those kidnapped by common gray aliens, here is a link:

    These guys are definitely not very nice. Some people like them. I have no idea why.

    Since our government lies to us about everything probably even including what the president has for breakfast, it is easy to believe they have some alien craft or equipment they are trying to back engineer. Obviously they aren’t too good at it though or we would have cold fussion or some useful clean power source by now.

  7. sinead704 says:

    Hi Denise:

    So i did some research and it looks like the Age of Pisces ends in 2012 (which is really weird) because that is when the poles shift and the end of the world was predicted. What i found on one site was that the Piscean age started when Jesus came to earth (which FISH is the symbol in christianity) What is also freaky is Pisces is the last astrology sign..

    What do you think?

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