Auras, Questions and Comments

Hi everyone,  I’m so glad everyone posted about their own aura experiences. Like I said, it’s interesting to me that all psychics seem to see auras differently. They have different colors with different attributes and meanings. I’ve yet to figure out why. Perhaps we are reading different layers of the human soul. And we each have personal associations that take precedence over universal ones when it comes to our intuition.

Sally mentioned she sees white around people. I used to see this as well. According to some books I’ve read this is actually the etheric body, which is different from the astral body, the one with all the colors in it. 

And here’s a post I want to address from Vishalsaxena:


Hi Denise, I have been following your wonderful blog since couple of month. My interest in Astrology comes from my Mother who works on Vedic/Horary astrology. I have a question, which I am trying to get answered for some time. Since last 2-3 months I have been seeing sparks of light appearing suddenly floating in the air and they vanish quickly. This usually happens when I am focused or in deep thought. The sparks are point size and have intensity of the Sun. Also, it feels like a sweet calm after the observation. I am sure I have no medical issue with my eyesight and I can read from far and for long time without the eyes watering. Also, these sparks are occurring more frequently since a month and I am curious if they have a purpose. I have done some Kundalini exercises last year and had to discontinue them due to work pressure. Do you have any take on this from psychic point of view?

Hi Vishalsaxena,

The Kundalini exercises may have opened you up more to psychic phenomena. This is a powerful chakra and I’ve heard of this happening to people who work with it.

I have seen this as well. It started out as little white flashes and then I noticed these flashes in different colors, usually around people’s heads. Then later, and currently, I see them in relation to what I have figured out is precognitive weather or world patterns. When it’s going to rain I’ll see blue flashes, when it’s going to be exceptionally windy, yellow flashes, or when there is going to be a rash of fires I have seen red flashes. And of course the bright green flashes when there is going to be seismic activity. Over the years I’ve decided they are elementals.

On the rare occasion when I have seen either white or purple flashes (usually in the sky, often at night) it proceeds some major world event like 9/11, Mumbai, the Tsunami in Indonesia, Katrina, a major earthquake or flood that kills hundreds or thousands. It at first seemed odd that these very spiritual colors would be associated with what I see as negative world events. But I think these flashes are signs that the gateway between the worlds is opening and readying to accept a mass group of souls.

So while the events are always tragic, I see it as reassurance that the people who go through those terrible things are being greeted by angelic energy waiting to transition them to a higher plane.

If I were you I would keep a diary of whatever you notice going on in the world and in your life within a few days or a week of seeing the flashes. The language of psychic phenomena is so personal that the best way to determine what the flashes mean is for you to be vigilantly observant and try to make connections with patterns you notice. This will take a while. Sometimes it can take years but it’s worth it. However, chances are good if you keep a journal and meditate on the meaning of the flashes for you, the answer will become clear.

This is the most important thing in interpreting psychic phenomena, being in touch with your own subconscious. We all have different associations for things, colors, objects, people, etc. Always go with what your feeling is about a color or whatever. Other people can sometimes act as guides, and there are some universal things that help as a jumping off point in interpreting the language of your psychic ability, but we all have different parents, backgrounds, religions, cultures and these things make a major difference in how our unconscious speaks to us through pictures, colors, sounds, smells and feelings. We are all psychic and the more one pays attention to their own truth the clearer and more refined the intuitive ability becomes.

And from Hope and a Plan:


Hi Denise, My ears have been buzzing with energy like crazy for the past week. I was going to share this yesterday but thought it could just be me. Friends are having a lot of nightmares. Of course we’re having terrible news about employment rates. I have noticed that when packs or schools of animals do odd things in they may be reacting to wierd energy swirling. At least its a theory that continues to play out successfully for me. So again with Austrailia with me with the beaching of the whales and the shark attacks and then last night massive schools of sharks sighted off of Florida. This theory began back in the summer of 2001 when there was a huge spike in shark attacks in Florida and that was when the 9/11 terrorists were preparing down there. Its an observation I personally note. Thanks Denise.

Hi Hope and a Plan,

I agree it’s all connected. And however you see the patterns and make the connections is the way your unconscious speaks to you. Always trust in your intuition. It really will never lead you astray. It’s the logical mind that gets us into trouble, talks us into helping the “nice man” in the cast when we get a creepy feeling and should run away (Ted Bundy). It’s interesting to note people who escape from serial killers always do so because they trust a feeling they are getting that appears to be completely irrational. So, there you go. 

The nightmares are I’m sure everyone plugging into the collective anxiety of the world. We are in trouble for sure. And it’s not going to be an easy couple of years. Even if we as individuals maybe OK, it won’t be easy to see other people losing their jobs, becoming homeless, and being destitute. 

One thing is for sure, we are supremely lucky Obama won. Imagine the energy right now if McCain had beaten him. It would be extremely depressing and we would be looking at a much worse future that would take, who knows how long to recover from.

Best wishes and many blessings to all in this New Year of the Ox,


Auras, Questions and Comments

4 thoughts on “Auras, Questions and Comments

  1. Wei says:

    I’ve been listening to various things on the net and there seems to be some connection between the pineal gland which many consider the third eye and psychic ability or access to higher parts of your soul. I heard recently that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, so I stopped all tap water consumption and the first day I did this, I had dreams and I rarely dream anymore.

  2. grace43 says:

    I have a tarot question for you.

    For the last five or ten years, I have been hitting a brick wall trying to get something done about West Virginia’s dirtest coal burning power plants. I have gotten nothing but silence or a brick wall to all my repeated efforts to get these plants closed or to meet the clean air standards. This is because the politicians here are high deep, if not higher in the coal industry. Here is a rport about how bad these plants are pollutiong:

    Recently, I wrote to Obama and his staff about this problem. My question is: Is something finally going to be done about these massive polluters?

    Another thing I have been working on is bringing public virtual school (Connections Academy – to my state. I’ve been working on this for three years. I have convinced a statewide family political action group, a commission to improve my local area and a state senator, but the governor and the rest of the gang on my state’s capitol hill are solidly against any kind of a change in the education system to modernize it in any way.

    I wrote to Obama a few days ago for help in making online public school available for all kids across the country. Is there any chance this idea will fly?

    All the other issues I have been writting tons of letters and sent tons of email over are being addressed right now by Congress and the Senate.

    Thank you so much for your time.

  3. Sunbeyond says:

    Dear Denise
    I’ve heard from this one analyst that commercial real estate will suffer real hard this year and for years to come, seeing that recently with all the retailer bankruptcies like circuit city and linens n things. Do you think that we are near a collapse of shopping malls? I want to also ask about this company Simon Property Group (largest mall development and operator in the USA) public traded SPG symbol NYSE Listing date Dec 14, 1993 9:30 am . Currently trading around the price of 43 dollars, Do you think its wise to bet against this company? Thanks for your insight, Love reading your blogs,

    1. zoma777 says:

      Hi Sunbeyond,

      I’ll run a chart and get to your question hopefully tomorrow. One can only assume commercial real estate is going to plummet. In my town (which is inside Los Angeles, weird, I know, that’s LA for you) there are already 4 giant vacant spaces that used to house big chain stores. This has happened in just the last 6 weeks. It’s kind of scary. And sad. The trends in commercial real estate are different then single family home real estate. I’ll do some research and figure it out. Actually, I can run a horary chart (I’ll explain that in a later post). Send me as specific a question as you can to my e-mail at I’ll explain why when I talk about that method of astrology later. This will be much more specific to what you want to know. I’ll actually answer the question with a horary chart. I have found when running charts of companies that they have so many different incorporation dates and when they went public, etc. that it’s hard to really pin down the right chart. I often don’t feel confident that the charts are accurate or as helpful as I would like. This will be much better.
      Best wishes,

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