More Clarification on the Lesser Pentagram Ritual

I wanted everyone to let everyone know, once you have practiced this enough you don’t have to do all the theatrics. You can do it as a silent prayer before bedtime or if you get a bad feeling, or if you are afraid of getting in a car accident. It works just as well. But it is important to really have it down, have it be second nature. 

The other thing I noticed was it didn’t specify the gender of the Angels. I learned to visualize the Raphael and Michael as male and Ariel and Gabriel as female because of their association with male and female elements. To clarify this statement, in astrology and western occultism both air and fire are consider “masculine,” elements and water and earth are “feminine.” The association with the elements and their direction is an ancient tradition and found in every culture. Reinforcing the energy of masculine air and feminine water by visualizing the angels as those genders adds extra power to the ritual.

Also I noticed that the ritual closed with “and within me is the 6 rayed star.” Again I learned this as “and above me is the 6-rayed star.” After suffering the 1994 Northridge earthquake (which I had many premonitions about and had done numerous protection rituals in our bedroom because of my fear of an earthquake striking at night, I amended the ending to, “And above and below me shine the 6 rayed stars.” Because the major structural damage we had was to the flooring of the home and although our bedroom was the only room in our entire home that escaped completely unscathed, living in earthquake country the earth itself began to make me feel vulnerable. Plus I figured every possible direction was covered this way.

Anymore questions about this please let me know. This ritual/prayer is used as a protection in many different western esoteric traditions because it works so well. I have tried using white light, calling the elements, visualizing a mirrored ball around me, all of which help, but this ritual is iron clad protection. One elderly old magician (in the esoteric sense not in the David Blaine kind of way) I knew, claimed it saved him from a head on collision with a truck. He said he saw Michael just before the accident and felt the wheel of his car jerk out of his control. Of course he always said the lesser Pentagram in his mind before setting off on the freeway. 

Give it a whirl if you get freaked out or spooked. It really does give one a sense of calm and a real feeling of protection.

Best wishes and many blessings,


P.S. If anyone is starting to wonder what the heck my deal is, well, let’s just say I’ve done a lot of searching in all the major religions and their esoteric counterparts. When you are plagued with bizarre psychic phenomena your whole life, you gotta do something to get it under control!

More Clarification on the Lesser Pentagram Ritual