It’s my Birthday so please indulge me…

The, What Does Denise Look Like Contest?

I know this is odd, but I had this weird idea to have a contest to see if anyone could guess what I looked like. I have a couple of reasons for this: 1) I think most of you who read this blog are sensitives if not full on psychic freaks like myself. 2) Whenever I (or I’m assuming anyone) talks to another person on the phone (that they don’t know) or reads something by an author, we or I, always get a visual of what the person looks like. So I’m curious, after months of you guys being inside of my head, if any of you have a picture of what I look like and if so, what that picture is.

So here’s my proposition. Post what you think I look like (and ignore the reference I made to my red hair because I’ve dyed it back to as close to my natural color as I could). I will then post a picture of myself, and pick through the one that seems closest (in my opinion) if there are a bunch that seem close, I will let you guys vote. There will be between 1-3 winners depending on how many people participate. If you win, I will run your chart and send you (via e-mail) a computer interpretation of your natal chart. This would be worth anywhere between $30-75 to have done by an astrology service.

If someone is crazy dead on, I’ll throw in at least one extra computer interpetation (I have several different types) worth about the same $ amount. Or I could run a loved one’s chart and send you their basic computer chart. Also I will answer one horary question or tarot yes/no question for you via e-mail about anything you want! 

I’m a freak, what can I say? I am just really curious to see what sort of visual is conjured by the writing on the blog. And don’t be afraid to say anything that comes into your head. I will not be insulted. I will also right now make a concerted effort to project a visual of myself………..

I will answer the questions about the stimulus package tomorrow. It’s been freaking me out a little, this should have already been done! Especially (as we all know) with the very bad aspects only getting worse in March. It kind of scares me. I’ll take a look at the whole picture and do a detailed analysis over the coming days.

Best wishes and many blessings to you all,


I’ll run the contest over the next month so the winner will be announced on March 10th. The day after the contest closes.

And also I’m thinking about adding a computer chart service for those who are interested. If anyone wants me to make this available please let me know. Of course the cost of this will be much less than a normal reading with me. It would not be my interpretation, but rather a generic astrology service that breaks down and explains all the basic elements of your chart. For this I would charge $30 and send it via e-mail. I had planned to write my interpretations in the service, which is possible with the program I have, but I haven’t had time yet which is why I haven’t made it available. But many other astrologers sell this same service and charge much more for it. So because I have had some requests for this I’m thinking I should make this available. So, anyone who is interested let me know via e-mail at: or enter the competition and potentially get a free one!

It’s my Birthday so please indulge me…

28 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday so please indulge me…

  1. grace43 says:

    I have been wondering when the heck is spring going to get here? I have read the Farmer’s Almanac prediction, but it was lame since they forcasted March 20 as the first day of spring. Lame! Foul! March 2oth is labelled on every calender as the first day of spring. I am so tired of snow, ice, flu season (especially that!) and sub zero temps.

    puxatony phil forcasted six more weeks of winter. I contend he was just mad about being held upside down. French Creek Freddie (who lives outside at the WV Wildlife Center) forcasted an early spring. Which groundhog is righ? Phil or Freddie?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. grace43 says:

    If you need to get a feel for the little guys, here is a press release on French Creek Freddie:

    Punxtawny Phil – (punxtawany means land of the sand flies in the native Delaware dialect)

    Note the guy who looks like Bill Murray.

    This is Phil being held upside down:;_ylt=Apbvu8K3AAkGyMfs5jUZivJpaP0E

    Does that groundhog look happy? I think not. I think he was in a bad mood.

    General Lee Atlanta’s Groundhog also predicted an early spring.

    Sadly, it seems Canada’s Wierton Willy has died. He lived a good life for a groundhog. He had a couple of speedboats and a jet ski.

    And yes, I have read up on all the weather predicting groundhogs in North America. *laughing*

  3. Id says:

    It’s your Birthday……… so Happy B’day Denise.

    Strange isn’t it… our cells are regenerating every day and we celebrate our B’days just once a year :O)

  4. tranquilsleep444 says:

    Happy Birthday, Denise!! Okay, I’ll bite on the attempt to divine what you look like! Here goes…dark brown (almost black), full straight and bouncy hair cut bob-style, shoulder length or just below shoulder. Oval face shape, fair skin, and hazel eyes with a twinkle of mischief in them.

    Hope you have a great day!


  5. Hello! says:

    Happy Birthday! I get the feeling you are not very tall. You have short, brown hair, and your eyes are smoky blue.

    I’m curious about this stimulus package too. I was starting to have weird thoughts, like nothing will happen with the end result being to prove who is right – the Ds or Rs.

    I have always respected a variety of political opinions, but I outright DO NOT trust republicans anymore.

  6. hopeandaplan says:

    Hi Denise,

    I’ll take a shot too. Dark hair, pixie like cut. Petite, fair skinned, large round blue eyes. You’ve dyed your hair a lot more than just red! There’s my guess and I’m stickin to it!

  7. Iris Boyd says:

    I’m not a sensitive so just for fun I’ll give it a guess… You have curly or wavy, red hair, blue or green eyes around 5’4, 120 pounds and have fair skin. You wear a lot of black clothing and beautiful celtic jewelery.

    You are a Virgo.

    Ok, there.

  8. wyntyr says:

    Happy Birthday Denise (beams you a birthday cupcake)!

    I would take a guess that you now have brown hair (you love trying new hair colors), fair skin, maybe a freckle or two and I am picking up light (not sure on the exact color because they change with your mood as crazy as that sounds) eyes and a petite (under 5’5″) frame. Maybe a love handle or two! 🙂 Something about your nose. You are actually quite attractive with a really nice smile and your eclectic style really sets you apart. Very unique! Happy Birthday again! Hugs, Wyntyr

  9. Sinead704 says:

    Hi Denise:

    Happy Birthday. When I was corresponding with you before I kept picturing you with Red Curly hair. So my guess is that you naturally have darker hair (medium brownish), its a little past the ear and curly/wavy. I see you having light hazel, maybe yellowish. Some freckles too. I can picture you having a longish neck (which if so you are lucky, this is good beauty mark. I see you having a great smile, maybe lips are thinner w nice teeth.

    That’s it and I hope I am right….

  10. Sunbeyond says:

    First things first, happy birthday!!
    , I thank you for your dedication to this blog and all the answering of questions.
    I just have a couple of things i want to discuss. It seems that Obama’s stimulus package is going to pass and (correct me if i’m wrong) you have mentioned that it will do more good for the economy with Obama as president and that the package is strongly need. I am having a lot of mixed feelings about this package, below is a link to an analyst named Peter Schiff who in 2007 was dead on, even with the details, about the exact tsunami coming to our financial markets and economy, if you have the time please watch the video.

    He currently is saying that the economy is going to be in a severe depression if the stimulus package goes through in this video below

    I know that if somebody is right in the past doesn’t mean they will be right again , but he does have a lot of good points. I think that he might be right.
    I just wanted to know your insight about his views.
    sorry to bring this up on your birthday i know you deserve a day off. Happy birthday once again

  11. Sally in Dallas says:

    5’5″ or 5’6″. Slim to Normal build. Shoulder length brown or dark blonde hair, wavy and thick. Hazel eyes. Pale complexion. Full lips. Doe-eyes.

  12. John says:

    Happy B-day Denise!

    One of my best friends is named Denise, too! 🙂

    Now, unto what you look like. My intuition is sometimes very on or very off so I guess I’ll just have to see which one it is today 🙂

    I believe you are 5’4′ about 140 pounds, and a little curvy with a round face (moon traits). I also believe you have greenish-hazel eyes that really sparkle and stand out. You have a mix of dirty and dark brown hair, but nearly close to black (like a dark coffee :)) and fair skin with light freckling. Your hairstyle is a bit edgy and punkish just about shoulder length and you wear your bangs in a side part. For some reason I see piercings (4 on each ear) . Your way of dress is an eclectic as its modern and vintage looking and you like accessories.

  13. Id says:

    Denise you look like ……

    Golden brown hair. More than shoulder length, flowing across the right side of the forehead. Prominent cheek , more when smiling. Distinct eyebrows. Strong jaw line and noticeable chin. I think you wear glasses.

    Gosh…. am I psychic too 🙂 or am I remote viewing.

  14. curious123 says:


    You are 5’5. with medium red wavy hair and freckled fair skin. 🙂

  15. Are people even reading your posts the whole way through? You point out you DON’T have red hair, and people latch onto the words “red hair” and run with it.

  16. San says:

    Its your birthday….

    I wish you a hap hap happy birthday…
    your birthday ..your birthday
    A hap happy birthday to you Denise 🙂

    As for how I envisioned you,

    You have wavy hair upto your shoulders, medium frame, fair with few cute freckles on your nose and cheeks , slighty oval/round kind face, brown/blonde eyebrows, no glasses

    How am I doing so far…Bingo ..huh? 😀

  17. Todd says:

    You have a short, possibly asymmetrical haircut, light brown to blonde in color, greenish hazel eyes, slim build, maybe 5’7″in height, 125lbs or so, and you have a love of ’80’s music and fashion, especially Morrisey/The Smiths, The Cure and The Psychedelic Furs. I think you own a grey and white cat and possibly a Volkswagon of some sort. I see you as being cute in my mind’s eye 🙂 Happy belated birthday…

  18. Happy Birthday, Denise! I will guess short, dark brown hair, light skin with freckles, brown eyes. I am guessing not terribly tall, like maybe 5’3″. Also, I think you aren’t the type to bother with a lot of make-up.

  19. I envision you as having curly dark blond, a color that looks somewhat gray. You face is oval, leaning toward round. You have a watery look to you–soft, flowy graceful movements. You are somewhat sensuous in your movements.At the same time, you have a strength to you, particularly in your eyes. Your eyes are not pricing, but they are strong and bright. You like nail polish. You are medium weight. Your skin is relatively fair. You are about 5 feet, 4 inches tall

  20. To build onto my previous comment

    I’d say you’re between 5′ 6″ -5”7
    You have classes for reading
    You’re light on (mostly natural looking) make up and have the healthy So-Cal glow that is a round the year staple here.
    And I’d put you at the mid-to upper end of the weight range for your height/build.

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