Economic Stimulus Package

Somehow the Stimulus Package sounds vaguely x-rated but since I couldn’t answer if it would make it through. I decided to find out more importantly if it would actually work. So here goes.

So a stimulus package passed the house and senate but will it help the economy? I had to ask. Here’s the horary chart.



I think the answer to that question is complex. It looks like because a lot of time was wasted and the initial bail out was such a failure, we will have a period of serious hardship in which this new stimulus package won’t be able to do much to bail us out of our problems. There will be a further tightening of the economy, more job loss and more erratic stock market reaction, both overly optimistic and inflated and then days where there will be serious losses. However as this chart progresses the ultimate answer is yes. This package will eventually change the economy for the better, and probably set in motion other smaller bills that will amend and help this behemoth. Again the next couple of years will be tough. It will take some time for this package to actually have a real impact on every day people. And chances are it won’t be enough all by itself, but it’s a good start, one that should have happened weeks ago. If it had we would have seen a much more dramatic and immediate recovery but as it is there have been many compromises (again) that will drag it down and slow its ability to fully help the economy.

I will answer more questions later. For now best wishes and many blessings to all of you,


Economic Stimulus Package

5 thoughts on “Economic Stimulus Package

  1. grace43 says:

    If only Obama’s originial plan had passed! I see no incentive for the people of my state to head back to work when the jobs do appear, because $1,200/month is more than most people make around here! Why go back to work when unemployment pays more than a job would? *shakes head sadly*

  2. wyntyr says:

    Hi Denise,
    Great post! I totally agree and wanted to know if you are getting an intuitive feeling such as I am that the economy is MUCH, MUCH worse than the government is letting on. I think this is in part due to the fact that if they did really lay out (in transparent form) to the public just how bad things really are or could potentially get that it would promote public hysteria. That may be why his administration is holding back on some of the details and transparency. I don’t get a feeling of him doing anything ‘wrong’ but rather just wisely choosing how and when to let details out to the public to keep the country together. Also, I noticed that once again another nominee (Gregg-the GOP senator who was up to replace Richardson dropped out). What? This is insane. First, Richardson, then Geitner had issues, then Daschle and now Gregg. This is not a good start for Obama. But what mystifies me is that I ‘sense’ something is out of sorts. I can’t put my finger on it but I feel some funny business from someone behind the scenes against Obama. Granted, their were obviously issues with his vetting process but I feel there is more to it. I would love to know your thoughts on this because it just ‘smells’. lol You know? Best wishes! Wyntyr

  3. Hopeandaplan says:

    Hi Denise, I agree with both you and Wyntr. I thought it was interesting that Geithner’s press conference was such a mess. I think Geitner and Obama know what they plan to do with the banks but dont want to upset the cart until after the stimulus plan is passed. I think there are some big shocks coming for the financial world via Geitner. I also think there is a lot going on behind the scenes with other nations. The world blames the US for this downturn and they expect us to cough up our share to not only bail out our economy but the world economy. Why else would Putin insist for the first time in his life that he wanted open markets. Even Clinton laughed at Davos and joked, “Well that’s a first for you.” And I think I am going to get a job in the administration since it seems noone is expected to pay their taxes!

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