You All Are Definitely Psychic!

OK, I just wrote this long post that disappeared into the black void of the Internet. So I’ll keep it short. I’m going to check into the Stimulus Package today and post about it later.

And so far all of you have gotten at least something right about me either physically, or about weird quirky elements of my personality which I haven’t told you about. And so far you all have mentioned my hair being above my shoulders, which it is. So that’s pretty amazing.

I will post more later. It’s late and my last post was sadly eaten up by the void.

Good-night my army of brilliant political psychic freaks,


You guys are pretty amazing.

Oh, and it looks like Israel is getting a new leader! Yeah! One that works the middle ground rather than the right. But it’s still tight, so let’s all hope for the best there.

You All Are Definitely Psychic!

3 thoughts on “You All Are Definitely Psychic!

  1. Chris says:

    That black hole of the internet can be easily avoided. Scribe your blog in a word processing program. Then when you’re done, simply copy and paste it over. No more lost time! And no more lost insight! And then you can delete the file when you’re done.

  2. Hopeandaplan says:

    Hi Denise, I have a very creepy question and I’ve held off inquiring about it out of respect for the grieving family. It’s about the unknown paternity of Caylee Anthony. It always creeped me out that her name was a hybrid of her Mother Casey and her uncle Lee. I saw her uncle Lee’s sad impassioned eulogy yesterday but a lot of it was supposedly directed to his sister. The sister is a piece of work but her brother has a weird relationship with her – you know where I am headed.. Is it possible that this tragedy takes on the scope of a Greek tragedy. Is Caylee’s real Father her uncle? Sorry for anyone I have offended, I have had this feeling for so long I had to share it.

  3. grace43 says:

    Unfortunately, one of the ideas to pay for the millions of people who will be on unemployment for the next year is to make VA patients pay for any care that they have not been rated for. This means thousands of VA patients who are currently receiving care at the VA will simply be going without health care while unemployed persons are supposedly going to be receiving free dental and medical care for their year of unemployment. What is the incentive to even get a job then when so many low end jobs don’t offer any sort of medical coverage?

    Now, there is talk of cutting VA programs that were formerly going to be funded. We have waited many, many years for these issues to be addresses suffering all the time only to be told we have to take one for the team once again. Is this actually going to happen?

    I just don’t have any faith in this stimulus now. It seems the drug addict I have for a neighbor is going to be paid for a whole year to sit on his bottom and do drugs.

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