A Call For Submissions & A Testimonial

Hey all you smart readers and writers out there. I’m putting it out there for you guys to have your own page on the blog. If you have anything you want to write an essay about or have theories about, etc. I’d like to have a page that publishes your opinions. Please send submissions to: happypeopleusa@aol.com

I may edit some of them or just put them up raw. So try to use your best grammar and spellcheck. I’m going to start this off with a good friend and fellow writer’s submission named Chris Richardson. She is an excellent science fiction writer and just had her first short story published this summer. I will probably give her her own page, and for those who submit a lot and have a lot to say, I’ll might just give you your own page, too! I hope those of you who are interested take me up on the offer! The topics can be about current events, politics, astrology, psychic phenomena, UFOs, psychic experiences, dreams, dream interpretation, the economy, basically anything I would normally cover on this blog. But you don’t have to be psychic, just have an opinion!

And I also wanted to post this testimonial about a reading I did last night:

Hi Denise, 
You were a huge help today, and I received some news about my mom that floored me. If you want to use what I wrote below as a testimonial on the blog, feel free. 
I called you for a session primarily to talk about career stuff, but between the time of the booking and my reading, my mom was readmitted to hospital with ongoing heart problems. I mentioned to you that I was worried and wanted to move home immediately. you said that you thought my mother’s heart arythmia was masking a deeper problem with her lungs, her left one, and that as soon as that was discovered she would be on the road to recovery. You also saw fluid in this lung. 
Four hours after I spoke to you, I received a call from my sis that the doctors had discovered fluid in her left lung, and, after an MRI, had done a biopsy of this same lung. You were eerily accurate, Denise, thank you 🙂 

I’m not usually so blatant and there are other testimonials on the reading section, but since she mentioned it I decided to go ahead and post it here.

Best wishes and hopefully I’ll get to post more later,


A Call For Submissions & A Testimonial