Suleman, Stuff & (Anyone Out There A Neurologist?)

Everyone! Wow the passion about Nadya Suleman is intense. I’m happy to see people posting their feelings about her. It is very sad that a woman like this can drop all those kids, yet good, decent, healthy, kind hearted people are made to jump through hoops to adopt! It’s crazy. 

I hope you guys read Chris’s post on Suleman. I’m sure you all would agree with the majority of what she has to say about it. 

I’ve been meaning to ask this question for awhile; If anyone is a neurologist who reads this blog please explain something in a comment back. My neurologist (jokingly) told me the cure to MS was pregnancy, something about progesterone production seemed to put women into remission while pregnant. OK, here’s the question. Has anyone tried using hormones to trick the bodies of women with MS believing they are pregnant? Thereby tricking the disease into remission? And if there has been research on this topic, I’d love to see why it either doesn’t work or why it hasn’t been studied on a bigger scale. Granted this will only help 1/2 the population with MS, but it could lead to other cures to the disease. I just wanted to put this idea out there and see if anyone else had thought about it, as I have known many people who have suffered with MS and it is truly a terrible thing to deal with, and hormones are an easy and readily available drug that if there is any possibility to use them in this new way to make people’s lives easier and healthier, why hasn’t it been done already?

The “What does Denise look like contest,” is still going on. It will be on until March 10 and I’ll announce the winner/winners and give them their prizes that week. So keep the psychic experiement up! I’m finding this to be very interesting! It seems one can get a lot out of imagery out of just words on a screen. I’m very impressed with everyone’s abilities. It seems all of you have picked up different stuff about me. Some more accurate than others, but so far everyone has gotten at least a few details right. I think that speaks of how amazing the mind truly is, and how interlinked the right brain/intuition and visualization are. I’ve noticed that while writing I have had thing just come to me and often these things pan out as very accurate premonitions. Perhaps writing/reading and meditating allow us to connect with what Jung called, “The Collective Unconscious.” Whatever it is that’s going on, it just proves that as human beings our brains are much more complex and mysterious than most of us dare to imagine.

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day Weekend!

Best wishes and many blessings,


Suleman, Stuff & (Anyone Out There A Neurologist?)

2 thoughts on “Suleman, Stuff & (Anyone Out There A Neurologist?)

  1. grace43 says:

    I have MS and am going on progestrone for an unrelated reason soon. I’ll let you know how it goes. My drs always told me it was the stem cells that kept MS at bay. None mentioned progesterone. Sorry.

  2. Wei says:

    I’m not a neurologist, but generally pregnancy worsens MS and the recommendation to women with MS is not to get pregnant. I’m not up on current research, but this is what I learned about 7 years ago. No, progesterone is not an indicated treatment modality, nor can you trick the brain to believing it is pregnant unless there’s a delusional disorder involved.

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