Cori Desmond

Recently a young woman from Redondo Beach was murdered here in Southern California, her body was found about 100 miles away in the mountains. That was a small miracle as she could have ended up being one of those people who just disappear, something I believe her murderer counted on.

Her name was Cori Desmond and her father’s appeal was heart wrenching. Having a daughter myself and knowing the intense grief and anger he must be feeling overwhelmed by. I did have some strong feelings when the first part of the story was reported and nothing was disclosed about the gender or situation. And then again when more information came out today about the case.

The second bit of information confirmed what I picked up about the situation from the first report. Again when the next bit of info came out I had a picture of the murderer and some feelings about where he was originally from, how he got her into his car and the cause of her death.

I don’t want to give out any details (I have reported those to the police) but since I’m just going off of stuff from TV, it may not be as accurate as I would be if I was more directly in contact with either the family or with the detectives. I do want to put it out there to her family and the police that I would be more than happy to help them in any way possible for free. I have a feeling they don’t have much of anything to go on but Cori’s spirit is strong and I feel she is very angry and wants very much for this man to be caught, not just for her own reasons. I can be e-mailed at:

Best wishes and many blessings,

Cori Desmond

12 thoughts on “Cori Desmond

  1. grace43 says:

    I will read the story as well. I have been avoiding this sort of news because I have been physically drained from health causes. My strongest psyhic sense is feeling. Right now, I am feeling a strong burning sensation on my right arm from the forearm to the mid lower arm. I feel like my arm has been burned or yanked really hard in some way. Okay, I am turning this off, because it’s really starting to hurt. I hope that helps.

    Thank you for what you are doing. I am sure it brings great comfort to her family. ((hugs))

  2. Noe says:

    Very sad… she use to work at my bf’s work. I’m in shock, there has been a lot more crime in the beach communities lately, has me a bit worried. I feel awful that this young girls life was taken.

  3. kate says:

    I went to North High with Cori and this story has hit our community in a terrible way. I wonder why no one offered to walk her out to her car. The area of redondo she was in, is NOT a nice area of Redondo Beach. It was 2:30 at night and she didn’t have anyone walk her out to her vehicle? This is what makes me believe that she got into another car with someone she knew. I hope to god that this terrible bastard will be caught, and as much as I hate to be pro death penalty, I kind of feel like this guy deserves it. This beautiful young spirit had her whole life ahead of her and he took that from her. There is a report that she argued with some dude in the bar but then they settled that argument. No on really went into detail about the argument. Anyhow, I have certain feelings about this case that I won’t share, but I pray for her family and closest friends. If something like this happened to my best friend, I would seriously hunt the person down. I would get a gun permit and it would be all over.

  4. joe says:

    Ok this might sound off. I seen green truck in my head. Then found out she has a green jeep. The name Rick came to me. Did she know A Rick in a Band? Cops might want to talk to Rick the dumer. And look under driver seet of her jeep look close he might have cut his figer on it.
    I hope this can help. And if i have any more dreems I’ll write.

  5. I see a young skinny man in his twenties with blond short wacky hair and he is from east of L.A. like Bakersfield or somewhere over there and he wears 2 inch black leather bracelets with little chains on each wrist..he of course is very insecure and unstable with an alcoholic dad who used to beat him…he may now have a black eye…he had the help of an acquaintance… a big drunk muscular guy…that is what i saw when you asked for info on this person…

  6. Mark says:

    I reported my vision to a very kind, attentive and understanding detective. They are going to find all involved. The name Rick was mentioned above, and I received the name Erick. My vision also felt something related to her right wrist. I feel that she’s missing her necklace and that small clue will help solve the case. The other details I will leave out. I will keep trying!

  7. Andi says:

    After this incident happened I got the feeling that it was someone she knew that had just come back from the war in Iraq. He was about her age, and very angry that he wasn’t given the respect that he received when he was serving in the military. I could be way off, but that’s what I see. This guy has a short fuse and is known for snapping at anything and everything. I have this feeling that he came back to the states and couldn’t find a job and was frustrated with life.

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