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I have gotten a couple of posts from Louis, here they are and I will answer those questions tonight.


Hi denise, I am an avid reader of your website.  Thank you again. I have written previously asking about OZ minerals, you have said it would be brought out in 2010 however there has been an offer to by the company by a Chinese company. Will they buy it this year. And is it wise to buy more to reduce the overall loss, as the Chinese company is offering a little more than its present share price?. The other question is currently in Victoria, Australia we have had terrible fires devastating and killing many. Is there a rhyme or reason for particular areas throughout the world to be hit by disaster and are those people chosen to suffer such excruciating loss? Thanks again . Warmest wishes Louis

I heard about the devastating fires and was horrified and very saddened by them. It was a case of arson from what we heard here. Sadly I don’t think there was any reason those people were “chosen” for suffering. I feel the psycho who did this just bought himself a ticket to becoming an ant to be squashed on for the next 1,ooo lifetimes.

In other words sometimes things like this are new karma that happen. I don’t believe everything is fated, I believe we co-create our fate. Those people who suffered such loss and those who died may have had things in their destiny or fate that made them more suspectable, but it had nothing to do with them. This is why it is so important for people to ALWAYS TRUST your INTUITION!!!

People blow off those weird feelings because they don’t trust themselves. It doesn’t matter whether someone thinks your crazy or you feel like an idiot or you turn out to be wrong, if you ever get the feeling that something bad is going to happen and you feel the need or desire to leave, then do so. If you ever get creeped out by someone, TRUST IT! Don’t ever, ever, ever doubt yourself. We all have this internal self preservation instinct and it must be headed at all times above any kind of rationality because you are literally gambling with your life by not trusting yourself.

And the next one:


A little added info to the above query, the Chinese company offering to buy the desperate Australian Resource Company Oz Minerals OZL is called Minmetals. Is this my last chance to recoup a little of the huge losses I have already experienced? Blessings and more Louis

Hi Louis,

I’ll use the tarot to answer this question. So here is the question for the tarot. Should you buy more stock in OZ to regain the losses you have so far before the Chinese company Minmetals buy them out? I hope I got that right. I’ll answer that one, and if I got it wrong post the question again so I can answer you with a yes/no spread.

The cards answered a clear yes to that question, even though you still may not fully recover what you lost it will help according to them.

I wanted to thank Wei for answering the question about MS and pregnancy. I had always heard women with MS shouldn’t get pregnant and was surprised when my neurologist told me pregnancy was the “cure” for MS, meaning it went into remission for pregnant women. I’m not sure if this is new information or if this is sometimes the case but not always? Anyway, thanks for giving your info Wei.

And to all those who knew Cori Desmond I want to extend my condolensces. I am so sorry for the loss of this young woman who I feel was very strong and independant. I am worried about the health of her father as I feel he may have heart problems as a result of this or already had issues that this could make worse. My offer to help goes out to him. I truly feel for this man and wish this had never happened. 

Best wishes and many blessings,


Answering Readers