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First Hopeandaplan:


I wanted to thank you for creating the dream journal. For many years I have had hazy but sometimes precognitive dreams and was always frustrated that I couldnt share them with people whom they might actually impact. Most of the time I didnt believe they were precognitive… I had a lot of dreams about Australia in late January and felt their surge in shark attacks further signalled trouble there. I am sorry the dreams werent more definitive. Also, about a week ago I got a lot of flashes about Suge Knight. I dont even listen to rap??? I guess he was in a brawl earlier this week. I didnt post about Suge because I am so out of the loop I thought he had passed away. I’m grateful you’ve generously encouraged us to believe enough in our intuitions to share them here because as a community we’re all picking up on one another’s stuff. I also enjoy your welcoming other writer’s thougths about ethics. Just of a fan of all the humanity expressed here on your blog!

Hi Hopeandaplan,

I’m so glad you are making use of the dream journal and I really hope people continue to use it and exchange information and patterns. This is a really interesting experiment in my opinion and already I’ve seen odd coincidences and patterns which I’m sure you have, too. I think this sort of thing could be key to pointing out major events that are going to manifest out of the Collective Unconscious, hopefully, we will each receive some piece of vital information and be able to stop potential terrorist attacks or other major disasters in the future (if this sort of research continues and evolves.)

If nothing else it can only help us better understand how the unconscious works and what dream symbolism means for each of us. I do wonder if before major events that touch many people, if we won’t see some common themes. I’m hopeful that we will.

Thanks so much for participating in this and I hope more people take advantage of this opportunity to share their souls and inner most psyche’s with others of like mind.

And from Nic and Noe:


cori was my friends sister. what you’ve heard on the news is all anybody knows, if that helps.


Very sad… she use to work at my bf’s work. I’m in shock, there has been a lot more crime in the beach communities lately, has me a bit worried. I feel awful that this young girls life was taken.

I can’t tell you how heartbreaking this story is, as are the stories of all people who undergo the disgusting, vile, evil monstrous behavior of that these anti-social personality disorder types propagate onto others.

But this story in particular really hit me hard and her father’s pain was palpable.

I am wishing all of her family, friends and loved one much support, kindness and love throughout this incredibly tragic and horrifying situation. I’m sure medical science will discover (at some future time) that the one thing all murders have in common is some serious frontal lobe damage or crazy hard wiring. One can try to chalk it up to bad childhoods, but let’s face it, a lot of people have horrible childhoods and don’t do things like this. There is something wrong with their brains and I perhaps their very souls.

I will answer these questions tomorrow at some point, once I run the charts and look at them.

Best wishes and many blessings to all the kind and good hearted people out there reading this blog,


Sally Herr

Dear Denise,

On February 17, 2009 Obama sign the stimulus package at 1:34 Mountain Time in Denver, Colorado as seen on CNN. Now, what do you perceive about the stimulus package? Thanks!

I got this information from the website, Note: one can only read entries if one provides their password and name.



Dear Denise, Thanks so much for your efforts here! There’s so much panic out there now – do you see major US banks like Bank Of America (BAC) and Citigroup (C) being nationalized by the government? Also, do you see a recovery of American International Group, Inc. (AIG)? THANK YOU SO MUCH! Peace and blessings, Carl

Readers’ Comments…

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