Questions, Anyone? The Economy?

Since for the first time in a long time I know we are in good hands, in terms of our president, and politics will be politics, I want to expand questions from all of you about things you are worried about. I was doing a lot of stock analysis which seems pointless right now, but if there are other things that will effect the whole, but you have a personal investment in, feel free to post a question about it.  Here’s an example of a question like that: Will the Toyota plant in Kentucky close this year? Or whatever you want. Even if it is more personal, as long as you feel others will get something out of the answer, please post. 

For me right now the economy is the major concern. But I feel we are going to have to ride it out for the next couple of years. I do feel that this spring another bill will be passed that will change things more dramatically for the better and the economy will start to show slow movement toward recovery.

But don’t get too excited, it’s going to take at least the next 2 years to really build momentum again. In the mean time we will all learn a tremendous amount and I hope that as a result we will learn the lessons our grandparents and great grandparents learned during the Depression. They not only learned how to save their pennies, but how to plan for the future and think long term. This ideology has fallen so out of style, ironically it was “conservatives” who weren’t thinking much about conserving for the future. But it could be that this down turn is the very thing that saves us in the end. We are in such a desperate ecological situation, perched on some very scary earth changes which we still have the power to turn around. Now that instant gratification qualifies as obscene, we may actually be able to save our planet while saving our economy. 

Best wishes and many blessings to all of you good people,


Questions, Anyone? The Economy?

9 thoughts on “Questions, Anyone? The Economy?

  1. curious123 says:

    Hey Denise…it’s been long time, but I check the blog periodically to see the latest. When it comes to the economy and politics, I can’t help but be sick to my stomach about it all. I often wonder if we will be truly ok in the long run (economical standing). Will Pres. Obama be a great success by being able to implementing ideas that will be helpful or will republican block or be negative about it all? I just wish the media and republicans would let him do his job…not saying Pres. Obama is all knowing and without fault, but I just think it’s unfair for all to have these great opinions now but where were they then. I think Pres. Obama is trying his hardest to set things in some kind of standard with including all ideas. These republicans are so ignorant that it’s scary. What is up with the CPAC, Steele, Limbaugh and Shelby and so on? The ignorance is unbelievable. I was listening to NPR the other day and hate groups are on the rise about 50% more. Every time I hear a Republican speak…it’s of ignorance. They’re vultures that eat there young alive. If you are not a disagreeing with Pres. Obama you’re not republican…WHAT!!! If you voted for the bailout and are republican…you’re not a real republican. It sick! And Jindal…urghh! I can go on and on. Thanks for giving us all a voice on this wonderful blog!!! Thanks so much and I want my President to succeed!!! I’m so excited about this President!!!!!

  2. Hi Denise, I have the same opinion as you that our economy will bounce back stronger than ever – isn’t that the quality of Pluto (death then rising out of the ashes). My question relates to something President Obama said in his recent speech to Congress about health care in that there would be more preventive care coverage in his plan. That’s a huge hurdle as hospitals, drug companies and all those who have been on the train ride to milk the gov’t won’t go down easy. Do you think that finally we will see health coverage for alternative medicine in this country? I know that accupuncturists are finally being recognized under certain health plans but I’ve not heard of any naturopathic coverage.

    My other inquiry is about Citigroup. Just this morning I see that the US gov’t is taking a 40% ownership in this corrupt institution. Your previous comments were it had hidden info but how could the gov’t bail these people out. Surely there must have been some heavy due diligence on the gov’t’s part before handing them a lifeline. Do you see our tax monies evaporate in this deal?

    Thanks for widening the discussions.

  3. grace43 says:

    I’m still very interested in how California’s green energy plan is going to work out. In the short run, while emissions have increased dramatically everywhere else in the US, California has remained the same.

    Also, are they going to get the fires in Austriala under control soon? I have a friend and her family in Melbourne just a little over 12 miles from the fires. I think she’ll be okay, but I am hoping they are going to be able to get the fires under control before the flames reach her house. She said there are four major interstates between her house and the flames which is good.

    Are they going to be able to catch the arsonists who started this? I know the police are looking diligently. Thanks!

  4. hopeandaplan says:

    I think the one thing that concerns me about Citibank is that while its headquarters is here in the US, it is a mulinational bank. So when American taxpayers bail out their bank we are bailing out the world. Is it protectionist to ask where their new loans are being made? We the taxpayers are taking on the worlds debt and are saddled by the greediest. The rest of world blames the US’s policies and expects we should protect the free market capitalism we peddled, particularly China since they owe most of our debt. I think that’s why so much there is so much hidden from the American public because Americans would be furious. We live in a completely interdependent world and I only hope, albeit cynically, that how the IMF has bullied and thrown American policies down the throats of third world countries because they had owed them so much, that this bailing out of the international banking system (the world) will ensure a level of international peace for a reasonable amount of time in our fragile world. Also on another California abduction. Do you have any thoughts on the 14year old girl, whose last name is Dubois? I have a feeling she was trafficked into Mexico. Thanks.

  5. Hi Denise, thanks so much for expanding the discussion. I have a question that is somewhat personal but does have applicability to others besides me. I am wanting to change jobs–I am lucky that this is a choice and not a necessity–but I do feel that a career change is important for my mental health, as soon as I can manage it. I am wondering when the jobs outlook in Washington state will improve. Currently there is a hiring freeze in state jobs, including higher education, until July 1st. Will the stimulus bill be able to help us lift that freeze sooner? What will the jobs outlook be in education in general as 2009 progresses, both in K-12 and higher education (either public or private institutions)?

  6. Hi Denise,

    I have a feeling that the US Dollar will start sliding heavily after sept 2009. How do you see the USD playing over the next 5 years?. How will the strength/weakness in USD effect the housing prices in the country? Do you see housing prices becoming affordable and in line with rents again?

  7. Sherry says:

    Hi Denise

    Here’s something that might be of interest to all. For so long now we’ve watched small businesses get run over by large corporations and big box stores. It’s been hard to keep small individual businesses (i.e. mom-and-pop stores, etc.) from going bankrupt. I feel that once we get past the next couple of years and the economy begins to grow again, there will be opportunities for individuals and small companies to grow again. Especially since so many have closed up in the last few years. Right now everyone seems to shop at Walmart and Costco, etc. just to save as much as possible, but I think that when times get better people may want a more personal touch in their shopping. Would you ask the cards if an expansion of entrepreneurship is coming in the new economy. I would hate to think that we’re stuck with the Walmarts for the future. Use this recession time to prepare for what you want to do in the future. Lay the groundwork, so to speak. Thanks.

  8. hopeandaplan says:

    I was watching two evangelists speaking with Rachel Maddow a couple of nights ago. They were explainging how socialism would usher in peace which was the prerequisite for the advent of the anti-christ’s arrival. They said Obama wasn’t the Anti christ because he wasnt popular enough but that his policies were setting the stage for his appearance. Huh? They are admitting that they would prefer people to go hungry and wage war so they can stop the antichrist. Who is the person(s) who have managed to pervert Christian principles so successfully? I also found it interesting that their segment coincided with James Dobson’s resignation from Focus on the Family. I respect religious differences and I embrace all spiritual expression but how is this evangelical dogma different from jihadist extremism? Any thoughts on the future of these people’s influence in American politics? Thanks.

  9. DERA says:

    Do you see a solution to the problems with the Mexican Drug cartels waging a war on the govt of Mexico City? I am so concerned about the people there and is legalizing drugs the answer?

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