Readers/Writers Page… Information on Chem Trails

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I’ve been unable to post for the past couple of days. I’m posting an excellent piece written by Barbara about Chem Trails and what they are on the Readers/Writers page. So if anyone is interested in that subject I would highly recommend reading this. 

I will look over all the comments and post more later!

Best wishes,


Readers/Writers Page… Information on Chem Trails

One thought on “Readers/Writers Page… Information on Chem Trails

  1. grace43 says:

    Others have asked similiar things, but what is it going to take to end the choke hold the Christian Right has on the Republician Party and America? Although, they are currently out of power, they are still a strong force behind American politics. Obviously, sandals with fraud, prositution, drugs, pedophilia and every other kind of imaginable scandal is not enough. I seriously feel there are a growing number of Republicans who are sick of being dragged by the nose by this bunch – ones who actually think things out from time to time. I am so sick of conservatives saying Democrats are committing “class warfare” by taxing the rich equally to the poor. I have actually been told I should feel sorry for billionaires who inherited their money, because “their great grandpa worked hard for the money”. Waitresses and janitors work hard for the money. Being born into a wealthy family is not work. It’s lucky.

    When are we going to be rid of Rush Limbaugh running the Republican party? The man has never even been elected, but he is calling the shots. I tell ya, these Conservative Christian leaders are the best snake oil salesmen I have ever seen. They have even convinced people that the wealthiest people in America need sympathy and support.

    These jerks have just driven away droves of people with their pro rich anti middle class and poor agenda. It used to be Republicans and Democrats just had different political philosphies. Now even Republicans don’t dare even contradict the Christian Right.

    I am really starting to feel it will take the leaders dying off for this insanity to quit obviously scandal just washes off. Considering what poor health their leaders are in and their incredibly bad health habits…. unfortunately with modern medicine, they could live a long time talking all the way.

    I am so looking forward to the day when Republicans who have actually been elected to have more say in their party than talking heads who haven’t. Is this day ever coming? Will we see the end of the prosperity gospel anytime soon? Before the 50s, being a good Christian had nothing to do with being wealthy.

    Sorry to rant and rave, I just read another article on actual elected Republicans having to suck up to Rush Limbaugh. Thanks in advance.

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