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There are a million questions to answer and I’m going to do it! I promise. So let’s start with these and get to all the others over the next couple of weeks:


A lot of sensitives have noticed a certain shift in the air for the month of February, more so the last week of Feb. Some have said they felt the shift was very positive and others like me, have never felt anything so negative…why do you think this shift has occurred and why are we feeling so differently about it? This topic comes after many message boards saying the exact same thing.

Hi Shay,

I have felt a personal shift toward being more productive but in terms of a global shift I’ve felt that since last summer. But my timing is usually off in that way. I’ve always tended toward precognition and the whole time/space thing gets confused for me. I can feel things years before they happen with the urgency of something going down that moment. Or it could be months or just weeks of days ahead of schedule. I have often felt out of synch with time, and I think actually there is something about me that bends it, because no matter who ends up hanging out with me, it’s like all of a sudden they’ve entered a worm hole and look at the clock 5 hours later and go, “Oh, my God is it really that late?” It always seems that time gets lost in and around me.

So for me the shift was extremely negative in the summer, so much so that I actually felt depressed, frightened and extremely worried. Then it moved toward the next phase which was a sense of hope and peace which I feel will be coming in about 2 years. I think the shift you are feeling is the shift into this depression and then there will be a shift out, we are sort of in the middle right now. And according to the US chart (which I’ve figured  now is most accurate) March is the month when the market is supposed to truly bottom out. We’ll see. But I do feel we will recover within the next couple of years. The panic, fear and depression I felt coming I feel is here and we will rise out of its ashes in a bit. 

My main concern is making sure that we solve the global warming problem which I’m afraid will get lost in the mayhem of the market, the financial industry going down the tubes and the recession/depression and wars we are in. All the money in the world doesn’t do any good if there’s no world to live in.


Hi Denise, thanks so much for expanding the discussion. I have a question that is somewhat personal but does have applicability to others besides me. I am wanting to change jobs–I am lucky that this is a choice and not a necessity–but I do feel that a career change is important for my mental health, as soon as I can manage it. I am wondering when the jobs outlook in Washington state will improve. Currently there is a hiring freeze in state jobs, including higher education, until July 1st. Will the stimulus bill be able to help us lift that freeze sooner? What will the jobs outlook be in education in general as 2009 progresses, both in K-12 and higher education (either public or private institutions)?

Hi Lori,

I am getting that the stimulus package will lift the hiring freeze sooner than July, more likely it will be lifted in May. I have a feeling though in general for 2009 the jobs outlook in education will be much like it has been for the past few years. It will take a little longer before the education field gets the boost it needs through government support. I do feel this will be coming but not immediately. I do get a sense that in about 2-3 years much more money will be pumped into that pipeline and there will be some major changes for the better.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Best wishes and many blessings to all you good people,


Answering Readers