Answering Readers (a little) & Economic Warning

Hey everyone,

I don’t want to freak everyone out, but I wanted to warn everyone I’m feeling the other end of that hit in the market coming soon, in the next 6 weeks. Sort of like the next wave in the Tsunami about to hit the shore. I had looked at charts when I felt the first one (about 3 weeks before the -777 market  crash) and from the looks of it, it seemed likely some major stuff was going to hit the fan in December, the stuff about Bernie Madeoff came out then, and didn’t help, but the timing was off in the chart. Hence I’ve concluded that the chart I have for the market is not exact. So I’m going with my intuition which is usually more accurate anyway.

I’m feeling it coming. It’s going to get scary bad. We are about to hit bottom, the below 6000 points thing mentioned early on this blog. So try not to freak out, it will get better. It has to get super extreme, this is part of the correction. Things will turn around, but there’s about to be major panic for many. We are already in a free fall so for many of us who are not in the market and have started adjusting our lives this next hit won’t feel as dramatic at first. We will feel the punch a little later. 

As for President Barack Obama he is doing everything possible in his power and it is sickening that the Republicans are more interested in winning the game according to their party rules then they are in all of us winning. More has to be done to restructure the financial industry and our economy as I have said in earlier posts, and I think we are headed toward another near melt down and some kind of other government intervention via another bill which will become a huge deal as the economy will take another giant hit here. 

Hold on to your seats its going to be bumpy, but it will turn around.

For those who have argued against the fusion of a strong social net and capitalism (an argument you will hear in coming weeks more vehemently thrown out there as the richest 1 percent try to pursued us that they really their money will trickle down eventually) let me say that the wealthiest countries in the world with the highest standard of living are countries which have embraced mindful capitalism and a society where the standard is the working middle class, something we used to have in this country. As the metaphor goes if one person keeps winning all the cash on the table and everyone else runs out trying to stay in the game, then the game is over when the guy “wins.”

However if there were always cash for people to play with then no matter how much that one guy wins, he will just keep winning, and we will all win because we are able to keep money flowing. When a handful of people control all the resources we all loose, including the dumb people who greedily want to have all the resources. However, these people don’t get that they are losing more by holding onto this old model because they need to have things clearly defined in winning and losing rather than the idea of the economy and life being a process, a continual flow like a river rather than a guy running a marathon.

The mentality of this greedy winners vs. losers mentality is a Reagan era legacy that I’m sure has roots back to the B rated cowboy movies he used to be in. In truth life is not about winners and losers it’s actually about being in the flow, giving, learning, experiencing. It isn’t about being better than everyone else. But try telling those guys on Wall Street who were complaining about home owners getting help instead of the help they gladly accepted from George W. & our government to stay flying in their private leer jets when they were supposed to be using that money to bail out their companies.

And to answer Sinead’s question below. I was planning on this being the end of the contest. So I’m going to go through the posts and pick some winners which I will announce in the next couple of weeks. I may wait to post a picture though, for my own weird reasons. I will eventually post a picture but I have my reasons which someday, I’ll explain, maybe.

And by the way, everyone who participated got something right! I think that’s pretty remarkable. It just goes to prove that there is something to all of this nuttiness. And also I wanted to pass on some interesting stuff. I’m not sure how many people are familiar with the Myers-Briggs personality indicator (which is based on some of Jung’s theories) or on the ancient early psychological system called the enneagram but for those of you who are interested in learning more about yourself here are some interesting links.

It is a fascinating system and if you are interested in learning more about yourself I highly recommend taking the Myers-Briggs test. Here’s a place to take the Myers-Briggs test for free with some info on the types:

And here’s a free Enneagram test. Also very fascinating:

I’d love to get people to take the tests and then do a survey and see what the breakdown of people is according to their type. Is there a type specifically wired toward interest in metaphysics or is it everyone in different ways? Hmm, perhaps we can find out!

Best wishes and many blessings to all you good people,


P.S. Below is Sinead’s question.

  Hey denise!    

I know this has nothing to do with the above post, but i can’t find the birthday predictions on what you look like. Did the contest end? I already predicted but I wanted to see who was the most accurate?


Answering Readers (a little) & Economic Warning