The What Does Denise Look Like Contest, Photo…

Hey everyone. I’m getting over my weirdness, or my desire to be invisible, like a giant brain stashed away in a closet for people to consult with and am going to show you a photo of me. I’m not wearing any make-up and my natural hair color if you look closely can be seen at the roots. 

My mother is on the right. Not a bad looking lady I must say and my daughter is on my lap. She’s too cute, looks just like her dad. And the weird lady is you guessed it, me!

I generally look better with make-up, some sleep and a proper hair cut (I actually cut my hair myself because I didn’t want to waste time going to a salon that’s how lame I am), but having a baby creates obstacles to these mundane things.

The What Does Denise Look Like Contest, Photo…

7 thoughts on “The What Does Denise Look Like Contest, Photo…

  1. grace43 says:

    You’re a nice looking family. That photo will mean loads to your daughter when she is older. I have a generations photo of my grandpa that has four generations in it and it is a prize possession of mine.

  2. Marie Camp says:

    It’s a beautiful picture, Denise!
    I hear ya on the self-made hair cuts…my little guy is 9 months old and i’m getting quite good at cutting my hair from behind with the scissors at a weird angle! Thanks for sharing….
    p.s. I like your owl shirt^^

  3. Higher Octave says:

    I love this photo. Your mother looks great. The baby is to die for. And if that is how you look sans make-up, etc., then you are a lucky lady.

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