The Mathmatical Formula that Shattered the Global Economy

Above are some links to the math that has brought our world to its knees. And to think I used to fall asleep in junior high school algebra. 

Perhaps you, like me, heard reference to this formula on NPR or various other news outlets. After looking at it, I wonder if any of the bankers had even the slightest clue about it, let alone applying it to anything tangible.

So here’s my lame math formula. All based on the simple geometry:


The one guy gets more than a third (33.4 %) of the whole pie while the 9 people share almost a third (28%). So lets be clear here, 10% of wealthy Americans control 61.4% of all the wealth. And just 1% of the wealthy control more than a third. while 40% of Americans make it sharing just over a third of the wealth at 38.6 %. And the rest, half of the country, 50% of us live in abject poverty.


This was before the market crash. I’m sure there are more people who have fallen into the abject poverty pile since then.


I have a simple question to ask to those who subscribe to unbridled free market capitalism and the notion of those who work hardest are rewarded with the most money. Firstly, that one guy controlling more than a third of the pie, does he really work harder than the equivalent of 150,000,000 Americans put together. Because man if he does, he’d have to be God as working that many hours would mean he not only never slept, but also had an army of clones.


And if one wants to make the argument that somehow that guy has provided some service or great work that entitles him/her to more pie than they could ever eat in one lifetime while half the people around them starve, I ask, did that person cure cancer, Aids and save our planet from a deluge of asteroids? Because there is nothing that anyone who has such ungodly amounts of money has done that warrants the pie being that lopsided.


Take for example Bill Gates. He stole the idea for Windows from two inventors who stole the idea for the operating system from the way Macs worked. Gates literally bought their program for something like 500 bucks and then turned around and sold it to IBM for millions or billions, whatever. Did (or does) he deserve to control that much of the world’s resources because he was an unethical opportunist? Or even someone like Jim Carey, does he deserve 20 million dollars to make fart jokes in some lame half-baked movie? Does anyone really deserve to hog more resources than they can actually make use of?


And what does it say about people who choose this for themselves. I’m not saying people don’t have a right to be wealthy, be comfortable, and even be decadent and live uxorious ridiculously comfortable lives. But one doesn’t have to control that much of the wealth to do so. As a matter of fact if the pie was at least a little more evenly distributed, more people would have more and be more productive.


For example if everyone had enough money, to at least make their own pie, then there would be a constant flow of money, goods, services and new wealth for everyone to partake in. It would be exponential rather than a closed, fixed system where the poorest 50 percent cannot participate in the economy because they can barely afford the basic necessities of life.


Historically, our country has always done best financially when there was a strong, healthy middle class, like in the 1950s when a guy could work at a gas station as an attendant, buy his own home and support a wife and two kids. Or during the Clinton era when there was a huge boom in the middle class and new service orientated and luxury businesses sprung up due to the increased flow of money being funneled into the economy.


So why is it that Republicans hang onto this bizarre Ann Ryand philosophy of unhinged free market capitalism without restraint or regulation and the idea of the individual as purely and solely responsible for him/herself?


Well, let’s take a look at Ann Ryand. First off she was from Russia and had a knee jerk reaction to having grown up there. She was also a screenwriter and no offense here, but part of being a Hollywood screenwriter is being able to boil things down to very simple black and white arguments and ideas. There is no room for subtlety, complexity, and depth of character and layers of meaning in a 90-minute screenplay. The best one can hope for with a great movie is a clear well defined argument that makes you think about a situation in a new way.


Anyone who has read the Fountainhead can attest to the ridiculous modernist notion of special treatment for the super human, great genius who stands outside of normal human expectations (such as decency, compassion, human kindness, caring, being interested in things other than yourself) because of his great talent. She literally makes the case that some people should be above the law, above human decency and be lavished with an endless fountain of praise and support no matter how socially retarded, because they are intrinsically better than everyone else.


Hmmm, what does this sound like?


Oh, yeah, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


Funny she lived here in the land of NPD (Hollywood). And there in lies the key. There seems to be a fundamental personality dysfunction which is attracted to this (conservative often Republican) model. One that feels the need to be better than everyone else, to be treated specially and has to have other people suffering so they can feel good about themselves. Upon closer inspection the conservative movement seems to be less motivated by an ideology than a mental illness – what I used to deem “Mad Squirrel disease” where an individual can never have enough and constantly seeks out more and more nuts to add to their storehouse despite the fact that they will never be able to physically use all of what they have acquired.


After studying psychology I realized this was a character trait of Narcissism. Our culture has promoted it. Wall Street was immersed in the darkest part of this mental illness. I wish these people would spend their money getting therapy and get out of the way of change. They spin empathy and humanitarianism into socialism and communism. They turn the notion of helping people who are losing their homes into something akin to a welfare state, but yet, for them, the special few, they not only have their hands out, but their pockets, their buckets, their private jets and anything else they can cram taxpayer dollars into under the guise of “saving jobs.” When they say that I think they mean, saving the jobs of the captains of their private jets, not the 10,000 jobs they are shipping to India because they don’t want to pay a living wage or give their employees healthcare.


I had a friend one time who drove an old green VW Bug. She happened to be driving it around the Silicon Valley in a very wealthy area. This guy in a Mercedes was offended by how carefully and slowly she was going, not and yelled at her, “Peasant!” I think that says it all.


When it comes to how these people feel about themselves and the way they see everyone else. They appear to be living in feudal Europe during the dark ages. Sad for us they are not actually living back then, but are just imposing these unconscionable notions on the rest of us.


Best wishes and many blessings to all you good people,


P.S. I will announce the winners soon. And have you noticed on the Myers Briggs poll almost no extraverts. I’m guessing this is because extraverts are not very interested in taking personality tests. 

Don’t forget to vote in the poll if you know your Myers Briggs type or your Enneagram type.

The Mathmatical Formula that Shattered the Global Economy

The Shadow Self

Many New Age concepts and ideas focus on the love and light side of human nature and neglect dealing with the shadow self. In ancient esoteric tradition the shadow self is as important to master as forging a connection to the higher self is.

By the shadow self, I mean the dark side of ones nature, the place where pain, childhood scars and wounds get hidden. Often it is this part of the self we work very hard to keep in the dark for fear of seeing ourselves as imperfect, wounded or incapable. It is the shadow self that plays the trickster giving us a visceral dislike of someone who reflects this part of us, or seduces us into a relationship that opens up the closet full of familial negative patterns and self-sabotage.

It is not that the shadow self wants to destroy the self, it is the shadow’s job to make us face our deepest pain, fear, sadness, remorse, shame and grief in an effort to heal and move past these events that marred our sacred wholeness. 

We live in a culture that promotes easy answers, quick solutions, magic pills and 7 steps to success. Oprah talks about “light bulb” moments, as if one moment, one concept or one idea can actually change the trajectory of someones entire life. In reality our experience is built in layers brick by brick, no one piece of information will solve everything, no one solution is right for everyone and while there are helpful principles and lessons, there is no Secret behind all of life’s dilemmas and no simple solution to just visualize what you want. Sure all those things are helpful tools that can transform a person’s life, but all the visualization in the world of meeting the perfect mate isn’t going to work if one is an agoraphobic shut in whose only human contact is with a handful of relatives who go grocery shopping for them. Unless that person’s soul mate is their mail carrier visualization isn’t what’s holding the person back from their dream, it’s their fear — their shadow self has overtaken and eclipsed their ability to do anything productive, including leaving the house. 

We all are on different journeys and have different shadow selves to heal, and be tricked by. There are no mistakes in life, just opportunities to learn and grow created by the part of us that needs to be healed. But when we judge ourselves based on these past experiences as failures, or idiots or whatever, we fail to see that what happened was perfect.

As painful as any situation maybe, it is a chance to go deeper, learn, grow and connect. Negative experiences afford us the opportunity to re-evaluate and stop the unconscious script we are playing out by becoming more conscious, so that we can make better decisions in the future and individuate fully without the constraints put on us by our ancestors’ issues (parents, grandparents, etc.)

When evaluating any spiritual system it is always (in my opinion) important that that system has taken into account all sides of the human psyche. Systems focusing so much on being positive without understanding, or reconciling the internal negative conflicts we all have can be very dangerous to our spiritual and emotional well being. These systems are more akin to drug addiction than actual spiritual work, affording people the chance to slip into a world of fantasy and narcissism where the ego is dowsed in positive affirmations without the proper reflection and integration necessary to actualize and manifest a person’s dreams.

This is why ancient mystic traditions were not only secret, but required intense study, dedication and meditation. People were brought through layers and levels of teaching depending on their innate wisdom and ability to grasp lessons on multiple layers. Not true of many of the easy fix New Age medicine shows offering a cure to everything in the form of some numbered panacea. (The 3 steps to ultimate weight loss, the 8 steps to becoming a millionaire, the 9 steps to happiness, etc.)

It’s easy to understand something intellectually, but without understanding the emotional and spiritual elements of a problem, it can’t be solved. For example one can not choose who one falls in love with. Intellectually, a person might know that person A is bad for them but love is a feeling, not an idea and therefore no amount of logic can remove that feeling. Instead that person has to go through all the feelings necessary to get to the place where they can let go, usually after immense grief and intense pain, to the point where those negative feelings eclipse the feeling of love and the person can no longer hold onto the warmth they felt for the other person without causing themselves great distress. Does that make the person stupid? Absolutely not. Yet we judge ourselves and others as if we should somehow be able to spontaneously turn into robots and be able to use logic to solve our emotional issues. 

I suppose my point here is the importance of knowing your shadow, of confronting it, making friends with it and letting it teach you. Otherwise if the shadow is ignored it will eclipse a person’s life and lead to terrible heartache, destruction and pain which hopefully will ultimately lead to understanding. But there is a better way, don’t ignore the darker side of your nature. I’m not saying to indulge it, actually exactly the opposite. I’m saying, know it, listen to it and reflect on it so you don’t feel the irrational urge to act on those feelings. This actually works believe it or not. Awareness is the first step, self-acceptance the next, toward controlling your life rather than being controlled by outside influences (actually more accurately your shadow self which if you’re not fully aware of, will feel out of your control as if stuff is happening to you rather than you are co-creating your life). Not that we always have the choice, the shadow self is a trickster and it tricks everyone at some point or another. But the better a person knows their dark side and allows communication with it, the clearer and the healthier the choices are as well. 

And best of all comes the realization that you are a God/Goddess of your own life. Meaning you are co-creator with the divine, part of the divine and given this tremendous gift of consciousness which you can use to achieve whatever goal you set for yourself as long as you are truthful with the wholeness of who you are.

The Shadow Self

Just found this review

Hi everyone, just found this review about the book of Haiku I had work published in. Thought I’d share the review with everyone:Haiku Not Bombs Haiku Not Bombs by Shin Yu Pai

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
Funny and timely, this book of Haiku stretches beyond the ancient model to a contemporary paradigm of Haiku. Excellent for anyone who loves poetry. Denise Siegel’s poems are especially ironic, interesting and funny but all the others add a great deal, and an interesting perspective.
Haiku Not Bombs Haiku Not Bombs by Shin Yu Pai

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
Funny and timely, this book of Haiku stretches beyond the ancient model to a contemporary paradigm of Haiku. Excellent for anyone who loves poetry. Denise Siegel’s poems are especially ironic, interesting and funny but all the others add a great deal, and an interesting perspective.

View all my reviews.


Just found this review

Answering Readers…

First from Sherry:


Hi Denise Here’s something that might be of interest to all. For so long now we’ve watched small businesses get run over by large corporations and big box stores. It’s been hard to keep small individual businesses (i.e. mom-and-pop stores, etc.) from going bankrupt. I feel that once we get past the next couple of years and the economy begins to grow again, there will be opportunities for individuals and small companies to grow again. Especially since so many have closed up in the last few years. Right now everyone seems to shop at Walmart and Costco, etc. just to save as much as possible, but I think that when times get better people may want a more personal touch in their shopping. Would you ask the cards if an expansion of entrepreneurship is coming in the new economy. I would hate to think that we’re stuck with the Walmarts for the future. Use this recession time to prepare for what you want to do in the future. Lay the groundwork, so to speak. Thanks.

Hi Sherry:

You make some excellent points about how cannibalistic the nature of business was in the past decade and a half. This model was what killed so many industries not just small businesses. The idea that one could sell more goods and services to the middle of the bell curve while ignoring everybody else (which is what has happened in entertainment, music, art, theater, film, clothing, cars, etc.) lead to a lack of innovation, no risk taking, bottom line quarterly thinking, no long term plan for the future, and thus our culture and its products (including the arts) become boring. Everything and everybody was forced to look basically the same, drive the same 3 colors of cars, wear the same basic T-shirt sold at different prices and watch and listen to the lowest common denominator of music/film, etc. Of course there are always exceptions, but when the business world is run based entirely on the bottom line, sans any kind of passion or vision, we get gate keepers who are afraid to move culture forward via new ideas in all areas music, writing, art, film, clothing, shoes whatever. We are all individuals and we were being treated like cows, prodded and wrangled this way and that to buy whatever seemed to fit some CEO’s idea of the perfect sweater for the “little people,” ie. the unwashed masses or the basic moron on the street which Jay Leno’s version of the tonight show so aptly encapsulated in his “Jay walking,” bit.

The bit was successful because it reinforced the idea that everyone was an idiot, not that they were interviewing 20 year olds about politics and policies their parents barely knew about, hence no interest in the subject and no knowledge. If you would have interviewed these young people about their favorite bands, TV shows, movies or whatever they were into, I’m sure the Leno staff would have actually learned something rather than going through hours of tape looking for the dumbest answer to the dumbest question. Sure, there are dumb people in the world. But there are also brilliant people. Granted that’s not a funny idea interviewing smart people — if it were, talk shows would actually be interesting to watch rather than painful product endorsements disguised as entertainment.

The world used to be much less homogoneous. Countries used to have their own cutlures. The past fifteen years, maybe longer it seems this has been more and more erased. We have imported our ugliness everywhere, from McDonald’s, to Starbucks. Granted Starbucks treats its employees well and makes a good cup of coffee, but it seems a bit sad to see one on every corner in London or worse, Rome! I liked the world a lot better when it was feasible for a person to have an interesting idea and then put that idea forth as a store, a book, a film or whatever. When the product and the idea came first, and as long as it made some money, broke even and had the capacity to move things forward it was seen as a success rather than this ridiculous notion of constant unending growth for share holders to snort every quarter. 

Enough of my ranting, let’s ask the pendulum if we are going to see (in the next 3-10 years) a return to the mom & pop run business, along with more diversity and choice for all.

OK, according to the pendulum we will see a return of the mom and pop store, more diversity and business catering to all different types of individuals once the correction is finished. This may take a couple years to accomplish, in the mean time some big cheap chain stores will continue to dominate the landscape.

But I do feel many of them will go down as well and this will also open up new opportunities for the future. It’s my feeling that the next ten or more years businesses will become smaller and geared more toward niche markets, an extension of the E-bay sort of model but adapted to the real, as opposed to, the virtual world.

I have a feeling with so many outer planets in Aquarius people will be seeking to express their individuality more and more and resent middle of the bell curve marketing. This along with feeling duped by big business will give incentive to people to support stores, shops and individual business owners within their own communities. Gone will be the days of being so disconnected from how, what, where or when a product is made and how it gets to the individual. At least for awhile. Let’s hope this recession/depression has a big enough impact on our collective psyche to create a sense of responsibility for consumers and their choices forever or at least a very long time.

And from Hope and a Plan:


Hi Denise, I am a pretty private person and I would understand if you didnt want to post a picture of yourself. I think you share an awful lot of yourself already… I have a question about the next wave…Sheila Baird, the FDIC chief claimed that at the rate of banks were shutting their doors the FDIC insurance for depositors will run dry by year’s end. Do you think that’s part of this tsunami wave? Should we start stuffing our mattresses? I know this is a self fulfilling prophecy but if its on its way, then how is my pittance going to impact the gazillions of dollars going out to these banking behemoths? I am reticent to be negative, especially since I am not a finance specialist but all bets are off with the financial system these days…. I feel like I have to look out for my family and my extended community, like the people on this board. If the banking system is going to tank and then restructure I am not going to naively go down with them in the short term. Thanks in advance, Denise.

Hi Hope and a Plan,

It’s been my feeling from the beginning that the FDIC money would run out, and it might take time to get money out of your bank if it goes belly up. I don’t feel however this will be permanent. So if anyone is worried, take enough money out to live for at least a couple of months, but I don’t feel it will be safe to take out your life savings and put it in your mattress.

I do feel the Fed will make good on the insurance, it just might take longer than one might want. I don’t feel that it will be an inordinate amount of time with Obama in the white house but I worried with George W. it might take 6-12 months if he were still president or if crazy McCain had gotten elected. Thank the Universe this did not happen. We are seriously going to be so much better off than one could imagine by making this choice. As bad as it may seem, this period will be compressed into a matter of a couple of years rather than over a decade which is what would have happened. 

From Cherri:

Cheri (tranquilsleep444)


Any other INFJ’s out there? :)

Hi Cheri,

Yes, I am an INFJ. I encourage everyone to check out their type based on the Myers-Brigg system. It is very fascinating.

From Juno:


Dreamt of a wild rabbit – the little grey ones you see in L.A. hillsides at dusk – it was a baby rabbit, and was poking its head down a hole in the hillside, being playful, scampering about… I was watching him for ages, enjoying myself, alone on a hillside. He poked his head again down the hole, and screamed, with his hind legs sticking up in the air, flailing. I pulled him up by his legs and a snake was attached to his nose. I pulled off the snake, killed it with a rock, and cradled the rabbit on its back while I looked for help. The rabbit had such sad eyes I started to cry, and in the dream he started to morph into my toddler son, naked, with wounds by his left rib and groin, but he was bleeding clear fluid, not blood, like in the story of the crucifiction of Christ. I woke up at this point, so upset I went and checked on my son, who was fine, but who has had a very serious flu and had had to be rushed to the hospital. I can only assume that is why I had such a horrible, disturbing dream. Ugh. I should add I never dream about rabbits, and never was into “cutsie bunnies” growing up. Any insights?

Hi Juno,

Rabbits are associated with the Goddess Oeaster, which is where the Easter Bunny’s origin comes from. Since she is a Goddess of the vernal equinox and spring, she and the bunny represent fertility, the new, spring, youth and renewal. In some Native American traditions rabbit medicine is supposed to be the medicine of fear because rabbits are prey animals. Again they are innocent, open and easily hunted in the wild which is why they overcompensate through sheer numbers. 

Snakes are associated with sexuality. There have been many Goddesses associated with charming snakes, and of course snakes are very phallic. Snakes also represent regeneration, death and rebirth and are associated with the sign of Scorpio as one of the 3 symbols of that signs karmic ascension the Scorpion being the first, the Snake the second level and the Eagle the final and highly evolved spiritual sort of Scorpio (like Gandhi).

The wounds are an obvious metaphor for damage. The bunny obviously your child, an innocent, the snake that you had to destroy as it was killing your child, could be a relationship with a man that must transformed for the sake of your child’s survival (emotionally and spiritually). The wounds letting out clear fluid like water I would think are that water. So the wounds are draining the life blood of his emotions (water is associated with emotion in western esoteric tradition). The injury being at the site of the left rib, again seems to reinforce a primal sort of injury (being done to his spirit) as the rib in Christian tradition is associated with the first man and woman. And the groin area represents an injury to his eventual manhood.

I’m sure the trip to the hospital triggered it but this dream seems very clearly to be telling you that there is more to your son’s illness than just a physical problem. There are some very damaging emotional things in the environment which it seems you are aware of and are trying to change as you pull your son out of the hole and work on healing and saving him.

Hope that helped.

And if you want to take the Myers-Briggs test there is a link to a free test site in an earlier post. Just use the search it button and put in Myers-Briggs or personality test and it should come up.

Best wishes and many blessings to all you good people,


Answering Readers…

The Contest

I’m going to go over the entries for the contest in the next couple of days and post the winners and a list of prizes. The next couple of days maybe shorter postings because we have a house guest from my home town of Chicago staying with us. But you never know. I may find time to blab per the usual. 

I will answer some questions for sure on Thursday and some tomorrow as well. Sorry I’ve got to keep it short today but I have a lot of analyzing to do. Hope you guys look into the enneagram and the Myers-Briggs personality tests. They really are fascinating.

Best wishes to all you lovely humans,


The Contest

Answering Readers (a little) & Economic Warning

Hey everyone,

I don’t want to freak everyone out, but I wanted to warn everyone I’m feeling the other end of that hit in the market coming soon, in the next 6 weeks. Sort of like the next wave in the Tsunami about to hit the shore. I had looked at charts when I felt the first one (about 3 weeks before the -777 market  crash) and from the looks of it, it seemed likely some major stuff was going to hit the fan in December, the stuff about Bernie Madeoff came out then, and didn’t help, but the timing was off in the chart. Hence I’ve concluded that the chart I have for the market is not exact. So I’m going with my intuition which is usually more accurate anyway.

I’m feeling it coming. It’s going to get scary bad. We are about to hit bottom, the below 6000 points thing mentioned early on this blog. So try not to freak out, it will get better. It has to get super extreme, this is part of the correction. Things will turn around, but there’s about to be major panic for many. We are already in a free fall so for many of us who are not in the market and have started adjusting our lives this next hit won’t feel as dramatic at first. We will feel the punch a little later. 

As for President Barack Obama he is doing everything possible in his power and it is sickening that the Republicans are more interested in winning the game according to their party rules then they are in all of us winning. More has to be done to restructure the financial industry and our economy as I have said in earlier posts, and I think we are headed toward another near melt down and some kind of other government intervention via another bill which will become a huge deal as the economy will take another giant hit here. 

Hold on to your seats its going to be bumpy, but it will turn around.

For those who have argued against the fusion of a strong social net and capitalism (an argument you will hear in coming weeks more vehemently thrown out there as the richest 1 percent try to pursued us that they really their money will trickle down eventually) let me say that the wealthiest countries in the world with the highest standard of living are countries which have embraced mindful capitalism and a society where the standard is the working middle class, something we used to have in this country. As the metaphor goes if one person keeps winning all the cash on the table and everyone else runs out trying to stay in the game, then the game is over when the guy “wins.”

However if there were always cash for people to play with then no matter how much that one guy wins, he will just keep winning, and we will all win because we are able to keep money flowing. When a handful of people control all the resources we all loose, including the dumb people who greedily want to have all the resources. However, these people don’t get that they are losing more by holding onto this old model because they need to have things clearly defined in winning and losing rather than the idea of the economy and life being a process, a continual flow like a river rather than a guy running a marathon.

The mentality of this greedy winners vs. losers mentality is a Reagan era legacy that I’m sure has roots back to the B rated cowboy movies he used to be in. In truth life is not about winners and losers it’s actually about being in the flow, giving, learning, experiencing. It isn’t about being better than everyone else. But try telling those guys on Wall Street who were complaining about home owners getting help instead of the help they gladly accepted from George W. & our government to stay flying in their private leer jets when they were supposed to be using that money to bail out their companies.

And to answer Sinead’s question below. I was planning on this being the end of the contest. So I’m going to go through the posts and pick some winners which I will announce in the next couple of weeks. I may wait to post a picture though, for my own weird reasons. I will eventually post a picture but I have my reasons which someday, I’ll explain, maybe.

And by the way, everyone who participated got something right! I think that’s pretty remarkable. It just goes to prove that there is something to all of this nuttiness. And also I wanted to pass on some interesting stuff. I’m not sure how many people are familiar with the Myers-Briggs personality indicator (which is based on some of Jung’s theories) or on the ancient early psychological system called the enneagram but for those of you who are interested in learning more about yourself here are some interesting links.

It is a fascinating system and if you are interested in learning more about yourself I highly recommend taking the Myers-Briggs test. Here’s a place to take the Myers-Briggs test for free with some info on the types:

And here’s a free Enneagram test. Also very fascinating:

I’d love to get people to take the tests and then do a survey and see what the breakdown of people is according to their type. Is there a type specifically wired toward interest in metaphysics or is it everyone in different ways? Hmm, perhaps we can find out!

Best wishes and many blessings to all you good people,


P.S. Below is Sinead’s question.

  Hey denise!    

I know this has nothing to do with the above post, but i can’t find the birthday predictions on what you look like. Did the contest end? I already predicted but I wanted to see who was the most accurate?


Answering Readers (a little) & Economic Warning

Answering Readers

There are a million questions to answer and I’m going to do it! I promise. So let’s start with these and get to all the others over the next couple of weeks:


A lot of sensitives have noticed a certain shift in the air for the month of February, more so the last week of Feb. Some have said they felt the shift was very positive and others like me, have never felt anything so negative…why do you think this shift has occurred and why are we feeling so differently about it? This topic comes after many message boards saying the exact same thing.

Hi Shay,

I have felt a personal shift toward being more productive but in terms of a global shift I’ve felt that since last summer. But my timing is usually off in that way. I’ve always tended toward precognition and the whole time/space thing gets confused for me. I can feel things years before they happen with the urgency of something going down that moment. Or it could be months or just weeks of days ahead of schedule. I have often felt out of synch with time, and I think actually there is something about me that bends it, because no matter who ends up hanging out with me, it’s like all of a sudden they’ve entered a worm hole and look at the clock 5 hours later and go, “Oh, my God is it really that late?” It always seems that time gets lost in and around me.

So for me the shift was extremely negative in the summer, so much so that I actually felt depressed, frightened and extremely worried. Then it moved toward the next phase which was a sense of hope and peace which I feel will be coming in about 2 years. I think the shift you are feeling is the shift into this depression and then there will be a shift out, we are sort of in the middle right now. And according to the US chart (which I’ve figured  now is most accurate) March is the month when the market is supposed to truly bottom out. We’ll see. But I do feel we will recover within the next couple of years. The panic, fear and depression I felt coming I feel is here and we will rise out of its ashes in a bit. 

My main concern is making sure that we solve the global warming problem which I’m afraid will get lost in the mayhem of the market, the financial industry going down the tubes and the recession/depression and wars we are in. All the money in the world doesn’t do any good if there’s no world to live in.


Hi Denise, thanks so much for expanding the discussion. I have a question that is somewhat personal but does have applicability to others besides me. I am wanting to change jobs–I am lucky that this is a choice and not a necessity–but I do feel that a career change is important for my mental health, as soon as I can manage it. I am wondering when the jobs outlook in Washington state will improve. Currently there is a hiring freeze in state jobs, including higher education, until July 1st. Will the stimulus bill be able to help us lift that freeze sooner? What will the jobs outlook be in education in general as 2009 progresses, both in K-12 and higher education (either public or private institutions)?

Hi Lori,

I am getting that the stimulus package will lift the hiring freeze sooner than July, more likely it will be lifted in May. I have a feeling though in general for 2009 the jobs outlook in education will be much like it has been for the past few years. It will take a little longer before the education field gets the boost it needs through government support. I do feel this will be coming but not immediately. I do get a sense that in about 2-3 years much more money will be pumped into that pipeline and there will be some major changes for the better.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Best wishes and many blessings to all you good people,


Answering Readers

Answering Readers…

The first question comes from Dera:


Do you see a solution to the problems with the Mexican Drug cartels waging a war on the govt of Mexico City? I am so concerned about the people there and is legalizing drugs the answer?

Hi Dera,

My intuition tells me that the US will try to intervene in keeping the drug cartels under control, but won’t have a lot of success. The violence will continue to escalate until the people of Mexico are forced to have a kind of civil war against the drug lords. There are similarities to Chicago during the 1920s, but of course in Mexico it is even more extreme and violent. The mix of psychopaths, illegal drugs and corruption within the government all contribute  and it feels like it is escalating to the doorstep of genocide. I don’t feel this is going to get better soon, actually I feel it will get much worse. I only hope I’m wrong about this.

Oddly, I don’t feel the answer to this problem is to just legalize drugs because there is such a strong network of organized crime and corruption that it would be substituted with something perhaps even worse like sexual slavery, prostitution of children, etc. This network must be destroyed first and the government replaced with one truly vested in the good of all the people not just their own pocket books. I’m not saying everyone in the Mexican government/police/military fit into this category, but there are enough that do to make the good people ineffective. 

Eventually, those within the government who are not corrupt will have to build an army out of the ashes of those who have been devastated by the drug lords. Together, the people will have to fight this cancer overtaking their country or it will end up war torn and could lead to mass genocide as these psychopaths gain power and control.

The more violence these drug lords perpetrate the more they become sick with a mad cow-like disease eating away at their souls with each act leaving them nothing but empty shells feeding on destruction. This is the disease of war. It is what is happening in Darfur, what happened in Rowanda, what happened to ordinary people who became Nazis. This sickness is born from violence against our fellow brothers and sisters. It is the sickness that begets war and makes people do horrible things they would never believed themselves capable of. It can also infect ordinary people after seeing ones family slaughtered or child mutilated. It is the darkest side of Kali, the crazed destroyer. It is chaos, insanity, absolute coldness. I wish I could say inhuman, but this darkness is a part of the human condition, the shadow side. In normal healthy people we feel it rear up, but repress it with rationality, empathy and compassion. When all those things are gone there is no controlling it.

This is a very scary situation. I wish there was an easier answer.


I was watching two evangelists speaking with Rachel Maddow a couple of nights ago. They were explainging how socialism would usher in peace which was the prerequisite for the advent of the anti-christ’s arrival. They said Obama wasn’t the Anti christ because he wasnt popular enough but that his policies were setting the stage for his appearance. Huh? They are admitting that they would prefer people to go hungry and wage war so they can stop the antichrist. Who is the person(s) who have managed to pervert Christian principles so successfully? I also found it interesting that their segment coincided with James Dobson’s resignation from Focus on the Family. I respect religious differences and I embrace all spiritual expression but how is this evangelical dogma different from jihadist extremism? Any thoughts on the future of these people’s influence in American politics? Thanks.

Hi Hope and a Plan,

I’ve lost count of how many anti-christs there are, and have been. Nostradameus had at least 3. These dudes have had one pretty much every time there’s someone who wasn’t pro lining their pockets with gold. Sure, socialism is going to bring the anti-christ, that makes a lot of sense, I guess he must be living in Sweden or Norway, or maybe Denmark? Oh, I know perhaps Canada where they have “socialized” medicine.

We all know how Jesus was a TOTAL CAPITALIST! Whew, he just loved him some money and really didn’t want anyone helping out their neighbor or loving others. He taught anti-compassion and letting people starve to prove a point and loved war if it made him some dough. Oh, yeah, wait that’s those guys! I guess they must be the anti-christs because they are anti-everything Christ stood for. Besides I thought they wanted the anti-christ to come, so the big space ship in the sky could come and suck them up and they could be one of the chosen people to live forever in their decrept sack of rotting bone bodies. I mean come on, this is some insane crap. It really is just insane. 

Let’s look at the reality of this proposition. There’s this crazy, angry, jealous God who sends down his only son (something Jesus never said but hey, the Romans needed to make him into a living God so they could sell the religion) to save humanity from the original sin of Eve “eating of the fruit of knowledge” and thereby cursing all of us due to her mistake. Wow, that’s a very insecure God. He doesn’t even want us to have knowledge in case we might figure out he wasn’t all that, I guess. So Jesus removes this original sin if you believe in him, OK, then you die and go to heaven. Kind of, then your body rots in the ground until “Judgement Day” when Christ returns (after the anti-christ) and everyone is brought back to life forever. It’s not quite clear if we all are just animated skeletons or if we get back our old bodies and if so, what period are we talking, when we were really old, at the time of death, or do we get to pick our favorite period?

Here’s a question, after spending all that time in heaven (the other afterlife story) with angels, God, and living in perfect peace, why would you want your rotted out old body to be re-animated so you could live on earth forever? Heaven sounds like a much better deal to me. 

It’s all about fear and control. I’m sure that the crazy jihadists believe just as strongly in their book of stories as the crazy Christian zealots believe in their stories. But here’s something that neither side seem to understand, these are stories meant to illustrate ideas, greater ideas, spiritual ideas that are not easy to explain in common language, and are often beyond our understanding which is why they are never literal. The bible conflicts with itself pretty much on every count. In Genesis God first refers to himself as We, then as an I, he makes everything at once, then in 7 days. I remember studying the book of Genesis in high school and thinking how bizarrely contradictory it was. And wondered why no one ever addressed this.

Ultimately, all spiritual paths and all religions (by virtue of them being related to people’s spiritual paths on occasion) are not straight forward, black and white, easy to understand, direct, concrete or literal in any way at all. The language of the spirit is poetry, visions, flashes of understanding, connection, compassion, intuition, symbolism. There is nothing simple about it and absolutely nothing literal, which is why zealots who see everything as literal are insane and truly waste their lives looking at the multiverse through a keyhole, randomly assigning roles to whatever they see based on the book they have in their hand.

It is absolute blindness.

I don’t think one could even begin to name how many zealots have lived in the history of the human race, yelling that the end was near, blah, blah, blah. But when it comes to these people actually really doing something about evil, like calling out the government of Darfur, calling Omar Bashir the anti-christ or at least an anti-christ, they won’t because what happens in Africa stays in Africa. The world to these people is the US and maybe Europe? But everyone on the planet could die off because of someone like Bashir and things would be peachy. These types weren’t calling Hitler the anti-christ either. Whys that?

Cause they reserve their hate speech to use as scare tactics to get people away from helping out others, because they don’t care about anything but their pocket books, their place in society and their power. And if it doesn’t effect them personally then it isn’t important.

So let’s get real about these a-holes. They are not spiritual, they are not Christian, they are not anything but shysters. 

OK and these questions tomorrow, and I’ll go back further over the week and answer earlier questions as well:


Hi Denise Here’s something that might be of interest to all. For so long now we’ve watched small businesses get run over by large corporations and big box stores. It’s been hard to keep small individual businesses (i.e. mom-and-pop stores, etc.) from going bankrupt. I feel that once we get past the next couple of years and the economy begins to grow again, there will be opportunities for individuals and small companies to grow again. Especially since so many have closed up in the last few years. Right now everyone seems to shop at Walmart and Costco, etc. just to save as much as possible, but I think that when times get better people may want a more personal touch in their shopping. Would you ask the cards if an expansion of entrepreneurship is coming in the new economy. I would hate to think that we’re stuck with the Walmarts for the future. Use this recession time to prepare for what you want to do in the future. Lay the groundwork, so to speak. Thanks.


Hi Denise, I have a feeling that the US Dollar will start sliding heavily after sept 2009. How do you see the USD playing over the next 5 years?. How will the strength/weakness in USD effect the housing prices in the country? Do you see housing prices becoming affordable and in line with rents again?


Best wishes and many blessings to all you good people,


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