A Free Non-Time Consuming Way to Help Animals

Here’s a copy of an e-mail sent to me by a friend. Basically this is a link to a website where just clicking on their button generates money for their cause. It’s free. It’s easy and you are helping out lots of innocent abandoned pets.

Here it is:

Animal Rescue

Hi, all you animal lovers.

This is pretty simple. Please tell ten friends to tell ten friends today! The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a minute (how about 20 seconds) to go to their site and click on the purple box ‘fund food for animals’ for free. This doesn’t cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors / advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to help abandoned / neglected animals in exchange for advertising. Here’s the web site! Pass it along to people you know.



Best wishes and many blessings to all. Don’t forget to e-mail me at: happypeopleusa@aol.com to collect your prizes!


A Free Non-Time Consuming Way to Help Animals

What Does Denise Look Like Contest Winners…

OK, it is pretty amazing all of you got something right. Some of you nailed me at different points in my life. Tckal pretty much nailed what I looked like before I dyed my hair back toward its natural color and cut it to shoulder length. She thought I looked like Peggy Olson from Mad Men. I’m a bit more quirky and my features are sharper but if one were going to pick an actress, she’s pretty darn close.

But I’d have to say that Mira Kelly had the highest number of things right and here they are:

I am 5’7″ and actually was 5’6″ until I was in my late 20s when I grew an inch. My favorite color is purple. I am 135 pounds. My hair is dark brown, wavy and worn in a bob about half way between my chin and shoulders. I do have a tendency to look concerned a lot, she mentioned 2 prominent wrinkles which are often there but luckily I have avoided for the time being. She was one year off in my birth year. I’m actually a year younger than she thought but very close. I do have a crystal ball on my shelf which I don’t normally use but have in the past. My eye color is actually a gray-blue (a lot of people think I have hazel or brown eyes because they are dark). My father actually had blue eyes with a brown ring in the center which is similar to what she described. I do wear a 9 size shoe. I am a crappy cook, but do make a mean a great penne arrabiata (and a few other things, I’m a pretty good baker because I love cookies.) My eyes are closer together than any golden mean would suggest they should be. I do have a heart arrhythmia and my heart gets out of sync sometimes. I do like to wear flat shoes. I actually am incapable of walking in heels so I don’t have much of a choice there. I do have pierced ears and my mom did get them pierced for me although I was not 4 but 12 at the time. And did have my left (not the right ear, but come on its very close) pierced a couple more times when I was in my early 20s although they did close up along with the nose ring I also had for a short period of time. And it’s true that when I wear nail polish it usually just wears off and I do find it impractical because I do a lot of work with my hands (such as painting, building, sawing, drawing, knitting, etc.).

Andrea Zak did well. She got that I wore reading glasses and my height, the fact that I’m too lazy to wear make-up and have pale skin.

Todd Brady did very well. If it were 1984 he would have gotten me spot on. He seemed to be describing the high school version of me. He got my height, pegged my taste in music and even described my cat from that period of time as well as my asymmetrical haircut and the color was indeed a light brownish blond back then. I was also about 125 pounds and drove a puke green pinto station wagon which is kind of like a VW in that it has a rounded quality to it. Although a VW bug is much cooler and actually my brother had one when he was in high school. Again, spot on for 1984. Another winner, he was reading the past.



Id did well with the color of my hair the fact that it is shoulder length. I do have very prominent and distinct eyebrows which my husband often exaggerates when drawing a cartoon likeness of me. I also do have a strong jaw line but not in a square way, rather kind of pointy. And I do wear reading glasses and during certain periods of my life, oddly, I have had to wear glasses due to astigmatism although it seems to vanish and come back at different points in my life. Right now it doesn’t seem to be a problem. I have a lot of other problems, but that’s not one of them.

Sally in Dallas was mostly right in terms of height and weight, hair thickness and color.

Wynter was right about my love of changing hair color. It has been everything to bleached out platinum blonde/gray to purple, red, blue, brown, black, blonde and natural looking red.

Iris was right about me wearing a lot of black although I’m over it now. I did spend a good 20 years wearing almost no other color but black. And although I am an Aquarius my ruling planet of both my sun sign and moon sign are Virgo. I also have Mercury as the ruler of my chart which rules Virgo so I have a Virgo feel about me.


Got the color of my eyes right.

tranquilsleep444 or aka Cheri. Got the color and length and style of my hair. And the mischieveious look which I’ve often been accused of having.
Sally Herr got the incoming grey in my hair. And qualities some people have told me I exhibit.

fitzgeraldo got the long nose and angular face and a haircut I have had in the past as well as a style of glasses I’ve worn before.


It’s interesting that many of you thought I had freckles and was kind of on the short side. This must have been in a previous life. Anyway, if you see your name was put in bold font it means you are one of the big winners so please e-mail me your birth date, time and place so I can run a chart for you. I will then send everyone a computerized chart. The grand prize winner, Mira Kelly will get several different print outs sent to her, a total of 3 detailing different areas of her and her life. And for everyone whose name I mentioned you all are also winners and can e-mail me one yes/no question for me to answer via e-mail. Remember it has to be a simple yes/no and just one question and I will answer it. Of course all winners can ask a yes/no question to me via e-mail and I will answer it as part of their prize.

Congratulations to all who won and participated. You all did really well. And actually everyone got something right.

Thanks for participating and I will put a picture up of myself in the coming month or so.

Best to all and many blessings,


What Does Denise Look Like Contest Winners…

AIG & Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow made in an interview with David Letterman made an an interesting point about AIG. Basically, she said that if they are so giant and important that we can’t afford to let them go under and we as tax payers have to support their company, then they should be socialized. Meaning they should be owned by the tax payers. 

In essence they were a huge part of the enormous Wall Street scheme that brought down the economy. Once regulations were removed (or as I like to call them laws, or more aptly, legal boundaries meant to protect people from crooks, liars, thieves and murderers) bankers and Wall Street went crazy insuring bad loans, knowing damn well theses were crap loans, but not caring because they were selling these crap loans off to people who trusted their company and their company ratings.

Oh, yeah, and part of the math problem that ruined the world was that this formula (mentioned in the previous post) was applied in a way that made it look as if there was no risk to these insanely risky, often fudged (for the purpose of getting them through) loans. So in essence AIG did not directly have to take the risk, they covered the butts of the companies who were going nuts with the new scam of giving home loans to people who couldn’t afford them. The bankers, brokers and insurance companies knew full well it was going to implode, but they were betting on the other guy taking the hit while they pocketed the money.

This is some seriously disturbed behavior and just proves the stupidity of supposedly naive people like (and literally) Alan Greenspan who believe somehow business people are morally superior to the rest of humanity and thus don’t need things like laws (i.e. regulations) to keep their fingers out of other people’s cookie jars.

I will announce the winners of the competition later tonight.

Best to all,


AIG & Rachel Maddow

The Mathmatical Formula that Shattered the Global Economy


Above are some links to the math that has brought our world to its knees. And to think I used to fall asleep in junior high school algebra. 

Perhaps you, like me, heard reference to this formula on NPR or various other news outlets. After looking at it, I wonder if any of the bankers had even the slightest clue about it, let alone applying it to anything tangible.

So here’s my lame math formula. All based on the simple geometry:


The one guy gets more than a third (33.4 %) of the whole pie while the 9 people share almost a third (28%). So lets be clear here, 10% of wealthy Americans control 61.4% of all the wealth. And just 1% of the wealthy control more than a third. while 40% of Americans make it sharing just over a third of the wealth at 38.6 %. And the rest, half of the country, 50% of us live in abject poverty.


This was before the market crash. I’m sure there are more people who have fallen into the abject poverty pile since then.


I have a simple question to ask to those who subscribe to unbridled free market capitalism and the notion of those who work hardest are rewarded with the most money. Firstly, that one guy controlling more than a third of the pie, does he really work harder than the equivalent of 150,000,000 Americans put together. Because man if he does, he’d have to be God as working that many hours would mean he not only never slept, but also had an army of clones.


And if one wants to make the argument that somehow that guy has provided some service or great work that entitles him/her to more pie than they could ever eat in one lifetime while half the people around them starve, I ask, did that person cure cancer, Aids and save our planet from a deluge of asteroids? Because there is nothing that anyone who has such ungodly amounts of money has done that warrants the pie being that lopsided.


Take for example Bill Gates. He stole the idea for Windows from two inventors who stole the idea for the operating system from the way Macs worked. Gates literally bought their program for something like 500 bucks and then turned around and sold it to IBM for millions or billions, whatever. Did (or does) he deserve to control that much of the world’s resources because he was an unethical opportunist? Or even someone like Jim Carey, does he deserve 20 million dollars to make fart jokes in some lame half-baked movie? Does anyone really deserve to hog more resources than they can actually make use of?


And what does it say about people who choose this for themselves. I’m not saying people don’t have a right to be wealthy, be comfortable, and even be decadent and live uxorious ridiculously comfortable lives. But one doesn’t have to control that much of the wealth to do so. As a matter of fact if the pie was at least a little more evenly distributed, more people would have more and be more productive.


For example if everyone had enough money, to at least make their own pie, then there would be a constant flow of money, goods, services and new wealth for everyone to partake in. It would be exponential rather than a closed, fixed system where the poorest 50 percent cannot participate in the economy because they can barely afford the basic necessities of life.


Historically, our country has always done best financially when there was a strong, healthy middle class, like in the 1950s when a guy could work at a gas station as an attendant, buy his own home and support a wife and two kids. Or during the Clinton era when there was a huge boom in the middle class and new service orientated and luxury businesses sprung up due to the increased flow of money being funneled into the economy.


So why is it that Republicans hang onto this bizarre Ann Ryand philosophy of unhinged free market capitalism without restraint or regulation and the idea of the individual as purely and solely responsible for him/herself?


Well, let’s take a look at Ann Ryand. First off she was from Russia and had a knee jerk reaction to having grown up there. She was also a screenwriter and no offense here, but part of being a Hollywood screenwriter is being able to boil things down to very simple black and white arguments and ideas. There is no room for subtlety, complexity, and depth of character and layers of meaning in a 90-minute screenplay. The best one can hope for with a great movie is a clear well defined argument that makes you think about a situation in a new way.


Anyone who has read the Fountainhead can attest to the ridiculous modernist notion of special treatment for the super human, great genius who stands outside of normal human expectations (such as decency, compassion, human kindness, caring, being interested in things other than yourself) because of his great talent. She literally makes the case that some people should be above the law, above human decency and be lavished with an endless fountain of praise and support no matter how socially retarded, because they are intrinsically better than everyone else.


Hmmm, what does this sound like?


Oh, yeah, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


Funny she lived here in the land of NPD (Hollywood). And there in lies the key. There seems to be a fundamental personality dysfunction which is attracted to this (conservative often Republican) model. One that feels the need to be better than everyone else, to be treated specially and has to have other people suffering so they can feel good about themselves. Upon closer inspection the conservative movement seems to be less motivated by an ideology than a mental illness – what I used to deem “Mad Squirrel disease” where an individual can never have enough and constantly seeks out more and more nuts to add to their storehouse despite the fact that they will never be able to physically use all of what they have acquired.


After studying psychology I realized this was a character trait of Narcissism. Our culture has promoted it. Wall Street was immersed in the darkest part of this mental illness. I wish these people would spend their money getting therapy and get out of the way of change. They spin empathy and humanitarianism into socialism and communism. They turn the notion of helping people who are losing their homes into something akin to a welfare state, but yet, for them, the special few, they not only have their hands out, but their pockets, their buckets, their private jets and anything else they can cram taxpayer dollars into under the guise of “saving jobs.” When they say that I think they mean, saving the jobs of the captains of their private jets, not the 10,000 jobs they are shipping to India because they don’t want to pay a living wage or give their employees healthcare.


I had a friend one time who drove an old green VW Bug. She happened to be driving it around the Silicon Valley in a very wealthy area. This guy in a Mercedes was offended by how carefully and slowly she was going, not and yelled at her, “Peasant!” I think that says it all.


When it comes to how these people feel about themselves and the way they see everyone else. They appear to be living in feudal Europe during the dark ages. Sad for us they are not actually living back then, but are just imposing these unconscionable notions on the rest of us.


Best wishes and many blessings to all you good people,


P.S. I will announce the winners soon. And have you noticed on the Myers Briggs poll almost no extraverts. I’m guessing this is because extraverts are not very interested in taking personality tests. 

Don’t forget to vote in the poll if you know your Myers Briggs type or your Enneagram type.

The Mathmatical Formula that Shattered the Global Economy

The Shadow Self

Many New Age concepts and ideas focus on the love and light side of human nature and neglect dealing with the shadow self. In ancient esoteric tradition the shadow self is as important to master as forging a connection to the higher self is.

By the shadow self, I mean the dark side of ones nature, the place where pain, childhood scars and wounds get hidden. Often it is this part of the self we work very hard to keep in the dark for fear of seeing ourselves as imperfect, wounded or incapable. It is the shadow self that plays the trickster giving us a visceral dislike of someone who reflects this part of us, or seduces us into a relationship that opens up the closet full of familial negative patterns and self-sabotage.

It is not that the shadow self wants to destroy the self, it is the shadow’s job to make us face our deepest pain, fear, sadness, remorse, shame and grief in an effort to heal and move past these events that marred our sacred wholeness. 

We live in a culture that promotes easy answers, quick solutions, magic pills and 7 steps to success. Oprah talks about “light bulb” moments, as if one moment, one concept or one idea can actually change the trajectory of someones entire life. In reality our experience is built in layers brick by brick, no one piece of information will solve everything, no one solution is right for everyone and while there are helpful principles and lessons, there is no Secret behind all of life’s dilemmas and no simple solution to just visualize what you want. Sure all those things are helpful tools that can transform a person’s life, but all the visualization in the world of meeting the perfect mate isn’t going to work if one is an agoraphobic shut in whose only human contact is with a handful of relatives who go grocery shopping for them. Unless that person’s soul mate is their mail carrier visualization isn’t what’s holding the person back from their dream, it’s their fear — their shadow self has overtaken and eclipsed their ability to do anything productive, including leaving the house. 

We all are on different journeys and have different shadow selves to heal, and be tricked by. There are no mistakes in life, just opportunities to learn and grow created by the part of us that needs to be healed. But when we judge ourselves based on these past experiences as failures, or idiots or whatever, we fail to see that what happened was perfect.

As painful as any situation maybe, it is a chance to go deeper, learn, grow and connect. Negative experiences afford us the opportunity to re-evaluate and stop the unconscious script we are playing out by becoming more conscious, so that we can make better decisions in the future and individuate fully without the constraints put on us by our ancestors’ issues (parents, grandparents, etc.)

When evaluating any spiritual system it is always (in my opinion) important that that system has taken into account all sides of the human psyche. Systems focusing so much on being positive without understanding, or reconciling the internal negative conflicts we all have can be very dangerous to our spiritual and emotional well being. These systems are more akin to drug addiction than actual spiritual work, affording people the chance to slip into a world of fantasy and narcissism where the ego is dowsed in positive affirmations without the proper reflection and integration necessary to actualize and manifest a person’s dreams.

This is why ancient mystic traditions were not only secret, but required intense study, dedication and meditation. People were brought through layers and levels of teaching depending on their innate wisdom and ability to grasp lessons on multiple layers. Not true of many of the easy fix New Age medicine shows offering a cure to everything in the form of some numbered panacea. (The 3 steps to ultimate weight loss, the 8 steps to becoming a millionaire, the 9 steps to happiness, etc.)

It’s easy to understand something intellectually, but without understanding the emotional and spiritual elements of a problem, it can’t be solved. For example one can not choose who one falls in love with. Intellectually, a person might know that person A is bad for them but love is a feeling, not an idea and therefore no amount of logic can remove that feeling. Instead that person has to go through all the feelings necessary to get to the place where they can let go, usually after immense grief and intense pain, to the point where those negative feelings eclipse the feeling of love and the person can no longer hold onto the warmth they felt for the other person without causing themselves great distress. Does that make the person stupid? Absolutely not. Yet we judge ourselves and others as if we should somehow be able to spontaneously turn into robots and be able to use logic to solve our emotional issues. 

I suppose my point here is the importance of knowing your shadow, of confronting it, making friends with it and letting it teach you. Otherwise if the shadow is ignored it will eclipse a person’s life and lead to terrible heartache, destruction and pain which hopefully will ultimately lead to understanding. But there is a better way, don’t ignore the darker side of your nature. I’m not saying to indulge it, actually exactly the opposite. I’m saying, know it, listen to it and reflect on it so you don’t feel the irrational urge to act on those feelings. This actually works believe it or not. Awareness is the first step, self-acceptance the next, toward controlling your life rather than being controlled by outside influences (actually more accurately your shadow self which if you’re not fully aware of, will feel out of your control as if stuff is happening to you rather than you are co-creating your life). Not that we always have the choice, the shadow self is a trickster and it tricks everyone at some point or another. But the better a person knows their dark side and allows communication with it, the clearer and the healthier the choices are as well. 

And best of all comes the realization that you are a God/Goddess of your own life. Meaning you are co-creator with the divine, part of the divine and given this tremendous gift of consciousness which you can use to achieve whatever goal you set for yourself as long as you are truthful with the wholeness of who you are.

The Shadow Self

Just found this review

Hi everyone, just found this review about the book of Haiku I had work published in. Thought I’d share the review with everyone:Haiku Not Bombs Haiku Not Bombs by Shin Yu Pai

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
Funny and timely, this book of Haiku stretches beyond the ancient model to a contemporary paradigm of Haiku. Excellent for anyone who loves poetry. Denise Siegel’s poems are especially ironic, interesting and funny but all the others add a great deal, and an interesting perspective.
Haiku Not Bombs Haiku Not Bombs by Shin Yu Pai

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
Funny and timely, this book of Haiku stretches beyond the ancient model to a contemporary paradigm of Haiku. Excellent for anyone who loves poetry. Denise Siegel’s poems are especially ironic, interesting and funny but all the others add a great deal, and an interesting perspective.

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Just found this review