Answering Readers…

Hey everyone,

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging as much as I should. Marlene had a question about a case and I want to answer that but I don’t have time to look into it right now but will tomorrow.

I wanted to say that Cori Desmond’s killer has still not been found. And as I said to police and her family, I felt it was a stranger, a serial rapist/killer who was responsible. There have now been another 2 attempts to kidnap women from the area where Cori was taken. One of the victims I believe had a run in with Cori’s killer. From the composite police sketch the guy looked almost exactly how I pictured him. I feel her killer has a long criminal history. I am getting worried that the killer knows the system well enough to use it against the police. That’s all I’m going to say about this for  now. But again if you live in the area of Redondo/Hermosa Beach don’t take anything for granted. If you have a strange encounter with a stocky middle aged guy with blondish brown hair, report it. Even if it seems stupid to do so. Trust your instincts. I have a feeling this guy wanders a lot, perhaps he might live in his car or have been homeless off and on. He also has the ability to blend in, almost become invisible. He’s a serious predator and the police really need to start putting Cori’s case together with some other things they are working on, and they will find patterns. I have  the feeling they don’t want to think of this as a serial situation because it makes things a lot more complicated, will cost more, take more resources and put a lot of public pressure on them to catch the guy. 

Also anyone who was friends with Cori or knew Cori, you may have seen this guy around the bar she worked at or had some cursory exchange with him. Rack your brains. He’s not the kind of guy who any of you would be friends with and didn’t know Cori other than seeing her at work. I think the guy left the area for awhile but I feel he’s back near the beach and has been for awhile now. So keep an eye out.

Best wishes to all you good people out there,


P.S. I know Cori’s situation was different in terms of her death then most of this man’s victims. He probably started as a serial rapist. But I don’t think he had the chance to do that to Cori. This maybe one of the reasons the police are having trouble figuring out motive. I’d be happy to try and help them if they want to contact me.

It’s my feeling that the group of Hispanic guys in the white van are not related to the Cori Desmond case but the other dude is.

Answering Readers…

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