E-mail and Alien Abduction

As there is all kinds of bizarre activity happening in regards to my electronics, please e-mail me again if you are interested in a reading. 

I am now on a brand new mac and am having strange things happen on it as well as the nightly ritual of the DVD player turning itself on and off. It is really beginning to upset my husband. He’s been having difficulty sleeping with so many strange things happening. 

But enough of that, just e-mail me again if you want to set up an appointment or need help and if for some reason you don’t get a response in the next few days, post a comment.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on alien abduction lately and have ran across several groups who are trying different techniques to rid themselves and teach others how to avoid abduction. Again, my suggestion is the Lesser Pentagram Ritual which works like a charm. In my case with the friendly ghost it doesn’t do that much good as the spirit who is haunting me is benevolent, he’s just freaking out my husband. I believe he is trying to give me a message and I’m working on fitting the pieces of symbology together to figure it out.

Hope everyone is well. I’ll post more later tonight.

Best wishes,


E-mail and Alien Abduction

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