I’ve told everyone about the research I’ve been doing about alien abductions. Well, years ago I went to a MUFON meeting here in LA and held a replica of the Starchild Skull. This skull was found in a cave in Mexico and carbon dated to 900 years ago. Various tests had been done on the skull which was abnormally tough, actually it was sent to a lab and found to be impossible to break down. DNA tests were performed in the 1990s and they were inconclusive because only the mitochondrial DNA was retrievable. However the nuclear DNA which would have come from the father was unrecoverable at the time. 

Recently an episode of UFO Hunters tackled the Starchild Skull mystery. But having seen and felt the exact replica I don’t think they did a good enough job of conveying how convincing this skull is. It really looks like a hybrid, or a cross between a gray and a human being. It has been my feeling now after a lot of research that the most common type of alien known as the grays, have been interbreeding themselves with us for thousands of years. And in some cases they are accelerating the process by picking on particular familial lines. They seem to abduct several generations. Why? Well, it’s my intuition they are trying to change or tweak the overall human race, make us evolve in some direction either for pure scientific experiment or for a variety of other reasons, some sinister, some neutral and some benevolent. 

I would very much like to try to get information about certain commonalities between abductees. So far most of this research has been about psychologizing those involved in the phenomena. What I’m interested in are possible physical differences between abductees and everyday people. The Starchild Skull had no sinuses perhaps abductees would be more apt to have sinus trouble as it is my belief that they are potentially hybrid’s themselves, just much more watered down versions. If anyone is or knows someone who is an abductee please have them post or e-mail me some basic stats. Here is the info I’d like to collect:

1) Their basic IQ score.

2) Any other paranormal abilities, telepathy, telekenisis, premonitions, etc.

3) Any physical troubles, please don’t edit there maybe patterns here that no one has thought about.

4) Strange paranormal stories that have been passed down about the family, no matter what context they are put in either religious or otherwise.

5) Any gut feelings about the mission and/or purpose of the abductions.

6) Whether the experience was seen as negative or positive by the abductee.

7) Any residual effects noticed after an abduction experience or dream of an abduction experience.

8) Whether means were tried to rid the abductee of being taken against their will.

9) Any emotional problems the abductee feels maybe related to their experiences of abduction.

10) Any other info that seems pertinent to the abductee.

I’d like to compile as much information as possible and then try to find patterns. This is completely anonymous and no one’s name will ever been given out to anyone. Once I finish the research I’ll publish the findings on the blog and give an analysis. I have some strong feelings about these events but I don’t want to jump to conclusions. I would like to be more empirical in my process here due to the subject matter. I don’t want to just give some channelled answer or theory a whirl as this has already been done countless times without any real quantifiable effect or solid answer.

Thanks for your participation in advance.

Best to all you good people out there,



4 thoughts on “Starchild

  1. Juno says:

    I have never thought I was abducted, but I have had a weird crop of dreams over thhe past few years, since my son was born, that seem to be memories and/or travels to a different dimension – I have always thought they were some sort of astral travel since they were so vivid. For what it is worth, it involved younger versions of myself in the dreams, varying in age from 12 to early 20’s, in the Montana region, on hiking expeditions. In one dream I spelunked into a cave and discovered a massive underground city, the size of the dwarf kingdom in LOTR. The lowest level had a large room filled with rectangular and trapezoidal crystal structures that glowed bluish-white. A man was waiting there who seemed to expect me. I picked up a colorful beaded stick and it came alive, turning into a small snake. It then burrowed into my left upper arm, leaving a tattoo imprint of a snake coiled in concentric circles.

    I also get dreams of metal bits in my stomach area that I am trying to get out.

    I have NO idea what this stuff is about, but I thought I would put it out there. I also just remembered my mom said my great-grandmother over in Ireland used to see UFO’s (this was a very rural part of country) — this would have been the latte 1800’s.

  2. Wei says:

    I’ve been listening to coast to coast am and quite addicted to the show. Dr. Richard Boylan has a book out called Star Kids on this topic and on his website, he has a list of criteria with scoring to access whether you are a star kid or star seeded adult. One of the universal characteristics of these star people is feeling strange in our world…

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