IQs and Freakiness…

In the last post a smiley face appears but I didn’t put it there. Very odd.

Any way, I wonder how many of you have taken IQ tests and what your opinions are about them. It seems that the results vary wildly from test to test for lots of people depending on a variety of factors, some emotional, some motivational.

I’m going to put up a survey about the IQ’s so please take part in it.

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IQs and Freakiness…

5 thoughts on “IQs and Freakiness…

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  2. grace43 says:

    Honestly, I think IQ tests are bogus. Sorry. I find them culturally biased and based on a person having specific educational experiences. They cannot possibly test all areas of intelligence and are often used as a weapon to make people feel bad if they don’t get a high score.

  3. Wei says:

    We know that standarized tests tend to have a lot of cultural biases, that has been shown consistently that minorities score lower on them. Whether there can be valid conclusions to be drawn from that, it is highy questionable. However, IQ tests have good validity, the results are a true bell curve and good IQ tests address various areas of intelligence, although not perfect. I’ve taken one administered by a psychologist and although I am in the 130+ range, which is above average, I did fair on standardized tests at a level below my IQ score. A good IQ test not only tests fundamental knowledge which requires some cultural knowledge, but also speed in response, pictures, and puzzles. I was kept fairly busy for about 2-3 hrs.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Well, men’s IQ scores are typically higher (SAT as well), but what I have read is that when given unlimited time, women outscore men. I suppose that you could argue that men think faster, but women think deeper.

    Something else that I heard (like 15 years ago – so it may have been disproven by now) is that women that test in the upper 99% actually are not a successful than women in the 80% – 98%.

    I think that is because they are hyper-aware of their surroundings – and second-guess themselves.

    It would also seem that they are not given the kuddos in their developmental years for building on their intelligence.

    This is hopefully changing. My niece is a member of the Powerpuff girl generation. She grew up on cartoons that often portrayed super-girls. As a 12-year-old black belt herself, she has no interest in boys except as friends. There is hope in the world!

  5. This has nothing to do with IQ. I tried log in wordpross to post a comment but didn’t work. What are your feelings about the swine flu, will it become a pandemic?


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