IQ, Starchild Skull & 8+) & Twit(ter)

Chris mentioned that if you type 8 + ) you get that smiley face dude, but I had no reason to do that and did not. Also my computer, the new one, is still doing the crazy type thing where it blows itself up for no reason while I’m writing. This happens to the point of the type becoming so large and illegible that I have to demagnify it. It’s odd, the lights are flickering right now, the DVD turns itself on and off all night. My daughter had the worst nightmare of her life, it took almost 2 hours to calm her down. Something is going on. I remember being a little kid and having so much scary crazy psychic phenomena happen it was ridiculous. The TV would turn itself off and on all day long, the garage door would go up and down, the radio dial in the car and at home would turn itself from station to station, this was when there were big giant knobs and stuff, light bulbs would blow out all the time, I’d go to tape something (with those early giant home tape recorders) and there would be creepy voices when I played back the tape. And that was before it got really bad. I hope my kid doesn’t have to deal with that. It was terrifying! I couldn’t sleep at night, it’s a long story I’ll dole out. I didn’t think being psychic was a gift at all, just a horrible curse. I really didn’t have a choice but learn to control it or I’d be calling the Ghost Hunters from an insane asylum. Seriously, not fun. 

Wei: Thanks for the tip about the “test” regarding the Starchild Skull. It sounds interesting. 

The weather here in LA has been so insane. It was in the triple digits one day and then in the 60s the next, windy and dry to overcast and humid. It triggered the migraine problem which is why I was absent for a couple of days on the blog. I’m a human barometer. I have one other friend with this problem and when both of us get migraine symptoms we know its going to rain. Thank God I don’t live in Chicago anymore, I’d always be sick.

IQ is interesting and I have read that men score higher on those tests than women. But this could be because the male brain is structured to be able to completely focus on something to the exclusion of all other things which is why they often can’t multi-task. Women are also genius’s when it comes to picking up subtle cues on people’s faces and can read very complex emotions quickly, have more color cones in their eyes and generally have trouble with spatial relationships. Perhaps this is why women don’t score as high, the things tested for on IQ tests are generally more male brain orientated and perhaps why people with Asberger’s do well on IQ tests. They have what some scientists have called extremely male brains.

A man invented the IQ test so it has the bias of what he thought mattered in intelligence. I’m not complaining, I have always done well on those tests but I have often thought them inadequate at truly getting to the root of intelligence in a comprehensive way. And depending on how the test is structured (if it is biased toward “general knowledge,” or logic or whatever) a person’s score can vary quite a bit. Believe it or not (and this is ironic since I’m a psychic) I always score highest in logic by miles. If you just tested me on logic alone my IQ is kind of outrageous, but throw in some general knowledge about who won the world cup or something I could care less about and I will not do as well (also I missed a lot of school, I mean a lot, actually an entire year once due to health problems as a kid.) I think that the more an IQ test relies on general knowledge the less it has to do with intrinsic intellegence or the ability to discern patterns, use logic to figure out things and extrapolate answers. In my opinion those tests are culturally biased and the better educated a person is, the better their score will be. In my opinion that sort of test is not only flawed but relatively worthless in a world where a person can google anything and get an immediate answer. I read an article in Discover magazine about the mind no longer being located just in the brain, that the access to information is so prevalant a person no longer needs to store everything and memorize it thereby leaving room for the brain to process things in new ways. As we develop and evolve, we might find that memory becomes less and less important in our evaluation of intelligence as information is codified in everything around us and serves little purpose taking up space in our gray matter.  It maybe more important to utilize precious brain space with remembering where to access any and all information and how to use systems rather than memorizing the Gettysburg Address.

OK and my rant for the night. What the hell is the point of twitter? So you can read the boring things people are randomly thinking about completely out of any context? I know model/actor/producer Ashton Kutcher somehow convinced Oprah that it was AWESOME. But come on. It’s ridiculous. I don’t want to know what someone ate for lunch. I don’t want to know what someone wished they ate for lunch. Can’t we have some privacy anymore? This is the last and final blow to the mental boundary of intellectual privacy. Plus it’s just dang boring. Please? Am I just not getting it? Or is this the emperor walking down the street with no clothes on and everyone’s just taking pictures on their iPhone of his cool new outfit?

Enough of my blabbing. I’m sleep bound.

Talk to you all tomorrow and many blessings to all you good people,


Oh and someone asked about the Swine Flu. I’m a bit worried about it intellectually, but I haven’t had any psychic feeling that it was going to go hog wild. Ok, terrible pun, something my husband would do but come on with a name like Swine Flu…

IQ, Starchild Skull & 8+) & Twit(ter)

10 thoughts on “IQ, Starchild Skull & 8+) & Twit(ter)

  1. Juno says:

    My sis tried to get me to sign up to twitter a year ago since she works in the tech industry and loves everything computer-related and I felt the same way — what is the point?? If you want to try a guilty pleasure try Facebook — I caved in 4 months ago and signed up. It was fun the first few months, mostly for reconnecting to old classmates and seeing photos of their families, etc, but it can be a real time-eater. Also, it has the same Big Brother type problems — the owners of the company want/wanted to have copyright on all the stuff people were posting and I think it is still ongoing — anyone else out there know more about this?

    Oh, and I was reading Dr. Richard Boylan’s starchild info that Wei, I think, mentioned. Good tip. Interesting reading.

  2. Wei says:

    This swine flu is very worrisome, really strange on top of its quite foreign characteristics. I think it’s the first of its kind. Conspiracy theorists are having a field day, and I am almost in their camp due to the almost unheard of odds that something like this can exist in nature. I’m quite worried. If this one doesn’t wind up being a pandemic, the next one will. Just hoping we will hold together. Whatever your religious persuasion, important to pray and meditate on universal love and peace.

  3. Norah says:

    Re: Swine flu; my bullsh*t-o-meter is going off the charts on this one. Not that there aren’t legitimate cases of it, but I don’t think they came from swine, unless it was the human variety. Biological, domestic terrorism? Maybe. Nothing surprises me anymore. Nothing.

    Re: Twitter. Complete waste of time! The Dumbing Down of America continues. I admit to enjoying Facebook (I signed up with a few friends a couple of weeks ago), but tweeting 24/7? What IS the point? Apologies to any out there who enjoy it. Just not my thing, is all. Ashton needs to get a life … or, better yet, a job! I’m retired … what’s his excuse?


  4. Wei says:

    I heard somewhere that oil of oregano may be helpful as an immunity booster for viral infections. I’m not giving medical advice or that we are at that point yet, but something to keep in your arsenal in case things are a little on the crazy side. Yes, there has been some theories that in an attempt to prevent a revolution in Mexico, this was released to distract the population. Who knows. It’s not really swine flu, it is bird flu, swine flu and human influenza rolled up in one, furthermore from 3 different continents. Rare enough to get zoological transmission to humans, but rarer still to have a combination like this. Hope everyone stays well.

  5. grace43 says:

    I opened a Twitter account in the name of the bird who dominates my feeder, Crash da Cardinal. Every couple of days I go on there to update Crash’s plans on world (ie my feeder) domination. I see my Tweet is one of the intelluctal and exciting ones. I figured one of the world’s originial “tweeters” ought to get his say on there.

  6. Wei says:

    I think I am twittering on this blog, sorry for the overexposure. I just wanted to add to Juno’s comment about getting a flu shot. That would be a tough call. I don’t think I will be too quick myself to get on line. There was an incidence where contaminated vaccines were sent out. Prevention is very important, hand washing and avoiding sick people. Getting prompt medical care if symptoms are serious. I wished it were more acceptable to wear face masks, but it isn’t unless your Michael Jackson. If you catch it early, the drug company Gilead and Roche would be very happy to sell you Tamiflu, which has been effective, at least for now.

  7. hopeandaplan says:

    I think the concept of twittering promotes more narcissism in our society. Gilead who created tamiflu used to be run by our past infamous Secretary of Defense, Rumsfeld. I read this strain was a combination of swine, bird and human flu — do you know how it is to have a flu jump from one species nevermind three?? I dont think its much of a stretch to think of bio terrorism when the ex head of the Defense Department used to run a pharma/bio company… It really could be anybody, including one of the cartels down there…

  8. Sparker says:

    I just started with Twitter and I have to say it is a-ok considering I am a really bad facebook/myspace friend. If people didn’t leave messages about being pregnant, going to paris or starting a new job, I’d have no idea what would be going on in my friends’ and fellow networkers’ lives. I don’t have the energy to look over every person I know personal profile page and get it all figured out. Twitter cuts out all the bullsh*t and gets straight to the points that I may be interested in.
    As for pig flu, it seems to me that it is being exaggerated a lot by the media. However, I have no doubt that with all the energy that the media and people are putting into this, through the Law of Attraction, it very well may perpetuate more of these kinds of problems for us in the future. In a brighter light, with all the craziness in Mexico right now this flu scare will, and probably is, defusing the a lot of the political/drug-lord tensions.

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