Twit(ter) and Swine Flu

I didn’t mean to sound to cavalier about the swine flu. People have died from it. I just listened to an NPR broadcast about Mexico City shutting down all its schools until May 6 because of the outbreak. I’m glad everyone is taking this seriously, however, because they are it’s been my intuition all along that this will be contained pretty well. I have heard that it jumps species so this was part of the freak out over this particular flu. With all the trouble in Mexico I don’t see why anyone would want to vacation there for the time being anyway, so it seems they are probably more isolated than they would have been 10 years ago and this will also help contain the epidemic, although it has been found in New York, CA, Scotland and I think there was a case found in Spain. Again though every time I concentrate on it I don’t get any crazy feeling. 

Although I have been feeling there is something brewing behind the scenes and once I figure it out I’ll let everyone know. I’ve had some weird dreams and odd visions but haven’t quite figured them out yet. I get the sense that what I’m picking up is more long term, over the next 5-10 years. To me the scariest news I’ve heard in a long time was the admission by scientists that global warming is exponentially worse than any model they have come up with. There is talk that the ice caps will be gone in as little as a decade, some think even 5 years, some even sooner. I heard one scientist say that there was a chance most Antarctica would be melted by this summer but that seems a bit early, probably not by as much as we’d like to think though. We are really poised here for a serious extinction level event and it’s not even newsworthy. Sometimes things are so scary we can’t even look at them. I’m thinking I need to get more involved in the politics of global warming. If anyone knows of a good, effective organization to participate in post it on the blog.

OK, and I”m glad some people like twitter. Perhaps it works under certain conditions. Unfortunately, every time I read anyone I knows stream, it makes no sense to me. They are either talking about something completely out of context that perhaps they’ve been tweeting about for days or it’s about something extremely banal. I really hate small talk. And at least in my estimation twitter is like global small talk. But then again I live in LA so perhaps if your friends are all academics and are insanely brilliant it might be interesting. My friends are all artist/writer/comedians and actors so they have a tendency to ramble about stuff that I would get them not to talk about in a normal conversation. I have a way of deflecting boring small talk, because I have about as much tolerance for it as I do flees. But perhaps this is just my problem.

Many blessings to all you good people,


PS : The celebrities who twitter (at least the people I know who fall under that category) are actually really twittering. Why? I guess because most of them like exposure and attention. The more the better, think the character of Jenna on 30 Rock and Tracy Morgan’s character. They really are kind of typical of the actor type personality. Not that there aren’t brilliant, deep and intense actors out there, just not as many as they (the actors) would like you to believe.

Twit(ter) and Swine Flu

7 thoughts on “Twit(ter) and Swine Flu

  1. Jeff says:


    If global warming is that serious (I’m doubtful), we are not going to be able to stop it. This is why we have ice ages, etc…

    On another note… Spector switches parties, giving the dems a filibuster proof majority. “Absolute power corrupts.” Of course, he has no moral backbone. This is a calculated move only to better his chances to win his re-election (polls show he was in danger of losing the Republican primary to Toomey). My intuition tells me that we are about to witness the biggest amount of corruption (corrosion of individual freedom) in American history over the next 4 years.

    Do you really think the dems are for the common man? Bailing out Wall Street, the big banks, the UAW, etc. Come on… When the gov’t said last month that GM needed to prepare for bankruptcy filing, it was all smoke and mirrors (as was my suspician). Under the new Chrysler deal, the UAW will have 55% ownership. They will also get .40 cents on the dollar for GM bonds. The common bondholder (middle-class America), gets .10 cents on the dollar. The government gets 39% ownership. This is nothing more than a bailout of the UAW with taxpayer dollars. The way I understand it, bankruptcy would have allowed common bondholders to get 100% on the dollar. Nothing will change with GM, other than less people will buy their cars (partly because they will be mandated to make “green” cars people do not want). But that is ok… because the government will keep bailing them out with taxpayer money, continuing to reward the UAW (for their loyalty to the Democratic party). This is what you get with gov’t nationalization. That is why in history it ultimately has rarely (if ever) proven successful. We are about to see alot of this.

    Hope you’re doing well.


  2. Wei says:

    I don’t know any anti-global warming organizations, but I guess there are things each of us can do personally to reduce the carbon footprint. Obviously drive at reasonable speeds and try to string a series of trips out together, recycle, turn off lights if you’re not in the room, use energy saving devices, etc etc. There’s a lot of things all of us can do and if there’s a change in mass consciousness about this, the collective change in behavior can make a big difference. Buy from companies that make efforts to be green and boycott those that pollute. Our beautiful planet is certainly in trouble.

  3. Sally in Dallas says:

    Do you get any feelings about this virus mutating over the summer and becoming a pandemic in late summer or early fall? This was the pattern in 1918 — mild in the spring and then virulent in the fall.

    Also, there was another epidemic at the same time – the encephalitis lethargia epidemic (like the “Awakenings” movie). The initial symptoms were similar to the Swine Flu and for a long time scientists thought it was a delayed reaction to the flu. However, scientists have since found out that encephalitis lethargia is caused by a specific bacterium similar to the bacteria that causes strep throat. The swine flu epidemic lasted from 1917-1925; the encephalitis lethargia epidemic lasted from 1915-1930. Neither have returned (except for very isolated cases).

    Do you get any sense about any of this?

  4. grace43 says:

    I used to be a member of Care2 ( ) which can link you up to a lot of good programs. I have written literally dozens of letters on this topic to my elected representatives and have just decided they are deaf ears. I have written to Obama as well. For many years, I (along with many other people) wrote dozens upon dozens of letters trying to get the EPA to enforce clear air standards set forth in the Clean Air Act of 1965 on the John Amos Power Plant in Charleston, WV. John Amos was the worst polluting power plant in WV and the 7th worst in the country. It made the air in Charleston unbreathable and littered coal ash all over the Kanwaha Valley.

    Through group action, we were able to force Appalachin Power, who owns John Amos, to install scrubbers and a cleaning system that have reduced emissions by 98%. Now the only thing John Amos spews is a little almost completely steam.

    Group politicial action can work. We can only do so much as individuals to reduce emissions. Industry must reduce it’s emissions as well. No more of this carbon credit nonsense. We all live on the same plant. Everyone, everywhere must cut back, not just trade around where the pollution is coming from.

    I have been talking about global warming since I was in High School in the early 80s. Everyone thought I was a freak until now. Hopefully, it’s not too late.

  5. Jane says:

    No need to be fearful of this man made disease. Try MMS (miracle mineral).

    It kills bacteria, parasites and viruses.

    Please don’t take my word, research it in Google

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