One Of Those Weeks…

It’s been one of those nutty weeks trying to catch up and of course my baby got sick which means late nights and interrupted sleep.

I was glad to see that Arlene Specter moved away from the party of nut jobbers (now at just 20% of the country calling themselves Republican since they have successfully collapsed the big tent) and with the obvious yet pathetic (on the part of his Republican adversary) attempt at keeping Al Franken from his rightful place in the Senate, but he’ll be vindicated soon, this puts the Dems at the exact 60 seats I predicted and as I said in the prediction last October it would be a squeaker. And boy was it. I was kind of shocked at the accuracy of that prediction when Specter announced his change of party. 

And I’m going to toot my own horn here again and say that Obama has been doing an amazing job with the economy. As it turns out the stats are in that since he’s taken office the economy is in the process of doing a 180 and there are some economists who feel the recession maybe over as early as this summer. Pretty amazing. I would be cautiously optomistic about that one, but I do feel we will really truly be recovered in the next couple of years. The unemployment rate is preey outrageous here in California but then again we have a Republican robot Governator so what did we expect? My mother used to say that Republicans were known for their excellent foreign policy and Democrats for their domestic work. As it turns out Republican leadership isn’t good at either! Not this brand of crazy, neo-con nut-jobbers.

And has anyone noticed that the press (I noticed on my local Fox affiliate and have heard it a few other places as well) that President Obama is often referred to as Mr. Obama? I can’t think of any other sitting president who was referred to as Mr. Is this some weird kind of racism, just like the FOX news freak out about Obama showing respect for a foreign Saudi leader instead of holding hands and skipping toward photographers for a photo op. Sometimes I really think George W. had some kind of serious intellectual deficit. I think he may turn out to be our first and only mentally handicapped president. Actually, that’s an insult the mentally handicapped who are often amazingly kind and gifted people in other ways. George was certainly not that. Thank God he’s gone!!!!

Oye Vey! 

I will write longer posts soon when the little one is doing better.

Best wishes and many blessings to all you fine people,


One Of Those Weeks…

5 thoughts on “One Of Those Weeks…

  1. grace43 says:

    I surely hope you are right as I am hoping Obama will be able to move onto some other issues that I am concerned about. I read an assessment of his first 100 days that was negative on his tax stance because he increased taxes on cigarettes. It called this tax regressive because most smokers make less than $250,000. I’m sure if you took any 2% of the population, you would find that it did not contain 100% of the smokers.

  2. Yes. I have noticed on the financial news that many of they ‘haters’ of Obama refer to him as Mr. Obama instead of President Obama. To bad for them no matter how they put it, they can’t change the fact. Folks just need to face the reality…because he’ll be in office for 8 years.

  3. barry says:

    His policies concerning Wall Street seem to be the same as Bush’s, give them anything they want. Goldman Sach first, tax payers last.

    Your last prediction I remember reading on the stock markets was to be very fearful. It’s went up every week since. What now?

  4. Norah says:

    Hi Denise,

    Hope the baby is doing better today.

    Bush was definitely mentally challenged. He represented nepotism at its worst. What to do with a dim, arrogant, drunken, coke-headed boob who has failed at virtually everything? Hell, let’s make him President!

    Listen, given the goose-stepping tone at Fixed News, our President is lucky they refer to him as Mr. Obama. Even that must stick in their throats. Good … I hope they choke on it!

    Sorry for the venom, but I hate those people and everything they represent.

    I agree with you, Denise, that the economy – under the Obama administration – will recover. And won’t that drive the nut jobbers even nuttier?! Woohoo!

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