Answering Readers & The Great Stock Market Crashes……

From Grace:


This is a totally unrelated topic, but since you’re also a mom, I thought it might interest you, too. My family is just getting over a bad case of rotavirus. As you know, there is no vaccination or treatment for rotavirus (except for those under one year) or norovirus. These are what we commonly call stomach flus.

The only treatment for these ailments is rest and fluids. As I have sadly learned, other than IVs for rehydration and anti-nausea drugs, the medical community does very little for the sick with these illnesses, because they are considered a part of life and self limiting. Most drug companies refuse to invest in developing a cure or a vaccine, because the stomach flu is not considered fatal.

However, according to the CDC, it was the leading cause of death among the elderly in England and Wales from 2001-2006. Another source I can’t find right now, stated around 600,000 children die worldwide from stomach flu every year.

So much for it not causing death!

Only one drug company is attempting a vaccine -LigoCyte . This vaccine is currently in human trials.

My question is will we see a vaccine anytime soon for these dreadful diseases? Even if they usually do not kill, they are incredibly unpleasant and cause thousands of ER trips and hospitializations every year.

BTW, the rotavirus going around this year is especially bad. Alchol based hand santizers will not kill it. Only clorine or soap kill it. It is really awful. Use clorine based hand sanitizer. You do not want this. Trust me.


Hi Grace,

Stomach flu is horrible and is extremely dangerous to the elderly and young children. I’m sure dehydration plays a huge factor in why some people survive this and others do not. I do get the feeling that there will be a vaccine for rotavirus in the next 5-7 years. Whether it is commercially available at that time I’m not sure. The time frame maybe when the vaccine goes into the trial phase of testing. So I guess that company you mentioned might be a good place to invest if anyone is looking to get back into the financial markets. Which personally, I would wait until after next year to do, but that being said this is a common virus and if they can make a vaccine to protect people from it then I’m sure it will be very popular.


Now onto other things….


I hadn’t much thought about the economy, the housing bubble or thought about the stock market in awhile. So when I took a look at it based on a little premonition I had while talking to a client. First of all I’ve been predicting this crash as a bookend event for awhile with another major crash to come. But although there have been some big downward falls, the really big other side of this has not hit. Here’s an interesting blog that has info on all the major crash dates of the market. I’m going to put the ephemeris pages up and see if we can find some patterns here. Here’s the url where I am getting my crash dates from:


Picture 30


Picture 31

Picture 27

Picture 28

Picture 29OOk, here I’ve re-published the Dow Jones chart and the ephemeris for the start and end date of the market free fall that started the Great Depression. Also the first of this wave of hits in September 2008 and then again in Feb/March of 09 which I predicted (as did many other astrologers at this point) the Dow would again fall. I was hoping that would be the other side of the punch and it would be done but it has been my feeling since the beginning which I mentioned, that this is about a two year process. I was hoping it was going to be over by this spring and the recovery would be in starting this summer. While I have a feeling certain aspects of the economy will go that direction, I think we will see more instability. 

I’m going to let you guys look at the chart and the transits and see if any of you can come up with some patterns. I’m also going to meditate on this and continue this discussion in the next post because it’s late and I need some sleep.

Best wishes and many blessings,


Answering Readers & The Great Stock Market Crashes……

Mancow Walking the Talk…

I just wanted to say I really appreciate anyone who is willing to walk their talk. Mancow a drive time radio DJ on Chicago’s WLS radio station took up the mantel of Sean Hannity’s promise to be water boarded for charity. 

After 6 seconds he called it off and admitted it was indeed torture.

I just want to congratulate him on his courage for both going through the experience and also for being honest about his experience.

I have nothing but the greatest respect for anyone who speaks the truth from their experience, whatever it might be. In this case it took a lot of courage, and bravery to try out a torture technique to see if indeed it was torture.

Kudos to Mancow. He mentioned having heart palpitations even days after the experience. I wish him well and feel very bad that he had such an awful experience. 

He said on Keith Olbermann’s show that the 6 seconds didn’t look like a big deal, but actually he’s wrong about that. It looks absolutely terrifying and like what it is, torture. He not only had his eyes covered but also water being forced up his nose and down his mouth simultaneously while lying back. This would give you not only the sensation that you were dying, but also you had absolutely no control if you were being forced to lay back like that.

It looked very scary.

So, again thank you to him for showing this benign sounding form of torture for what it is. It sounds less scary than the old fashioned Chinese water torture which was basically having water dripped on your forehead for an extended period of time. That sounds more annoying than torturous. I think there should be a new descriptor for “water boarding,” it should be called death simulation via water drowning or something horrifying like that.

Best wishes and many blessings,


Mancow Walking the Talk…

Hi everyone…

I haven’t had time to read people’s posts for the past couple of weeks. If anyone has a question though that is universal and feels it could help others by being answered please post it and copy it into an e-mail and send it to

I have just been very busy and there are a lot of posts so, I’m sorry about that. I wanted to share some info I found on line about meditation that is non-religious and more about helping people to develop their psychic awareness. For anyone interested it is:

Best wishes and hope everyone had a great 3 day holiday,


Hi everyone…

Wedding Ceremony…

I’m not sure if I mention on my about me page that I am also a minister via the Unitarian Universalist Church which is non-denominational and accepts all spiritual paths as equal. The main goal of the Church is spiritual development of the individual and is not reliant on any one dogma or specific ideology.

That being said I have performed a number of weddings and I wanted to share what I wrote for the most recent couple for those looking at ceremonies for their own ceremonies. Please feel free to use whatever you like from it or use it as a template for your own service. This particular service was written especially for a couple who already had a child together, thus the emphasis on family and the bride felt it best to walk down the aisle by herself as she was already a mother.

(Music plays. The Bride walks down the aisle alone. Once she arrives at the podium we begin the service.)


We thank all of the family and friends who have gathered here to witness the marriage of____ and____. Together we will share their sacred passage as individuals uniting to become one family. This rite is as ancient and primal as our desire to give and receive love.  And it is our great honor to be guests and witnesses in this joyous transformation.

Marriage is a sacrament – a sacred commitment meant to teach and make us grow. It’s success is measured through good communication, emotional support, helping one another through the good and bad times, being a light for each other in the darkness and inspiring one another to be better than either person knew they were capable of being. It requires deep kindness, acceptance, compassion, and at times forgiveness of each other’s weaknesses. This is not a sacrament for the selfish or weak hearted. Marriage is not about saving one another from an emotional abyss or being a knight in shining armor. It is about partnership and it requires two brave compassionate individuals being mirrors of each other’s souls, to stand and fight together through hardship, misunderstanding and miscommunication even when the world seems to conspire against the union. Marriage requires strength of character born of humility, understanding and love. And it requires the tenacity to work through any obstacle that might interrupt the balance of the partnership.

We are born into a family. But it is only through marriage that we get the opportunity to build our own family on a foundation of spiritual and emotional kinship. A chance to perfect and blend our respective family traditions  and to start entirely new ones that fit our emotional needs.

Through the love of our partner we grow past our origins and our own roots, to learn about love between equals. It is through the great institution of marriage that we have the opportunity to be grounded and spread our wings, all at once – to love and be loved for who we are, and who we will evolve into being. Marriage gives us the chance to nurture another generation and experience the greatest spiritual lesson of all, unconditional love. But this ancient institution doesn’t just give us as individuals, couples and society stability and growth, it provides our children with a sense of security, and cohesion, giving them firm ground to stand on.

One of the gifts of marriage is its malleability. For everyone and every couple it is something different. Marriage can be whatever we need or want it to be. It is a cornucopia of possibilities we can configure anyway we want. It can give the gifts of family, nurturing, stability, grounding, love, compassion, a soft place to fall, a best friend to talk to, a lover to cuddle with at night, all of these and more – or none, if the couple wishes. It is the only institution which offers us everything our heart desires, gives us as much energy as we put into it, and is tailored by us to fit whatever needs or dreams we desire.

Some walk through the threshold of marriage with the cavalier and casual commitment of a first date, and others with the solemnity of an eternal, everlasting spiritual bond. To most, marriage is a partnership, a mirror to learn through, a chance at family, a dear one to love for as long as our life lasts and a best friend to have at the ready.

____and____ have selected this beautiful excerpt from The Alchemist to allow us to share in their vision of what love and marriage mean to them. Their good friend____ will do the reading:

“Put your selection here…”

We enter the sacred path of marriage to find deep everlasting companionship, love, and acceptance. In order to find this in another, both people must be willing to provide it for each other. We often get lost in the grind of our lives, and assume we understand one other. The most important lesson in marriage is withholding judgment, and keeping the heart open for the other’s truth. Human beings are complex and mysterious even to themselves, it’s best to always look upon each other as a great mystery to be unveiled. If a couple can do that, romance, compassion, openness and communication will come naturally and keep joy and love close at hand.

For____ and____ this day is a new beginning, a new frontier, a passage into another chapter of their lives. Today they become one family through love, choice and sacred vows. They have gone from walking two separate paths to sharing a common one. And have chosen to devote their hearts, minds and spirits to one another.

____ and____ have come together in the hope that the love which brought them to this union may go out beyond itself into the lives of others. Thus, we ask that the promise and hopes of this union be realized. May you both be granted the patience to listen, the capacity to understand, the compassion to give comfort, and the joy to laugh and to be yourselves. Let your marriage make a home, where neither person is ever lonely. Let it offer illumination and the excitement of shared discoveries. Let it be large enough to endure the difficult times. May life’s challenges bring you closer together and may you always be able to turn to each other.

____please repeat after me…

I choose you,____, to be my wife,* the mother of my children, * as my friend and love.* I will strive to give you the best of myself, * while accepting you the way you are*.  I promise to respect your interests, desires, and needs, *and to realize that those are sometimes different, * but no less important than my own. * I will let you into my innermost fears and feelings, * secrets and dreams. * I promise to grow along with you, keeping our relationship alive and exciting. *And finally, I promise to love you in good times and in bad, * with all I have to give* and all that I am* — completely and forever.

And now____ please repeat after me…

I choose you,____, to be my husband, * the father of my children, *as my friend and love. * I will strive to give you the best of myself, * while accepting you the way you are. * I promise to respect your interests, desires, and needs, * and to realize that those are sometimes different, * but no less important than my own. * I will let you into my innermost fears and feelings, *secrets and dreams. * I promise to grow along with you, keeping our relationship alive and exciting. *And finally, I promise to love you in good times and in bad, *with all I have to give *and all that I am — *completely and forever.

A circle is the symbol of sun, the earth, the universe, of wholeness, perfection, peace and of unity. Like circles, your rings have no beginning and no ending. They are symbols of the growing relationship you have come to celebrate and confirm.

As a sign of your faithfulness, place the ring on her finger and repeat after me. *I take you____* as my wife through all of the experiences life holds for us, * in faith and love.

As a sign of your faithfulness, place the ring on his finger and repeat after me. *I take you____* as my husband through all of the experiences life holds for us, *in faith and love.

May your lives be blessed with the fulfillment of all of your dreams.  And now having heard the vows you have made to each other, witnessed by your loved ones, by the power vested in me by the Unitarian Universalist Church, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Please do us the honor of sealing this sacrament with a kiss.

(you kiss each other)

I am honored to present the newlyweds, ____ and____!

(oh and the * are for pauses so the couple doesn’t get overwhelmed trying to remember the vows)

Peace and many blessings to all you fine people,


Wedding Ceremony…


I should have posted that I mentioned the Chicago as my dream landscape of all major cities. I mentioned it in several posts at the time because I had a premonition about Mumbai that was coded by way of my own experience of Chicago. It’s hard for me to tell where things are actually going to take place because of this and the Chicago chart was prompted by a dream and a bad feeling regarding a domestic terrorist attack that would be foiled in the spring.


Best Wishes,



This was supposed to post on the front page but didn’t for some reason.


Domestic Terrorism & Earthquakes…

Today there was a group of domestic terrorists who were planning to bomb an American city and also to get technology to shoot down a military aircraft. This again were Americans not foreigners, not Al Qaeda or related to them in any way. I immediately thought of the chart of Chicago and my prediction that there would be a foiled domestic terrorist attack in 2010. I believe the dudes they arrested were in New York. But I’m not sure and certainly not sure what city they planned to attack. So I copied the earlier post and am going to post a link to it so anyone who is interested can read it in its full context.

Here are some city charts for reference. As I looked at Chicago my fears for its safety were again aroused as Pluto will be making some very bad aspects in 2010 and 2013. I will go into that at a later point. I feel that it will be domestic terrorists this time, not foreign, that hit Chicago. I have a feeling there will be an attempt in 2010 but it won’t work or will be stopped but another attempt will happen in 2013, and that one could be very bad.

Here’s the link to the full post for anyone interested.                      


Sorry I haven’t had a chance to answer everyone lately. I’ve been hit by a swarm of headaches. Oh and that reminds me I mentioned a few months ago seeing a swarm of bright green lights which I always associate with earthquakes. I know a lot of SoCal residents are getting nervous. But I don’t feel that there is a major earthquake coming in the next couple of years. It will come as they always do, but we have some time before the next big one down here. I’ll let you all know if my feeling changes about that or if I start to get that vibe. I certainly have had the earthquake headaches though. Those kind don’t go away no matter what you do. It’s a migraine that there is no relief from unfortunately.

Best wishes and many blessings,


Wishing you all a happy Memorial Day weekend!

Domestic Terrorism & Earthquakes…

Some Internet Resources…

I’ve been meaning to post about these 2 very excellent websites for a long time. One is a western astrology site that will calculate your chart for free. They also give limited interpretation as well. But for those people interested in studying astrology, this is an excellent way to keep a database of friends and families charts online for free all you have to do is set up an account and you can have as many charts on their as you like. I have had to use them recently as my old computer with the astrology software died. The name of the site is astrodienst and the site address is:                                                                                                                                                                      

And for anyone interested in Chinese Astrology there is an excellent site that will tell you about the 4 pillars and give you your animal breakdown for the year, day, month and time of birth. Here is the link to the calculator for you to find out what 4 animals you are.


I noticed the hour animal is no longer calculated on this site but if you get a basic book on chinese astrology you can figure it out as the animal is always associated with the same hour, it doesn’t matter where you are born or what time of year.

All the best to you and more later…


Some Internet Resources…


I should have googled Rush’s Alma madder. I meant to and forgot as I wrote the post over several days. Rush I guess wasn’t smart enough to go to an Ivy League school went to SE Missouri. And I can’t substantiate he was rich growing up. I only heard that on MSNBC and on Real Time with Bill Maher, but I do actually have a friend who was flown on his private jet and did actually sit in his mansion on the ocean with Clarence Thomas and many others.

I know you’re like, Denise, but we thought you hated conservative people.

No. I just don’t like Rush Limbaugh. He’s an obnoxious jack ass.

For the record as long as a person is kind and decent I don’t care how they identify themselves, what their color, race, religion or political party.


Back Again to Basic Astrology

Over the next few posts I’m going to deconstruct some charts and give some tips for those who are interested in learning the art of astrology better. I will do this hopefully, as clearly as possible and also talk about transits and how they effect us and our charts. The subjects will be anonymous for their privacy. I’ll start with this chart:

Picture 18Let’s start with the basics. On the far left, the symbol that looks like a Roman number II but joined together is the symbol of Gemini. The house it rules is the first house, meaning at the time this person was born Gemini was the constellation rising in the east. The glyph that is a circle with a dot inside is the sun and this person’s sun is in Libra in the 5th house.

The house systems can be difficult to understand so I’ll break it down into very practical easy to understand mechanics. Each house represents a different time of day, always.

At the top of the chart, the culmination point or 10th house, represents, the mid-point of the day. Here’s where charts seem counter-intuitive; the sun actually rises from the east or 1st house and then goes into the 12th house, the 11th house, 10th, 9th and so on. Why the western chart was set up like this, I have no idea.

So the 12th house actually represents the period of time just after dawn for about 2 hours, the 11th house the morning and the 10th from approximately 10AM to 12 PM, the 9th house is usually from about 12-2 PM, the 8th 2-4 PM, the 7th 4-6PM, 6th 6-8 PM, 5th 8-10 PM, 4th 10PM – Midnight, 3rd Midnight – 2:00 AM, 2nd house 2-4 AM, the first house 4-6 AM. These times are approximate depending on the time of year and the exact time the sun rises that day. So if it rises at 6:11 AM then the 12th house is from about 6:11 AM – abouy 8:11 AM and the rest of the chart of course adjusts accordingly.

So an astrologer, based on the time of year, place and date of your birth should have a pretty good idea of what house your sun will fall in and a narrowed down idea of what your rising is. For example if  a client was born at 11:00 AM on February 3rd you would know immediately their sun was in the 10th house because the houses in the chart revolve around the placement of the sun. Meaning, depending on where the sun was in the sky, it will fall into a particular house, like this fake client who has sun in the 10th near the culmination point of the day. The signs or constellations in general move through a house in approximately 2 hours, hence the breakdown of the houses. The closer a person is born to the equator the more equal the houses will be, meaning each sign will move at about the same speed through the sky therefore making the houses fairly equal in size (by degree). However the closer a person is born to the north or south pole the more unequal the signs move, and they actually sort of pile up on each other causing what is known as an interception. An interception is when more than one sign occupies the same house or place in time/space at once. This creates uneven houses where some houses are very large and others small in a person’s chart. For example someone with Virgo at 0 degrees intercepted in their 2nd house will have an opposite interception on the other side at 0 degrees of the 8th house as these two houses are mirror opposites of one another in the sky or to put it simply; the 2nd house is 2-4 AM and the 8th house represents 2-4 PM. The second house occupies a parallel place below the horizon of the rising as the 8th house above the horizon of the rising.

So to get back to the fake client born 2/3 at 11:00 AM we know they have a 10th house sun and if they were born in Central America they you count backwards 2 signs and they would have an Aries rising. If however they were born far North or South it becomes a bit trickier to tell right off the bat. However if someone was born on the equator in winter, or summer or anytime of year it would always be the 2 hour interval. This is what makes astrology complex mathematically. All I can say is I’m happy to use a computer to do the calculations, it’s a million times faster. I used to do them many years ago and it was fatiguing. But it did help me understand the basic dynamics of how the stars, constellations and planets fall in a chart and see the patterns in it rather than it being a crazy bunch of glyphs that had no relation to one another. So enough super technical stuff, let’s dissect the chart a bit and I’d love it if other people would use their intuition and knowledge of astrology to point out things and explain them in the comments section. 

Even though there is no birthdate or time on the chart I posted we know immediately this is a young person because he/she has the outer planets in a configuration only seen during the 1980s. The outer planets are Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. They are generational planets. Some astrologers have argued because they move slowly and effect such large groups of people they are not relevant to individuals. I however completely disagree with this notion. People are products of the time they grow up in and are just as influenced by their peer group as they are by their families. We are complex beings. Especially when a person has an outer planet making either intense aspects or rules the sun, moon or rising, this intensifies the individuals connection to their peer group. 

Some basic explanations here readership’s are the planet that rules the constellation. So:

Mars rules Aries and the 1st house

Venus rules both Libra and Taurus and the 2nd and 7th houses

Mercury rules Gemini, Virgo and the 3rd and 6th house

Moon rules Cancer and the 4th house

Sun rules Leo and the 5th house

Pluto rules Scorpio and the 8th house

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and the 9th house

Saturn rules Capricorn and the 10th house

Uranus rules Aquarius and the 11th house

Neptune rules Pisces and the 12th house

This means that the 12th house has Piscean qualities and so does Neptune, same with all the other associations given above.

So back to the chart above we see a strong grouping of planets in this persons 5th and 6th house. This means these areas of his/her life will be more emphasized in this person’s chart then in most. This person needs a creative outlet as the 5th house rules Leo things like children, hobbies, creativity, the arts, drama, acting, theater, performing and gambling. The 6th house is more practical and has Virgo elements in common such as: service, a person’s job, health, health care, nutrition. With Mercury and Venus in the 6th house (Mercury is the natural ruler of this house although in this person’s chart Pluto rules it as Scorpio is on the cusp) making a trine or positive aspect (approximately 120 degrees apart makes a trine) this person has good communication with their mother who is likely to be from a foreign land (not born in the same country as the child) and with Venus conjunct Mercury in Scorpio also included in this trine to the Moon Jupiter conjunction, this person is likely to be very intuitive, perhaps psychic especially in relationships with women and their mother. This person is likely to be highly sensitive to his/he environment and this sensitivity because it is in the 6th house can lead to health problems. Ok, I’m going to go more into this tomorrow, it’s getting really late and this is going to take awhile to explain…

Best wishes and many blessings to all you kind souls,


Back Again to Basic Astrology

Age Of Aquarius

I find it interesting that the fabric of the right has unraveled to reveal the mummies they are. The current spokesman Rush Limbaugh – a man who has to fake girlfriends because he is so reviled by the opposite sex. A man who claims to be of the people, spewing venom at the supposed “elite,” yet he is perhaps in the highest echelon of the elite. He not only makes a reported 400 million dollars a year, lives in a palace, has a private jet, grew up in a rich family and went to one of those “elite” Ivy League colleges, he hangs out with the most wealthy and powerful people in the Republican party. He doesn’t sound much like Joe the plumber. Yet he has managed with his forked tongue to manipulate the ignorant masses who somehow believe he gets where they are coming from.

No. He’s a manipulative douche bag who taps into the xenophobia, homophobia and racism of isolated people who are mostly uneducated and frightened by the things they see on TV. It’s not that these people are bad or stupid, it’s just they long for some Mayberry past that never existed, and romanticize/glamorous the wealthy as if they are demigods who have no problems and somehow deserve their special place and privilege.

Does anyone actually believe that Rush Limbaugh works harder than any other person owning their own business? Of course he doesn’t. Even if he did nothing but work eighteen hours a day 7 days a week is his contribution to our world worth $400,000,000 dollars a year? Uhm, let’s see. Big NO. His “contribution” isn’t worth 2 cents. He’s an agent of his own agenda seeking to brainwash the masses into what FDR called a “royalist” mindset or what I call a “feudal” one. I suppose he gets the big bucks because he’s pretty good at confusing the average person into thinking he’s actually doing them a favor. The everyday people who listen to Limbaugh want there to be strict black and white rules about everything and desire easy answers so they might avoid the messy truth and the difficult work of introspection, compassion and wisdom. But the problem with the Universe is it is complex, multi-layered, morally complicated and requires constant introspection for true growth to occur.

Leading and following seem to be built into the primitive part of our brains (the monkey part where Alpha and Omega primate pecking order live) which is why the 60s movement promoting the questioning of authority and individuality wasn’t as much of a success as it should have been. It’s also why Christ, who came along to teach the Jews they had the wrong idea about God, to teach God was loving, compassionate and didn’t want human beings to judging each other, was misconstrued into a strange uncomfortable mix between the old and new testament God which makes so little sense anymore it borders on absurd.

Until we can act like rational evolved beings we will have war, poverty, ignorance, greed and prejudice.

In the new era we are facing, only those who can weigh information and take leaps in their thought processes will be able to survive the changes we are about to encounter. Following won’t do. We are as the old 60s song said, “at the dawning of the age of Aquarius,” and it will be imperative to our personal survival to understand the bigger picture, how we personally fit in and how we can change things for the better. 

Best wishes and many blessings to all you good kind evolved souls,


Age Of Aquarius