In the previous post about Global Warming I meant the Arctic not Antarctica. I think I wrote Antarctica because it’s been on my mind. As the polar ice caps melt, it is the melting over the Arctic and Greenland that will cause the dramatic shift in the global shoreline. But the issue of Antarctica isn’t discussed much. From what I’ve read there have been huge changes in the ice down there. I suppose Antarctica is also more difficult to study because there is no land base which will ultimately make it more and more dangerous to observe if things keep escalating at the exponential rate they have been, far beyond scientists wildest expectations.

In the late 1980s throughout the 1990s I kept having dreams and visions of a post-apocolyptic world which is what inspired Americhrist. In the dreams there was a small group of people who had survived and they lived in a rain forest, under the canopy but on a system of platforms. It was pretty much the opposite vision given by the Mad Max films. I never got much from the visions except that the people were OK, peaceful and waiting things out. I wasn’t sure if I should be re-assured by these visions or terrified as it was my feeling that this was the only pocket of human life left on earth for perhaps thousands of years before the earth healed and we started spreading out again.

So when an article came out in US News about what was still supposed to be just a theory of Global Warming, in the late 1990s (according to the media) I felt impelled to write the book because I knew George W. (oil man) was going to win despite every ounce of logic that would have dictated the opposite. I wanted desperately for this not to be true, ran God knows how many charts and what I always came to was George W. would ultimately win the office but that Al Gore would actually win the election. This made no sense to me. But I thought back to our electoral college and thought perhaps Gore would win the popular vote and Bush the electoral, which of course would determine who took office.

But it looked weirder than that and it felt like there was going to be some serious malfeasance, perhaps even a sort of coo. It was too much and it really started making me irrationally angry. I knew the Neocons would find a way around the system by infiltrating it and we would come as close to losing our Democracy as anyone in the last hundred years has. Since Reagan I felt this brewing. I think a lot of people did and many of us had lost such hope in our system we didn’t actually believe this time around Obama could win because our Democracy was broken.

I point this out now because it’s like a half-remembered dream. And the only way to insure our great Democracy is to keep our voices as loud, clear and reasoned as we can above the din of the small crazy minority of self-centered, hypocritical blow hards who take up too much band with on TV and Radio with their nonsense. There are some major issues coming up that we have to participate in like Global Warming and Universal Health-care. We can’t afford to be complacent ever again.

The last 30 years has shown us what apathy can do. It is a disease that erodes the moral fabric of a country. We can no longer say, “that could never happen here,” we have seen first hand that it does and will again if we don’t keep the psychopaths and greedy thieves (or as some call them Neocons strategists and captains of industry) in their place with laws, you know the “rule of law,” they all kept going on about when the Supreme Court handed them the presidency back in 2000 until of course that “rule of law” meant they had to pay their fair share of taxes or not torture people or disallowed listening in on private Americans’ phone calls or gave women choice and control of their bodies or, you know, any law they didn’t like. Let’s not forget how horrible the previous 8 years were. And lets all thank goodness that we have the chance now to set our country back on track.

Don’t forget to keep your voices heard.

I have no idea what inspired that but maybe it will make sense in the next week or so.

Best wishes and many blessings to all you good, kind people,

P.S. And I think we are seeing the death rattle of the Republican Party unless they do a doughnut and spin a 180 out of their ideological parking lot. Otherwise I predict a 3rd party will rise up and squash them. They’ll go the way of the Whigs.