I’m Surprised…

I’m surprised no one commented on my rather scathing freak out about the right wing wanting to take away a woman’s right to her own body. I wanted to address a couple of things in regard to this. Firstly, this issue is far too complex for any government or religion to monitor or decide. And I will say that abortion is not a new invention of modern science, there are abortive herbs that have been used in all cultures from ancient times until now. Often when they failed the baby was left on a mountaintop to starve to death or be eaten by animals. 

I have very strong emotions about this issue because I feel that we are very complex creatures who have divinity within us. We are not just a collection of bones, hands, feet, brains. We are more than our biology and women are more than vessels for men to put their seed into and sprout another generation of people. Our world is overcrowded. 2ooo years ago there were 10,000,000 people who lived on this planet. Now there are 6,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo and counting. We can barely give the children and babies who are already here a chance at a decent life, a clean healthy planet and a chance for a future. And the right wingers not only want to dictate the womb of other human beings and force people to jeopardize their health for the sake of an ideology that has shifted and changed (morally) throughout our history but they want to pretend to know the will of God. 

I love children and babies which is why I don’t believe they should be treated like objects, abused or maltreated. It is not fair for an innocent human being to come into this world with the anger and hatred of their mother who didn’t want them. This is the worst thing anyone could do to another human being. It is evil to the child, forget the mother. People who believe we are just a mass of cells should look at the divinity of all things and realize if God/Goddess/Great Spirit/Universe gave us the knowledge and ability to understand and control the flow of humans entering the planet, perhaps it was for a reason. Perhaps it was because we are at the top of the food chain and we need to excercise restraint as overpopulation is causing millions to be born only to starve to death. What kind of life is that? And people ask the question how could God let that happen? God doesn’t let that happen, we as thinking human beings, given the great gift of our intellect have let that happen by not using our intellectual resources to solve these problems and we (often through traditional religious teachings) have hardened our hearts to other people’s suffering. There are all kinds of ways to rationalize the pain of others. I’ve noticed that we have a culture of blaming the victim. Well, sometimes there are victims and there are abusers. And it is that black and white. In the case of children it is that simple.

No one who has hatred in their heart for their own child, or is under tremendous duress at the thought of having a child should have one. Having children is a blessing. It should never be a curse. And anyone who wishes to make it so truly makes me so angry that I don’t even have words to describe my feelings. Abortion is a heavy issue. It is a personal one. I would never want to have to make that decision. I’ve lived in fear of it all my life. I personally couldn’t do it. But some people are forced into this decision by other people, by circumstances or by pure accident despite every precaution they have taken. 

Honestly, I ask these question: Is it better to be born into a life of poverty, hatred, abuse, and neglect? Does anyone believe that the soul of a human being is created at inception? Or is the soul created by a higher force? Or is the soul created at all? Perhaps it is a part of God that is and always has been. 

Only in the case of a person believing that the soul of a human being comes from the fertilization of an egg, could the argument be made that a fetus or zygote is murdered via abortion. If one believes the soul is eternal than two things follow: 1) The soul of the aborted fetus will find another body to incarnate in if that soul needs to be here on earth. 2) Manifestation of the soul can not truly happen until the baby takes its first breath and attains individuation, taking it out of the all inclusive biological system of the mother.

When I got pregnant, I knew something was different in my body. I noticed strange changes, like time seemed to be slowing down, my eyesight changed. And I got a visit from my father on the other side. He brought me a beautiful little girl around the age of 7 or 8. She had my eyes but looked a lot like her cousins (on my husband’s side). She was laughing and running in between his legs, playing hide and seek. That’s when I took the pregnancy test and it came up positive. So far she is everything he showed me. Just like when the white light comes to get you at death and the spirits of your relatives are there for the transition, so it turns out you are brought to this world by a guardian as well. In my daughter’s case her grandfather. So the idea you are born and die alone is absolute falacy. My daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me. And I look at her innocent and sweet face and think of all the children who don’t have people to love them and it breaks my heart to pieces. This is the worst human travesty there is. It leads to antisocial behavior and serious psychological problems that a person can never get over. And this is the curse the right wants to put on our children. It is despicable. Everyone deserves a chance to be their best self and to be loved unconditionally by their parents.

I have nothing but anger at the right for this agenda as if having children were the punishment for being a Jezebel. They clearly do not value life or children at all.

Best wishes and many blessings to all you good people,


I’m Surprised…

10 thoughts on “I’m Surprised…

  1. grace43 says:

    Isn’t it interesting how many people who are such strong supporters of the unborn have such little regard for the born. It is a sin to end an unwanted pregnancy, but perfectly okay to have unnecessary wars and kill people daily through the death penalty when it has been shown over and over that up to 25% of death row inmates are innocent of any crime?

  2. sally ann says:

    I was going to leave a comment about your initial response to the right wing nutcase, but it’s spring and gardening had me pressed for time. I thought it was an eloquent and fiery defense of a woman’s right to choose. These people trying to dominate a woman by trying to deny her control over her own body is just a little bit creepy.
    As for when the soul enters the body, my readings tell me it depends on the soul. If the soul-to-be-born is very attached to the mother and to the idea of coming into the world again, I think it can pair up with the new physical organism at conception. But a tentative soul-to-be-born might hold off entering its new body for a few months, even until birth.

  3. Norah says:

    Whenever we pass the women’s health clinic in town, the abortion protesters are almost all old men. Old. Men. What the hell are they even doing there? It’s not a right-to-life issue with them; it’s a women-don’t-have-rights issue. If men were the ones conceiving, there would be abortion clinics on every corner and it would be a non-issue!

    I personally tried for years to have children, unsuccesfully. Even with an unplanned pregnancy, I wouldn’t go the abortion route myself. But I’ll defend another woman’s right to make that choice. Some of my friends did and, interestingly enough, they were all urged to do so by the men in their lives.

    Why don’t the old men with the protest signs track down the dillholes who shot their wads and took off with satisfied smiles on their faces, leaving the women with the “problem”? Oh, right … because they’re men! Really, this is just blatant misogynism on their part.

    Seriously, Denise, we need free “spay ‘n neuter” clinics where we can drop these guys off and have their hoses clamped so they can’t do any more damage. Too many stupid men in this world already!

    End of rant.

  4. I personally do not believe that we as a human race have reached a point where we have a common level of understanding on the preciousness and gift of life (human and non human). Hopefully evolution will take us there sometime

  5. student says:

    Is abortion acceptable for all those not getting the “chance to be their best self and to be loved unconditionally by their parents” now and in the future?

  6. Sally in Dallas says:

    I have very mixed emotions about abortion. It’s not a white-and-black issue. There are so many variables — how can one woman’s choice be right for another woman?

    For example, should a woman who has been raped be forced to bear the child? On the other hand, should a woman who wants her unborn child but who has no prospects for a job or a marriage be forced into having an abortion just because of lack of money? Or, maybe worse, forced to give her child up for adoption because of lack of money?

    It’s true that there are many more people on earth than we can currently care for, but does that mean that if we didn’t rearrange our priorities we wouldn’t be able to care for everyone?

    My answer would be that every woman should have the right to choose — but that means a real choice, not one foisted upon her by society. That means that if a woman is unmarried and has no money but wants to keep her baby, then there should be some way that she can do so. It also means that if a woman doesn’t want to have her baby but has no money she should have available to her the means to terminate the pregnancy.

    You know, I’m reminded of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and eating the fruit of the forbidden tree — knowledge. The more we know, the more complicated life becomes. I have friends who are pregnant now and the amazing advances in ultrasound give them true “pictures” of their babies in their wombs. These pictures show that even at 9 weeks in gestation the fetus has toes and fingers, even fingernails. This 9-week-old fetus can have hair. It’s not just a “blob of tissue.” Neither is it a viable human being. If we are going to educate children about condoms in sex education classes in school, then we also need to educate them about what is really going on in the womb. Many women who would just choose abortion might change their minds after seeing an ultrasound of their babies.

    What is the answer? There’s not one right answer for anyone. But certainly a step in the right direction would be improved pregnancy tests so that a woman would know within a few days whether or not she was pregnant. Better and more available “morning after” pills so that a fetus would not develop during that first 72 hours. We need real sex education in classes — if not for the boys, then at least for the girls. They need to know what causes pregnancy, how to prevent it, and, most important, how to find out if they are pregnant.

    I agree that herbs have been used for millenia to end pregnancies, but I doubt very seriously if such herbs/medicines were used on a widespread basis after the first couple of months. So maybe the answer is to just perfect the “morning after” pill so that it works not just for the first 48-72 hours, but for up to 4 weeks.

    After what I’ve seen from my pregnant friends, I’m beginning to change my mind and see an 8-week-old fetus as a human being, and I’m beginning to think that abortion after these first few crucial weeks might indeed be murder. That’s just my opinion.

  7. hopeandaplan says:

    I think just like we are made up of different races, cultures, and individual life paths – I think every person has the distinct right to their belief. And while I understand your arguement is that every woman should have the right to choose and I agree; I feel like there is an element of judgement for those who may believe differently. My personal beliefs evolve and change all of the time. I think you and everyone hear are seekers we read human history, analyze current events, explore different spiritual and religious expressions, and witness medical amd scientific advances that radically change our perception of reality. What appeared right one day can be wrong the next. I think the one thing that has to be acknowledged is that when life begins or when the soul enters is a profoundly emotionally internalized experience and while you are psychic and are privvy to your intense emotional experiences, like your Dad’s visit, not everyone has that kind of personal definitive proof. Your pov is based on your psychic and spiritual outlook which is not scientific, so I respectfully disagree and feel, from what I can ascertain, that is is unfair to penalize others who dont share your gifted insights. Not everyone gets things the same, that’s what gives us choice, fate, even our democratic government is a frustrating exercise in opposite povs. blah blah blah, I know everyone gets what I mean. Thanks

  8. Juno says:

    To add to what Sally Ann wrote, the old- style Catholic (pre Papal Infallability, roughly pre-1900’s) teachings used to be that ensoulment did not occur in a woman’s womb until The Quickening, when you can start to feel the baby move. The Church adopted its current position on abortion in only the 20th century.

  9. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    I agree with you one hundred per cent. To deny a woman an abortion who needs one is inhuman. I also believe that the catholic teaching on birth control is patently absurd and one of the chief reasons why our poor planet is so overcrowded. A catholic woman in Britain had several severely disabled children and when she was asked why she kept on having them replied that she was following the pope’s teaching on birth control.

    Best wishes from Simon

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