Age Of Aquarius

I find it interesting that the fabric of the right has unraveled to reveal the mummies they are. The current spokesman Rush Limbaugh – a man who has to fake girlfriends because he is so reviled by the opposite sex. A man who claims to be of the people, spewing venom at the supposed “elite,” yet he is perhaps in the highest echelon of the elite. He not only makes a reported 400 million dollars a year, lives in a palace, has a private jet, grew up in a rich family and went to one of those “elite” Ivy League colleges, he hangs out with the most wealthy and powerful people in the Republican party. He doesn’t sound much like Joe the plumber. Yet he has managed with his forked tongue to manipulate the ignorant masses who somehow believe he gets where they are coming from.

No. He’s a manipulative douche bag who taps into the xenophobia, homophobia and racism of isolated people who are mostly uneducated and frightened by the things they see on TV. It’s not that these people are bad or stupid, it’s just they long for some Mayberry past that never existed, and romanticize/glamorous the wealthy as if they are demigods who have no problems and somehow deserve their special place and privilege.

Does anyone actually believe that Rush Limbaugh works harder than any other person owning their own business? Of course he doesn’t. Even if he did nothing but work eighteen hours a day 7 days a week is his contribution to our world worth $400,000,000 dollars a year? Uhm, let’s see. Big NO. His “contribution” isn’t worth 2 cents. He’s an agent of his own agenda seeking to brainwash the masses into what FDR called a “royalist” mindset or what I call a “feudal” one. I suppose he gets the big bucks because he’s pretty good at confusing the average person into thinking he’s actually doing them a favor. The everyday people who listen to Limbaugh want there to be strict black and white rules about everything and desire easy answers so they might avoid the messy truth and the difficult work of introspection, compassion and wisdom. But the problem with the Universe is it is complex, multi-layered, morally complicated and requires constant introspection for true growth to occur.

Leading and following seem to be built into the primitive part of our brains (the monkey part where Alpha and Omega primate pecking order live) which is why the 60s movement promoting the questioning of authority and individuality wasn’t as much of a success as it should have been. It’s also why Christ, who came along to teach the Jews they had the wrong idea about God, to teach God was loving, compassionate and didn’t want human beings to judging each other, was misconstrued into a strange uncomfortable mix between the old and new testament God which makes so little sense anymore it borders on absurd.

Until we can act like rational evolved beings we will have war, poverty, ignorance, greed and prejudice.

In the new era we are facing, only those who can weigh information and take leaps in their thought processes will be able to survive the changes we are about to encounter. Following won’t do. We are as the old 60s song said, “at the dawning of the age of Aquarius,” and it will be imperative to our personal survival to understand the bigger picture, how we personally fit in and how we can change things for the better. 

Best wishes and many blessings to all you good kind evolved souls,


Age Of Aquarius

5 thoughts on “Age Of Aquarius

  1. sally ann says:

    Those to whom much is given, much is expected. Mr. Limbaugh has access to the airwaves and reaches millions of people, but his message is one of hate, intolerance and deception. That all adds up to a lot of karma, or balancing out, that Mr. Limbaugh will of necessity eventually experience . Of course, those who listen are responsible for choosing to do so and we would all be well-advised to not subject outselves to hate-talk, no matter how slickly it is presented.

  2. This guy’s existence must be a miserable one, day by day. I can only imagine what the inside of his medicine cabinet and the inside of his refrigerator must look like. They probably summ up his whole persona. Yikes!!
    He lives his Karma daily. But still it will be interesting to know what will dethrone this king.

  3. Norah says:

    Rush Boombox …. ugh. Mr. Dittohead himself. As you pointed out, Denise, he preys on the uneducated and the terrified, and people either too lazy or too unsophisticated to think for themselves. I live in Bubbaville and am surrounded by these people, which is why I spend a good deal of the time on the internet because that’s where I find my like-minded friends.

    But sometimes these folks eventually look past the dark and see the light (ok, not often; but sometimes!). My own husband was a real black-or-white, blue collar kind of guy until I got into his head, but he still has his lapses, i.e. “This isn’t a white country anymore!” Uhhhh, dude … you mean the country that was populated by the red and the brown until the white came in and ran them off or gave them diseases or found other creative ways to destroy them, and then enslaved the black and the yellow and turned their back even on their own (the Irish, say) … THOSE white people?” And he gets that sheepish look and grins. He went from being totally apolitical to voting for Obama and joining me in a happy dance to celebrate his win.

    So love must be the key! Which is why the right-wingers will continue to fail. Feeding off hate will only leave a bitter taste.

  4. Jack Denny says:

    Sorry, but your dislike of the guy is coloring your commentary. He attended SE Missouri State but never graduated; hardly an “Ivy League” school. I have never seen info that he comes from a “rich” family whatever that should be. It just seems to me that you dislike him so much that you are making up a vision in your mind of him as being everything you despise. A simple Wikipedia or Google search will get factual info for you. FYI I don’t like him either, but I refuse to make up false info about him to denigrate him and his views. That would be to adopt some of his methods which I dislike intensely.

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