I should have googled Rush’s Alma madder. I meant to and forgot as I wrote the post over several days. Rush I guess wasn’t smart enough to go to an Ivy League school went to SE Missouri. And I can’t substantiate he was rich growing up. I only heard that on MSNBC and on Real Time with Bill Maher, but I do actually have a friend who was flown on his private jet and did actually sit in his mansion on the ocean with Clarence Thomas and many others.

I know you’re like, Denise, but we thought you hated conservative people.

No. I just don’t like Rush Limbaugh. He’s an obnoxious jack ass.

For the record as long as a person is kind and decent I don’t care how they identify themselves, what their color, race, religion or political party.


One thought on “Correction…

  1. Alice Bronstein says:

    When you say Alma madder, you really mean Alma Mater, right? I ask because Alma madder doesn’t exist!…

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