Some Internet Resources…

I’ve been meaning to post about these 2 very excellent websites for a long time. One is a western astrology site that will calculate your chart for free. They also give limited interpretation as well. But for those people interested in studying astrology, this is an excellent way to keep a database of friends and families charts online for free all you have to do is set up an account and you can have as many charts on their as you like. I have had to use them recently as my old computer with the astrology software died. The name of the site is astrodienst and the site address is:                                                                                                                                                                      

And for anyone interested in Chinese Astrology there is an excellent site that will tell you about the 4 pillars and give you your animal breakdown for the year, day, month and time of birth. Here is the link to the calculator for you to find out what 4 animals you are.


I noticed the hour animal is no longer calculated on this site but if you get a basic book on chinese astrology you can figure it out as the animal is always associated with the same hour, it doesn’t matter where you are born or what time of year.

All the best to you and more later…


Some Internet Resources…

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    Hey Denise,
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