Domestic Terrorism & Earthquakes…

Today there was a group of domestic terrorists who were planning to bomb an American city and also to get technology to shoot down a military aircraft. This again were Americans not foreigners, not Al Qaeda or related to them in any way. I immediately thought of the chart of Chicago and my prediction that there would be a foiled domestic terrorist attack in 2010. I believe the dudes they arrested were in New York. But I’m not sure and certainly not sure what city they planned to attack. So I copied the earlier post and am going to post a link to it so anyone who is interested can read it in its full context.

Here are some city charts for reference. As I looked at Chicago my fears for its safety were again aroused as Pluto will be making some very bad aspects in 2010 and 2013. I will go into that at a later point. I feel that it will be domestic terrorists this time, not foreign, that hit Chicago. I have a feeling there will be an attempt in 2010 but it won’t work or will be stopped but another attempt will happen in 2013, and that one could be very bad.

Here’s the link to the full post for anyone interested.                      


Sorry I haven’t had a chance to answer everyone lately. I’ve been hit by a swarm of headaches. Oh and that reminds me I mentioned a few months ago seeing a swarm of bright green lights which I always associate with earthquakes. I know a lot of SoCal residents are getting nervous. But I don’t feel that there is a major earthquake coming in the next couple of years. It will come as they always do, but we have some time before the next big one down here. I’ll let you all know if my feeling changes about that or if I start to get that vibe. I certainly have had the earthquake headaches though. Those kind don’t go away no matter what you do. It’s a migraine that there is no relief from unfortunately.

Best wishes and many blessings,


Wishing you all a happy Memorial Day weekend!

Domestic Terrorism & Earthquakes…

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