Mancow Walking the Talk…

I just wanted to say I really appreciate anyone who is willing to walk their talk. Mancow a drive time radio DJ on Chicago’s WLS radio station took up the mantel of Sean Hannity’s promise to be water boarded for charity. 

After 6 seconds he called it off and admitted it was indeed torture.

I just want to congratulate him on his courage for both going through the experience and also for being honest about his experience.

I have nothing but the greatest respect for anyone who speaks the truth from their experience, whatever it might be. In this case it took a lot of courage, and bravery to try out a torture technique to see if indeed it was torture.

Kudos to Mancow. He mentioned having heart palpitations even days after the experience. I wish him well and feel very bad that he had such an awful experience. 

He said on Keith Olbermann’s show that the 6 seconds didn’t look like a big deal, but actually he’s wrong about that. It looks absolutely terrifying and like what it is, torture. He not only had his eyes covered but also water being forced up his nose and down his mouth simultaneously while lying back. This would give you not only the sensation that you were dying, but also you had absolutely no control if you were being forced to lay back like that.

It looked very scary.

So, again thank you to him for showing this benign sounding form of torture for what it is. It sounds less scary than the old fashioned Chinese water torture which was basically having water dripped on your forehead for an extended period of time. That sounds more annoying than torturous. I think there should be a new descriptor for “water boarding,” it should be called death simulation via water drowning or something horrifying like that.

Best wishes and many blessings,


Mancow Walking the Talk…

2 thoughts on “Mancow Walking the Talk…

  1. grace43 says:

    This is a totally unrelated topic, but since you’re also a mom, I thought it might interest you, too. My family is just getting over a bad case of rotavirus. As you know, there is no vaccination or treatment for rotavirus (except for those under one year) or norovirus. These are what we commonly call stomach flus.

    The only treatment for these ailments is rest and fluids. As I have sadly learned, other than IVs for rehydration and anti-nausea drugs, the medical community does very little for the sick with these illnesses, because they are considered a part of life and self limiting. Most drug companies refuse to invest in developing a cure or a vaccine, because the stomach flu is not considered fatal.

    However, according to the CDC, it was the leading cause of death among the elderly in England and Wales from 2001-2006. Another source I can’t find right now, stated around 600,000 children die worldwide from stomach flu every year.

    So much for it not causing death!

    Only one drug company is attempting a vaccine -LigoCyte . This vaccine is currently in human trials.

    My question is will we see a vaccine anytime soon for these dreadful diseases? Even if they usually do not kill, they are incredibly unpleasant and cause thousands of ER trips and hospitializations every year.

    BTW, the rotavirus going around this year is especially bad. Alchol based hand santizers will not kill it. Only clorine or soap kill it. It is really awful. Use clorine based hand sanitizer. You do not want this. Trust me.

  2. Hi Denise,

    I want to know about the future of Monstano from an astrology point of view. I asked the yahoo group, political astrology for the corporation data for this company. Here is the information I got (most easily understood from reading from the bottom up).

    Thank you,


    Hi friends, I’m sure this will muddy the clarity of data. But at the same time Monsanto is fiddling with the genetic pool its been complicating the legal (and astrological) traces too.

    Please read here, page 3, sections 3.1 and 3.2 with recent data in the EPA’s ‘findings of fact’ regarding the corporation referred to as Monsanto:

    Click to access Order_3_18_04.PDF

    You can also check this page, scroll down for the websites “for those who like to play Devil’s Advocate”:

    ~ I imagine that like the genetic tampering, the astrological effects of the former, original, corporations might be only somewhat in evidence in these later engineered ‘sanctuary’ corporations.

    Sincerely, Sherri

    — In, “psyclesunending” wrote:
    > Thanks, Martin. I get that you’re talking about the Apr 19 1933 date. What’s the source of that data?
    > Brian

    > — In, martin wrote:
    > >
    > > Hi Brian
    > > for the second chart I have Georgetown Delaware at 8 am – it was
    > > Monsanto’s reincorporation date and time – there was a minor name change
    > > as well to Monsanto Chemical Company.
    > > Martin
    > >

    > > psyclesunending wrote:
    > > > This is the data that’s been posted to this list:
    > > >
    > > > Monsanto
    > > > 29 Nov 1901
    > > > St Louis, MO
    > > > no time
    > > > from Eric Francis on Planetwaves who has written a very interesting article on this MNC.
    > > >
    > > > Monsanto
    > > > 19 April 1933
    > > > St Louis, MO
    > > > no time
    > > > Kepler Database

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