The Flu & Sacred Contracts

I’m sorry. I came down with a terrible flu, had a 104 fever last night and am still  sick. But I wanted to know if any of you out there read the book Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss? I bought it a while ago and never really read it just sort of skimmed it but decided recently since my daughter kept pulling it out of the bookshelf, to give it a read.

Originally I think I lost interest because it seemed too pat, sort of like The Secret. I’m not a big believer in anything that boils down the whole of the universe into simple answers like “all you have to do is visualize it.” It’s not true. If it were true we would have world peace, no hunger, no disease and everyone would be a billionaire genius. Visualization does help but it’s not a panacea as suggested by that book/DVD. This is sort of the problem I have with pretty much all New Age stuff. It takes ancient esoteric philosophy and dumbs it down in order to sell it to the masses like a medicine show.

But anyway back to the Myss book. The idea that we basically co-create our life and work out ways to interact on this plane with those we have karma with isn’t Myss’ idea, it has roots in older Western esoteric tradition but none the less it’s always good for people to understand how much power they have and help them to realize it. I thought this was the basic premise of the book and I’m sure was Myss’ intention. However she seems to make gigantic leaps in logic which she doesn’t bother to explain like the 4 primal archetypes of Child, Victim, Saboteur, and Prostitute. I’m sure we do have primal archetypes and individual ones as she states. She claims she bases this on Jung’s work which I’m sure has truth to it, but here’s what I don’t get. I don’t get that we all would have the victim and the prostitute as archetypes. I can understand the child since we all are children at one point and that is a stage in our development. And the saboteur, as there are usually family dynamics that cultivate competition and often losing is a way of winning. But the prostitute? OK, maybe but I want some kind of logical explanation for that. Is it because this is the “oldest profession,” maybe, I did see monkeys (literally) engaging in a form of prostitution in Bali. A female wanted some of the male’s banana and let him bonk her for it. So perhaps we are hardwired to have this in us? I could buy it but at least give me some kind of rational reason because I feel that this book is full of these giant leaps that may or may not be true. It’s just as reasonable to assume these theories are based on her own personal experience and could be projections of experiences she’s noticed which is entirely legitimate but it wouldn’t necessarily account for a universal archetype.

So I’m still reading this book and my question to all of you out there who have read it: Did any of you feel as I did that it seemed at times to reflect some sort of personal issues that she assumed were univesal? And at other times painted things with such a broad brush that it defied usefulness? And then at other times when it came to understanding the other archetypes did a very poor job of explaining them? And why are there 4 universal ones and 8 personal ones. That seems rather arbitrary. Maybe some people have 16 personal ones and some 5. Again no real explanation for how she arrived at these epiphanies.

I have to go back to bed. Don’t get this flu. It really sucks!

Many blessings,


The Flu & Sacred Contracts

4 thoughts on “The Flu & Sacred Contracts

  1. Jennifer says:

    Well, Denise, I agree with you again. I also have this book and could only read a portion of it for exactly the same reason.

    We are all so individually hardwired by our own childhoods that many of these “archetypes” just aren’t in our brains. I suppose this is where I disagree with Jung. I don’t think that there is a collective consciousness as strong as Myss and Jung have proposed.

    Or, how about this? Maybe there are two separate collective consciousnesses. And maybe that is the reason that people like us simply don’t understand the seemingly missing spirituality of what appears to be the majority of Americans today.

    Possibly, the people that are on what seems to us a less spiritual path, have more archetypes or less than us.

    Maybe these people have an archetype that favors the propagation of their own race, especially their own offspring at all costs – similar to other, less evolved beings that we share the earth with. Maybe they cannot understand the idea of our “tending” the planet, as they cannot get past the concept of their main purpose being to propagate. And anyone: homosexuals, pro-choice advocates, anti-gun legislators, birth control enthusiasts. etc. that could possibly get in the way of their or their children producing offspring are considered “evil” in their eyes. This is the survival of the fittest.

    And maybe some of us have another archetype (maybe a God or Mother Earth archetype) that favors the love of all species and the planet above all else. I must admit that there are times that I could see that the earth could be better off with the human race. But then, I love feeling nature and talking with my spirit guides (angels, arch angels, power animals, spirit guides, healing angels, healers of the universe, the Universe, Nature or Mother Earth, God, Jesus) so much that I know that we have a wonderful place on this earth. We are here for an important reason that is probably so vast that we couldn’t begin to comprehend it.

    Well, maybe this is the dilemma. Maybe this is the question of our times. Maybe some of us are missing or have extra archetypes.

    Thanks for your post, Denise!


  2. Melissa says:

    I haven’t read the book you’re reading. But I spent 27 yrs going to a “new thought” church, & reading books that claimed to have all the answers, such as “all you have to do is believe” or “think positive” or “visualize”,or “send love”. I felt so bad that I was not becoming a “master” who had achieved whatever I wanted, etc. My final conclusion: free will of people is the bottom line. We cannot control what others choose to be, or do. And how others choose to be or do, is a big part of what affects everyone, in families, at work, everywhere.We can get some spiritual helps, & little or big miracles here & there, but it is not the way the self-help authors of recent yrs tend to paint things.Earth is not paradise. I think it is meant to be a school.And I think we all have our own “karma” or soul lessons to learn.We don’t all have the same problems, losses, hurts,or opportunities. Many opportunities are blocked by those who have positions of power. Most gov’t leaders are “power” people,rather than “love” people. It’s a mixed bagof souls on earth. It’s about individual soul growth, which could lead to collective soul growth, but it has seemed to me that most people are content with material well-being, and disinterested in the anguishes of others,as long as they are not affected. Selfishness is pretty typical of most. Not on your website, maybe, but it is prevalent. Do most Americans ache for what has happened to the innocent in Iraq,or our own military, or Afghanistan or now,Pakistan? I think not. I’ve not had the desire to be “negative”. When you get to be 58, and have tried what most of the books preach as the “way” for many years, you have to, if you have any sense, look at what the results are, and examine your experiences. We are all affected,for good or for bad, by the free will of others. I wish I believed differently, but I have had to look at realities,based on experiences. Love,love,love ,does not work with many people. Many people are not “run” by desire for love and peace and good for all. I think we’re meant to learn and grow in wisdom,as well as compassion. Our country is in a sorry state. People prefer denial to learning. People want to believe it is all about pol. party platforms. It’s bigger than that.All individuals have the choice to choose good,or evil. And they choose daily. Where we are now, is a result of individual choices. It’s very sad. I wish people would want to have non-denominational prayer groups going, all over the US and world. I hope you feel better and get well soon. You must be a strong person, to have had such high fever, yet still write. Blessings……..

  3. insideoutdasg says:

    I attended a Myss workshop last summer and I have to tell you, she is the real deal. As far as her prostitute archetype or any of the others that perhps seem confusing with their intent, you need to look at the broader meaning of the suggested character type and what it could possibly suggest in your own personality. Simply put, we all have that potential, when faced with challenges. Do we sell ourselves out for reasons that are selfish or potentially corrupt? This archetype, as with all of the others, has an interaction energy associated with it. Is this how we deal with a situation? Possibly. Possibly not. The potential exists in all of us. I love the book Sacred Contracts, and mention it a lot in my own blog, SoulStrand. As a therapist it can be helpful to clarify client interactions, or my own for that matter, as an archetype.

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