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I hope I didn’t offend Pat. It wasn’t her I was frustrated with just the whole guru thing. As Hope and a Plan mentioned we live in a very shallow culture. I know the generation before mine, the Pluto in Leo or “Me Generation,” often meant well with their spiritual seeking and did push the envelope and change many things for the better however there is a tendency toward the lemming mentality there. In the generation that followed, Pluto in Virgo or anyone born from 1957 – about 1970/71, there is a an almost hypercritical evaluation and deconstruction of everything often to the point where things break down into conflict. For those born during the Uranus/Pluto conjunction which hit from about 1962-1968 we have a tendency to be of the belief that we are so very different no one in the universe is like us, so much so we don’t identify ourselves as being part of a generation. My husband illustrated this the other day when he, in amazement, showed me how Amazon had (based on his past buying trends) managed to figure out he liked some obscure things like Naked Lunch, Grizzly Bear, a certain kind of motorcycle boot and a bunch of seemingly unrelated things. I just laughed. He’d finally had the epiphany that he was a type, no matter how quirky and strange there were others like him.

Now onto California and our mentally challenged governator. I have to say Arnold Schwarzenegger and George W. Bush had me convinced for awhile that democracy wasn’t the best form of government for the simple reason that if you have an uniformed, uneducated, apathetic and unthoughtful sheeplike electorate then people are manipulated into voting for things that go against their best interest and to put it kindly make some very poor choices in the voting booth. The movement to oust former Governor Gray Davis in liu of the governator was in my mind tantamount to another Republican coo. Unfortunately, the voters of California who either worship celebrity or think the idea of an ex-playgirl playmate, pot smoking, Austrian born mega star known for playing a robot was ironic and funny were in the majority and the Republican smear campaign blaming Gray Davis for the energy crisis (which of course turned out later to be a Bush administration gotcha fist job) all worked to get the Republicans in power here so they could once again mess up the economy BIG TIME!

California was ranked the 5th largest economy in the world back then after France. Now I think it’s 8th and falling. Mr. Governator wants to cut education (which is already screwed here because of Dear old leader Reagan’s propl 13 legacy) get rid of police and let a bunch of violent criminals out onto the streets, get rid of the poison control center for children. Sound good? Oh, yeah and besides increasing class size not pay teachers and school administrators or anyone in CA government as much. What a plan. How about raising taxes on douche bags that make over 10 million dollars a picture? Hmmm, let’s see I think we should try that. I’m sorry but why is that the most inane jobs such as acting are the highest paid? And those that actually add to the welfare of others are underpaid? Oh, we’re Americans, I almost forgot. How idiotic are we?

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I know I’m cranky. I’m sick! So please excuse the crumedgeoneous.

Random Thoughts..