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I hope I didn’t offend Pat. It wasn’t her I was frustrated with just the whole guru thing. As Hope and a Plan mentioned we live in a very shallow culture. I know the generation before mine, the Pluto in Leo or “Me Generation,” often meant well with their spiritual seeking and did push the envelope and change many things for the better however there is a tendency toward the lemming mentality there. In the generation that followed, Pluto in Virgo or anyone born from 1957 – about 1970/71, there is a an almost hypercritical evaluation and deconstruction of everything often to the point where things break down into conflict. For those born during the Uranus/Pluto conjunction which hit from about 1962-1968 we have a tendency to be of the belief that we are so very different no one in the universe is like us, so much so we don’t identify ourselves as being part of a generation. My husband illustrated this the other day when he, in amazement, showed me how Amazon had (based on his past buying trends) managed to figure out he liked some obscure things like Naked Lunch, Grizzly Bear, a certain kind of motorcycle boot and a bunch of seemingly unrelated things. I just laughed. He’d finally had the epiphany that he was a type, no matter how quirky and strange there were others like him.

Now onto California and our mentally challenged governator. I have to say Arnold Schwarzenegger and George W. Bush had me convinced for awhile that democracy wasn’t the best form of government for the simple reason that if you have an uniformed, uneducated, apathetic and unthoughtful sheeplike electorate then people are manipulated into voting for things that go against their best interest and to put it kindly make some very poor choices in the voting booth. The movement to oust former Governor Gray Davis in liu of the governator was in my mind tantamount to another Republican coo. Unfortunately, the voters of California who either worship celebrity or think the idea of an ex-playgirl playmate, pot smoking, Austrian born mega star known for playing a robot was ironic and funny were in the majority and the Republican smear campaign blaming Gray Davis for the energy crisis (which of course turned out later to be a Bush administration gotcha fist job) all worked to get the Republicans in power here so they could once again mess up the economy BIG TIME!

California was ranked the 5th largest economy in the world back then after France. Now I think it’s 8th and falling. Mr. Governator wants to cut education (which is already screwed here because of Dear old leader Reagan’s propl 13 legacy) get rid of police and let a bunch of violent criminals out onto the streets, get rid of the poison control center for children. Sound good? Oh, yeah and besides increasing class size not pay teachers and school administrators or anyone in CA government as much. What a plan. How about raising taxes on douche bags that make over 10 million dollars a picture? Hmmm, let’s see I think we should try that. I’m sorry but why is that the most inane jobs such as acting are the highest paid? And those that actually add to the welfare of others are underpaid? Oh, we’re Americans, I almost forgot. How idiotic are we?

Best wishes and many blessings,


I know I’m cranky. I’m sick! So please excuse the crumedgeoneous.

Random Thoughts..

7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts..

  1. Wei says:

    Hope you get well soon. California is also one of the worst states for doctors to practice in… Doctors stay because of the beautiful weather.

  2. barry says:

    The California state income tax rate for people making more than one million dollars per year is 10.3%. And if you make that much you have to pay 35% federal income tax. Taxes are already raised. Why should people expect to pay $5000 in taxes and expect $20,000 in services?

  3. grace43 says:

    Totally off topic here, but we have talked before about the impact of many years of protesting and how it seemed very little changed. For eight years under the previous administration, it was anything goes environmentally speaking in the coal mining industry. Living in West Virginia, I have been protesting mountain top removal coal mining for the last 12 years because of it’s devestating effects on the environment. Finally, we have a president who cares about this issue! This was in yesterday’s news:

    Obama Administration Wants More Environmentally Sound Mining

    For all this procoal mantra, Bush did more to hurt the coal mining industry than anyone. When he came into office, 8% of West Virginians made a living working in the coal industry. When he left, that number had gone down to 3%.

    Unless you live in an area with strip mining or mountain top removal, you cannot image how ugly these mines are or the havoc they wreak on the watertable. This is indeed wonderful and much desired news.

  4. Hello says:

    My comments are off topic too. I am from Alaska and have to live in the black shadow of our famous governor. Please, Denise, repost or update your thoughts on her. She is an aquarius gone mad, in my opinion. Before she was picked to be VP, she would hunt down anyone who wrote something unfavorable in the newspaper about here. Does she have a hint of mental unstability? Ok, I’ve posted and asked enough questions lately. Thanks!

  5. Juno says:

    I don’t know what it will take to fix the CA economy, but fixing our dysfunctional legislature would be a start. Meanwhile, there will continue to be a slow bleed out of this state of anyone who has the means, is is forced to by lack of work , like me. I have been back in L.A. for months for personal reasons and have been unable to find teaching work, so have taken a job in eastern Oregon where my 2-year old son will most likely benefit from a way more child-friendly environment. I have several other friends that are also leaving — New Zealand, Indonesia, Montana, Colorado — you name it.

  6. Lisa says:


    I found your website because I was looking for anything on the web regarding psychic predictions and a potential stock market crash. The reason I was doing that was because of the following…

    But first a little (very little) about me. I am extremely psychic. If was like this all the time I would be making a ton of money like Sylvia Browne. But it is occasional and it comes in spurts. More when I meditate. I made hundreds of thousands in the stock market on my psychic ability, and lost it in my addictive non-psychic gambling non-ability.

    It comes primarily in the form of intuitions and dreams (I dreamt about 9/11 in great detail several days before it happened, and knew in my bones for two months beforehand that something bad, something terrible was about to happen, but what?). I have posted my dreams in real time on various forums, one of which is under the alias of dowdeva at Investorshub.com. You’ll have to hunt though, as I don’t post them very often, and I tend to post a lot at this site.

    About three years ago a friend of mine’s mother died and came to him q few weeks later in a dream, and said, “My son, Armageddon, 36 moons. That was in September. This September will be the 36 moon period. I have been thinking about it constantly, more so as the time period ticks closer.

    Then a couple of weeks ago, I dreamt that it was either November or December, I think it was of this year, and I saw a billboard flashing the numbers 300 or 200 for the SPX, and in the background of the dream an announcer on TV was saying that it was the worst one day? one week? one month? crash in the history of the stock market.

    Not sure what I want as a response, but I have been carrying this burden for a while, and needed to share it. I assume something terrible is going to happen that would cause such a drop. I am really terrified.

    On the other hand, I personally don’t have such good feelings about Obama anymore, and I voted for him! These TARP bail-outs are just corporate welfare and this country is bankrupt.

    I would like a reading too, not sure how to go about it.


  7. barry says:

    I voted for Obama too Lisa and am sorry I did. Giving borrowed taxpayer money to banksters is criminal.

    I have a bad feeling about this economy too but I am not psychic. This recently run up in the stock markets is a classic bear market bounce. The same thing happened in 1930 before stocks crashed to all time lows a few years later. My question is how does one protect themselves. Not being in the US stock market is just the beginning. Do you keep it in dollars when the non government agency the Federal Reserve is doing quantitative easing (printing dollars)? Buy gold and silver when 3 US banks are short 50% of the market through ETFs(manipulating the price down)? Buy foreign stocks do get out of the US dollar before it is destroyed? Buy commodities? What do you do?

    As for the future and being scared of what is going to happen, you should not be. The ruling class has brought us here and now they have doubled down with Tarp and quantative easing. The worst is going to happen and there is nothing no one will be able to do about it. We have a front row seat to history being made and all you can do is watch and try to protect yourself.

    At least that is what I think but I am no psychic.

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