An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President:

Most of us wept with joy when you took the oath of office. It was an amazingly moving day, one we won’t forget. Not because you are the first African American president, although that’s a beautiful thing to see, but because you represented the hope of getting our country back.

You see, we don’t want to be an imperialist nation acting as dictators to other cultures. We want all people to get the chance to choose whatever form of government they want, even if its something we don’t understand or agree with. But most of all, we want the tyranny of multinational corporations to end. We want them to stop the exploitation of the earth, her resources and people for the sake of a few CEOs and shareholders can get ridiculously wealthy.

In you we saw our idealism reflected. A hope that we could get out of the mess the Bush administration had tied us in and we could do it with dignity, reclaiming our democracy in the process, and righting the wrongs which had been foisted upon us over the last thirty or so years.

Many of us did things we never believed possible of ourselves to get you elected. I have friends who went to different states and campaigned for you. I myself started a blog partially to inspire people to the call of change you sang out.

I know it’s only been a few months since you’ve taken office and you have done many remarkable things except the one we are all desperate for you to do; change the flow of the river of our democracy. The change you talked about, the change we envisioned along side you. Instead of the trickle up (disguised as the trickle down theory) of economics which has engrossed our land with unabashed greed, relentless ruthlessness and complicacy in the depravity of other countries who take full advantage of their people to the point that even Dickens would shudder at how dark the human soul could blacken in the search for the dollar. And which has drug us into a pit of debt and dependency on governments we should be more than weary of yet like a beaten down prostitute we get back on the street corner and do business with the same John who almost killed us last time in the name of a few bucks.

Perhaps it is a myth that we were once a nation better than this; a nation where the bottom line, bottom dollar and corporate robber barons were not looked upon with tender compassion but reviled for the filthy, money grubbing thieves they were. Where the people had pride in their work, were paid a fair wage, and we expected our corporations to abide by common laws of decent behavior.

That era has certainly died a slow painful death since the Reagan administration. We are now a nation of debtors who make nothing but intellectual property and export only culture to the world. A lot of good that would do us in a war! We are like the slacker kid who has been spoiled by his parents showering him with expensive gifts and when he comes of age to go to college there is nothing left for him to better himself because his parents had no foresight, only to please him in the moment so he would not complain.

Let us complain!

Don’t be afraid of critics or the idiot talking heads on the right. The only thing you have to be afraid of is leaving this planet in peril for your children, letting America fall the way of a Banana Republic, allowing each succeeding generation to do worse than their parents (which has already begun) and allowing corporations to continue their exploitation.

I am an American and in earnest I ask of you this question; if I can’t move to Europe, work and live as I please then how come an American corporation can set up here and export all its jobs? How can, in essence, a corporation not be restrained by the same laws of the land that govern me? If our country will allow people to manufacture wherever they want then I want to move to France and work there. It seems only fair. Why should I pay taxes when corporations find loopholes and get welfare? Why should I, or any of my fellow Americans, labor in their cubicles, solving problems so our jobs can be sent to a country that’s pay scale verges on slavery?

We can all lie to ourselves and say that these companies are helping to develop these countries, but the truth is these people work for nothing. They live in abject poverty and only a few people develop a fat wallet, those who skim the most off the top by exploiting them. This is more than absurd it is disgusting, an abomination – a moral outrage.

I beg of you to pull the plug and make some real laws that constrict these corporations to realistic growth and to realistic profits that include bringing back jobs or risk being taxed to the point where they can’t make a profit by exploiting foreign people. And for those countries that we do want to help develop, lets do so by opening divisions that service only their part of the world, allowing them to have jobs and grow their economies, pay them a fair wage for their work there and let their middle class bloom as ours did when we used this model. The model of making things here in America, by Americans and paying them a living wage.

If we don’t do this we will be a fallen empire and you the last elected president before a series of revolutions. I know some are worried about deflation with the Chinese and other developing countries who have lent us lots of dough, wanting to change the standard of currency. Some are saying our country will be like the Weimar Republic. I think it will be more akin to what happened in the Soviet Union after their fall. A world run by black market hoodlums, were crime is so out of control there won’t be enough police to find all the cracks, thieves, slave traders and pimps.

Please realize that you have a mandate. We voted for change. Change away. Change so big we can’t even imagine it! Be the Shiva of a new world order and destroy all the idiocy that has been built up in Washington so we may remake ourselves in our ideal image. If you don’t we have a million times more to loose than if you find the strength to take these horrors head on and fight them.

I don’t envy you. Your job is extreme, difficult, perhaps verging on impossible. But we all believe in you. We know better than you know yourself, that you can do it if you choose to fight for us and your children.

And I am begging you to please fight for us, our planet, our children and life itself. We are at a cross roads on this planet. I’m sure you know this better than most. Your job is vitally important to solving this and reviving the world from her current heart attack.

Peace and kind wishes,

Denise Siegel

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

13 thoughts on “An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

  1. Wyntyr says:

    Hi Denise,
    I enjoyed reading your letter to the President. I know I have really felt the pinch of frustration in the past months but then I pause and think to myself…look at what our President inherited. I really become sad when I see our country practically at its knees after the last 8 years. I think President Obama has done more in the last 5 1/2 months than GWB did in his entire 8 year terms. Yes we did vote for change and we will get it. As Obama said….’Not everyone is going to like some of the decisions I make in office.’ But, what also occurred to me is that Obama really is indeed cool, calm and collected and he doesn’t make rash decisions like his predecessor (thank gosh). People are griping about EVERYTHING he says or does (even swatting a fly which is beyond ridiculous) and are mad that he isn’t intervening with the Iran elections. I thank gosh everyday that he is at least a leader that we can count on to really analyze and count on to be thoughtful and get all of the facts before acting. That is a sign of strength (in the long run) not weakness. I mean would we want him to charge out to the world and its leaders like Bush/Cheney and create even more hostility before we can begin trying to repair some of the damage of the past 8 years. I think what I am saying is that it is going to take time. I promised myself I would give him a year and really weigh what he’s been able to accomplish. I read the news everyday and am just appalled and saddened at all of the fighting amongst people, leaders, countries at a time when we need to unite and try to find peace. There is so much blatant anger everywhere. So, I hope for anyone that reads this realizes that Obama’s silence is not weakness. He will surprise a lot of people and countries when the time is right. Don’t ever underestimate him. Timing is everything. 🙂

    Best wishes Denise! ~Wyntyr~

  2. grace43 says:

    Okay, I have no idea why the ghost in the machine did that. Give it some time, Denise. I have written the President on specific issues several times and have seen action on all those issues. It is not just the President running things. He can do very little without the Congress and they have been lack luster. They have been dragging their heels on debt reform and many other issues. I think this is because they have invested in things like student loans and they are voting with their pocketbooks instead of for the good of the people.

    Write the President, but also write your Senators and Congressional Representatives. They are just as at fault for this mess as Bush and Cheney. They played pit and party to the Republican shell game and the new folks don’t seem much better than the old ones.

    What Obama can do without them, he has already done (ie he is setting Clean Water standards back to pre1983 levels and is making them stricter) or is trying to do. He’s doing what he can but those other 745+ in the House and Senate need to get off their butts and start being part of the solution instead of major contributers to the problem!

  3. Norah says:

    My husband and I did a happy dance when Obama was elected, but we knew he had inherited an unholy mess and that it would take time to recalibrate. I do believe positive change is in the works and that Congress will come around, if only to keep their hands in the coffers and protect their own interests. It will take the full four years to really see a difference, but I think by the end of next year, the worst will be over. I’m still so delighted to have an intelligent, articulate, thoughtful President after four years of Chimpy McFlightsuit!

  4. barry says:

    Kathleen Wells: You feel President Obama is a neo-con like Bush? You don’t see a distinction between the two administrations?

    Congressman Ron Paul: The tone is different, but the policies don’t change. We are spreading the war. The war is expanding. We are not prosecuting those that committed torture. Guantanamo is not going to be closed down. So, no, I don’t see [a distinction between Bush and Obama].

    He [Obama] increased the DOD [Department of Defense] budget. We surely could spend some of that money at home where people are really hurting. But we increased the DOD budget, I think, by 10-percent. I can’t see any significant change in foreign policy. The pretense in leaving Iraq was a mild pretense and I’m predicting that’s not going to happen. There are going to be troops in Iraq throughout this administration, I’m convinced.

    Ron Paul gets it.

  5. Wei says:

    It is a nice letter. Denise, what do you think will happen in Iran? I’m worried about the protesters there. I think there is a break in the leadership in Iran and the people are being used for a more hidden struggle at the top. Nevertheless, I am moved by the courage of those seeking a better future for all of us.

  6. Melissa says:

    Your letter is heartfelt & so well-worded, Denise. I began to get educated about a yr and a half ago,by a friend who was a history teacher. I’ve also read plenty of thought-provoking articles on the internet,as well as books, & altogether, I have a bigger picture than ever before,& not a happy one, about those at the top in politics.I now feel I was naive all my life until now,about how things work. I think now that presidents have some leeway to make some changes, but that there is the banking/corporate/military/intelligence group in the background,such that if one deviates too much from their agenda, they will make him “pay”. My desire has been to be objective in seeking whatever the truth is ,about all things. From several sources, I learned things I’d never heard of, about the Fed’l Reserve,as well as what forefathers like Thomas Jefferson & others had to say about who handled the finances in this country. The Fed’l Reserve is not part of the US gov’t; it is a group of private bankers,which makes billions of interest from US gov’t each yr, and articles I’ve read say that wars are desired as huge source of profit for both Fed’l Reserve & also the big corporations. Constitution says Congress is in charge of money. But Fed’l Reserve was created under Pres.Woodrow Wilson in 1913, & he later expressed remorse for caving in. He said he gave in to those bankers then, as they promised to help get him re-elected. If one goes to youtube,and searches for Zeitgiest the movie, federal reserve, part 1,2, 3,etc. I think some shocking things will be discovered.(They were shocking to me). My desire is not to be political, but for the welfare of the people of the US, & those in other countries. JFK planned to make some changes re: Fed’l Reserve, and he didn’t live to do so. I know there have been many possibilities discussed for yrs about who killed him, & I don’t know the answer, but I don’t think now it was just Oswald & the mafia. PM Benjamin Disraeli of England said, “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” Have you seen the huge coverage of Iran on tv in the past days? Was there any such coverage about whether the US was wrongly led into the Iraq war? Was there any such coverage about the Wall St/banking fiasco,meaning uncovering truths? I think we are being “fed”,in order to be “led”. I think the US has an agenda for Iran, & that the real gov’t focus is not “democracy” for Iran,or about concern for protestors. I don’t know what will happen, but I don’t feel that Obama is independent of those in the background who want THEIR profits met, and THEIR agendas followed, at all costs.Both Bush & Obama have key people in admn who “came” from Wall St, “Federal”Reserve, etc. Same thing with Israel;supporting Israel financially & militarily has been huge priority. That scenario has not changed with Obama personnel.Who is big foe to Israel? Iran. War is “good” for economy, “good” for Fed’l Reserve,whom we borrow billions from, & pay huge interest. I think that most presidents , no matter how nice or different some may seem, have chosen to “go” with what those behind-scenes entities, want. I would love to be wrong about these feelings.

  7. Melissa says:

    p.s. I read a book that stated that if the leader of a country will not “do business” with the U.S., meaning let the US control it, and let US corporations build or do big projects there, then that leader is labeled “bad”, even if he is trying to do right for his country, and that foreign branch /arm of US intelligence has often done “hits” on such leaders, as well as paid people in those countries to protest against the leader. It doesn’t make me feel good to allow this may be so. I recently read an article by another man who’s worked in gov’t, and he wrote that a poll was taken shortly before the election in Iran, showing most voters planned to vote for Ahmadinejad(sp?). Thus, it would seem unlikely that a huge number of people would’ve changed their minds, and thus, not likely the election was “stolen”. I would prefer to think our leaders are pure in intention. I’ve read lots of evidence to the contrary. Bush kept claiming Iran was about to get “nu-clar” weapons,& making Ahmadinejad out to be monster. Pot calling kettle black? The US has nuclear weapons, right? Then how is it that the US can bully another country for having them?I think the bad guys in US gov’t would like to do in Iran what they’ve done in Iraq. I have no feeling for Ahmadinejad. I just think the media coverage is not for purpose of empathy, but for whatever purposes the US gov’t has. The media accomodated the Bush regime beautifully(ugh), & I don’t think it has turned over a new leaf. It is allied with the “powers that be”.

  8. It is a nice letter. Even though, I hold our president in awe and am exicted about his meteoric rise, I am very much doubtful he will take on the task of outsourcing jobs. Personally, I am not even sure if that should be the highest priority – for example the federal reserve has had umlimited power to print dollars out of thin air for the last 96 years during which time the dollar has depreciated by more than 95% and they are not accountable to anyone – that is a huge destruction of wealth with no one questioning it until now. HR 1207 has gained support in the house, unfortunately senate is behing in support a similar bill S.604 (Federal Sunshine Act) – hopefully they will push it through, the biggest risk to those bills is a veto by our president considering his recent moves to give more powers to the reserve

  9. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the great letter, Denise!

    I was not a fan of the way that the Obama administration handled the bailouts. I just see more money going to the wrong people.

    However, after considering the fix that our economy is in, I have to say that SOMEONE had to do SOMETHING, and I was not in charge…so I have to just hope that Obama & his people made decisions that will be good for the earth and its inhabitants.

    Something that I don’t think that any of us can fathom is the tremendous pressure that Obama is in. He must have received threats from so many special interests that have ruined the careers of so many before him. I believe that those special interests have more power than we can imagine – and running up against them head-on would not have benefitted any of us in the long run.

    So he is most likely caught between a rock and a hard place.

    Can you, Denise, tell any of this with your intuitive gifts? Can you feel the situation that Obama is in? Can you fill us in on any details?

    Thanks for you wonderful log, Denise!


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