Neptune, Jupiter Retrograde Opposite the Moon & It’s Effect on Celebrity Deaths

With the news of both Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson’s deaths on the heels of Ed McMahon, I thought of the old wives tale that celebrities seemed to die in threes. Which appears to have some bizarre truth to it. I also knew from memory Farah was an Aquarian and that Michael Jackson (although his sun was in Virgo) had his moon  in Aquarius.

Right now Jupiter the planet of expansion, excess and general bigness (usually a beneficent planet) is retrograde (going backwards and many would say in this position its beneficial elements are greatly lessened) is exactly conjunct Neptune the planet of loss, death, psychic phenomena and spirituality, also music, the arts, photography, the sea, etc. Together they were opposed by one of the lights (as we call them in astrology ie., the sun and the moon) the moon in Leo with a lot of loose squares coming from all directions to this configuration. It’s not a surprise that three iconographic celebrities would cross over during this period. McMahon’s death happened when the moon was in Cancer most likely conjunct his natal Pluto and interestingly both Fawcett and  Jackson were in the Pluto in Leo generation. Pluto ruling death and transformation, sexuality and the underworld. This trigger of the moon potentially conjuncting their natal Plutos along with the Neptune/Jupiter retrograde conjunction sitting near Fawcett’s Sun (vitality, life force, soul) and Jackson’s Moon (persona, emotions, past life, childhood, personality) would be enough to push them in their already frail states to the other side. Ed McMahon with the recent stress of a foreclosure looming over him at his age combined with the planets were too much to fight at his age. (I have yet to look up his chart but I will.)

17 and 1/2 months ago when my daughter was born Neptune in Aquarius was sitting directly on my sun. I knew early on in my pregnancy I would have serious trouble, had a dream of having preeclampsia which happened, and knew that my yet to be proporly diagnosed neurological condition would reek havoc on me. I was vigiliant about talking to a neurologist and squaring away what to do in case I had to have an emergency c-section (my back is fused from a childhood injury). I was the one who caught the preeclampsia by buying a home blood pressure ki,t but to make a long story short, I would not have survived giving birth to my daughter if I had not been psychic and been warned in dreams and through premonitions about what was going to happen.  Luckily, I was able to use the Neptune on my sun for greater psychic clarity telling the nurses before I began to seizure that it was going to happen. But truth be told I’m very sure my dauughter and I would have died had I not been psychically attuned to the situation. And according to my OBGYN she had never come so close or been so scared of losing a patient. She insisted I never have another child as my risk of death was just far too high. I say this only to illustrate the intensity of Neptune conjunct a light in a person’s chart (the sun or moon).

An astrologer friend who looked at my chart that day was in tears when I didn’t answer my room phone. Her husband told me later she was sure I had died based on my chart. So although I haven’t done the charts for Farah and Michael Jackson knowing this intense conjunction was close to them was probably the reason they were no longer able to stay a part of our world.

No matter what the autopsy on Michael Jackson finds (and I’m sure it will show that he was malnurited due to anorexia and died of a heart attack from over-exerting himself with his upcoming new tour) it was his time to pass over as it was Farah’s. Even if Michael had been taking too many prescription drugs I’ve had the feeling for the past five years or so he was near the end of his life. He would have died irregardless of the medications. And of course Farah fought hard but cancer is an unseen enemy that truthfully can only be endured with grace which she did.

May their souls go peacefully into the light.

Blessings to all,


Neptune, Jupiter Retrograde Opposite the Moon & It’s Effect on Celebrity Deaths

6 thoughts on “Neptune, Jupiter Retrograde Opposite the Moon & It’s Effect on Celebrity Deaths

  1. grace43 says:

    When Michael Jackson first debued his sunken face years ago, my husband said he didn’t have long to live. My husband said all those surgeries were just too much for one body to handle.

    It is interesting you pointed out the same cause of death for Michael as Karen Carpenter died on Feb. 4, 1983. She was a water sign (Pices March 2, 1950). I was just curious if there were any astrological similarities to her life and death and his.

    Karen Carpenter was as iconic to the generation before as Micheal and Farrah were to Generation X. She was beautiful and willowly thin. She was also a songtress like no other. Few altos have achieved the success that she did.

    I don’t know if’s because my kids just watched Open Season 2 which closes with a Carpenters’ song or what you wrote, but something just struck me as familiar between her death and theirs.

  2. Juno says:

    Thanks for mentioning anorexia as a major factor. Interestingly, many anorexics are trying to maintain a child’s slim figure, and in Michael’s case he seemed to want to return to some idealized childhood state in so many ways, since he was robbed of a childhood himself. May he rest in peace.

  3. Wyntyr says:

    Hi Denise,
    I always enjoy reading your insightful posts. I, too, agree that Michael was going to pass on regardless of what the autopsy shows as the cause of death. I intuitively knew he would never make his world tour and I don’t think he was ever supposed to ‘grow old’. He always wanted to remain youthful and young and will always be so in our hearts. I have to admire Farrah’s battle. I felt like her spirit left before her physical body died. She did not want to die. Period. I almost felt like she was up in Heaven trying to battle a way to live on but realized that her ‘legacy, courage, strength and beauty’ will most certainly live on. 🙂
    And, bless your heart, for what you had to undergo with your pregnancy. I cannot imagine. I hope that both you and your daughter are healing from the flu! Blessings! Wyntyr

  4. Wei says:

    Unfortunately, Jacko’s death has really detracted from the news in Iran. The timing of his death is really terrible, and I am not surprised that a celebrity has more importance for most americans than the importance of freedom in the world. I’m not a fan of Jacko, with persistent charges of child molestation, he was just plain creepy. Mark Sandford probably also breathed a sigh of relief, what a hypocrite! Using family values to get elected and wanted Clinton impeached for infidelity.

  5. hopeandaplan says:

    The coverage is getting overboard on Michael Jackson’s death. I hear a lot of people interviewed claiming that he was the first person to reach out to the world in a caring way and break racial barriers, “We are the World” “Black or White” etc. I guess it upsets me that thousands of people show up to mourn a man whose songs moved them to compassion but arent moved to do anything compassionate on behalf of those who need it. This weird idolatry of such an ambiguous cultural figure really shows how humanity is officially a herd of sheople. I feel sorry for his children and the boys he “allegedly” molested. I cant imagine how confusing this outpouring of love must be for them. And I agree with Wei. Iran’s crackdown and North Korea’s inflammatory ratcheting rhetoric is verging on a nuclear showdown… My good energy is better spent praying for people who gather, despite threat of physical harm, to protest for their human rights, not waxing indulgently about how I did a killer moonwalk in 7th grade!

  6. grace43 says:

    I wasn’t a big fan of him either. Once he did questionable things with those little boys, got all those plastic surgeries, and basically tried to turn himself into physically a white person, I lost a lot of respect for him. 50 isn’t that young. 50 is more than old enough to be a grandpa.

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