Kathleen Sebelius

Kathleen Sebelius head of Health and Human Services for the Obama administration was on John Stewart last night and while she didn’t say anything disagreeable I got this violent and sudden gut feeling that she had been a lobbyist and she was taking the single payer system off the table. That she was selling Obama on another health plan that was going to be good for the insurance companies (at least in the short term – that’s all corporations can think about anyway) and it wasn’t really going to be all that awesome for everyone else.

I got this hit that the government would pick up the health insurance for anyone kicked off their plan. So basically only sick people would be able to get government insurance and anyone who pays for private health insurance will eventually have to be 100% healthy. In essence the insurance companies will slowly kick all the sick people out making it appear that they have higher and higher profits each quarter for a while. Of course eventually the whole thing will come crashing down and the private insurance companies will make themselves obsolete, but in the mean time they will appear to be winning.

Sebelius had a weird vibe as if she was playing bait and switch. I worried at first she was leading Obama down a path that would ruin his political career. But I think she’s tricky and knows that the only way to a single payer system can eventually win is to pretend to play ball with the lobbyists and let them believe it will be good for business. She’s smart enough to know eventually this will collapse and we will have to revamp the system once more, but by then they won’t have any power.

It’s smart but I have to say I don’t see why the Dems have to play ball with big business so much. It’s very annoying. This administration more than any other in a long time was truly elected by the people to curb corporations and robber barons. I wish they would go at it more directly. I fear all the tricky chess moves will confuse most people and allow the Republicans to twist things around again and find a way back.

Best wishes,

Kathleen Sebelius