Regarding A Few Posts from Readers…

Hi I got one comment from JoJo who was mad at me for talking to much about other things like religion. Oh, well, in my opinion all things are related and I like to push the envelope in regards to our assumptions about religion especially because it is often used as a crutch to do horrible things. It is also something most people are afraid to examine because of the “FEAR OF GOD!” which is a terrible ridiculous idea. One that serves organized religion well, keeps their 10% coming in and people’s minds shut off from having a relationship with God which is very sad.

Religion is also so often used to destroy others with, to invade countries, to feel righteous – all very bad things that lead to suffering and are the antithesis of spirituality. I think it’s sort of funny that people want me to just be a psychic and predict things. Where do these people think I get my information? I was given the gift because I have spent most of my lifetimes trained in different religious traditions. If anyone spends the vast majority of even one lifetime meditating and doing trance work they will get psychic information. I have memories of my past lives and believe me I earned these abilities both in other lifetimes and in the circumstances of this lifetime.

In this lifetime I have been trained in a religious tradition and have a ministerial credential. I have performed quite a few marriages in my years. It’s a strange idea that some people separate spirituality from psychic ability. It is impossible to have the “gift” and not connect with spirits, inter-dimensional beings (angels, fairies, guides, the higher self or whatever one wants to call it) and have flashes of God/Goddess’s love. Being a psychic is a modern form of shamanism. And shamans are in direct connection with the divine. Seriously, where else would the info come from? I guess that’s why some super right wing Christians think psychics are in league with the devil because their preachers tell them they are the only ones who can spread the TRUTH, while they misquote and misunderstood the bible (mostly Christ’s message, they seem to do well with the damnation part aka the Old Testament aka the Torah which isn’t supposed to be the Christian part but I guess I’m just getting fussy) and it’s perfectly fine to be like a lame parent and “Do as I say not as I do,” for many of these leaders, being major hypocrites (to say the least in many cases). Many of these “preachers” have the energy of a used car salesman on meth like Ted Haggard. Jeez, way before he came out he seemed strung out on coke and I would have better the deed to my house that he was getting some man action. Not that there would be anything wrong with him being gay or even having drug problems if he wasn’t running around damning everyone else to hell for having the same problems. It’s just disgusting the things these people do in the name of religion. They are so hateful to gay people and people with drug problems or any sort of problems which is so NOT CHRISTIAN! I know there are many really great Christan people who follow the words of Christ and who are loving and kind and pure. I wish they would speak up against these nut-jobbers who seem to be using the religion to just get rich and take advantage of people by dignifying the lowest human traits like racism, anger, hatred, war mongering, fear, etc. and find these bizarre ways to elevate this low level behavior to a spiritual club (this behavior is anything but spiritual or God-like unless one’s conception of God is that he’s a jealous, evil, mean-spirited, blood thirsty father figure who likes to create people to have sexual desire only to punish them for it, talk about Sadistic!) Christ said things like “He who is without sin cast the first stone, love thy neighbor as thyself, etc.” I mean we all know his teachings, they were not my Dad in heaven’s gonna kick your ass with his oozy if you don’t do what I say!

And anyone can be psychic if they want to spend a few lifetimes meditating and praying all the time. Or even if they want to devote  a big chunk of this life to knowing and understanding God/Goddess through meditation and trance work.

In modern organized religions God is often so formalized, intellectualized and distant that many priests and preachers don’t get to actually experience God directly but rather go through the prescription of the bible or other holy books. I have met priests and nuns who have a beatific quality, it’s obvious they are very connected to Spirit (most Buddhist monks and nuns are like this, they spend the vast majority of their time meditating). But western religions are not big on shamanistic practices or on forging ones own connection to the divine, but rather we are taught to blindly believe the bible and those religious figures who teach it. History has proven this to be problematic from the burning times of Europe when 25% of all women were murdered to our current crisis of Christian Crusaders blowing up abortion clinics, terrorizing doctors and building Mega Churches with our tax dollars for the military so they can get pumped up in their fight against Muslim extremists. Does anyone see the problem here? I’m sure 99.9% of you do.

So for those who don’t like the theological side of me, well, I’ll just have to say I’m given information by a greater force than myself and that includes where my spiritual beliefs come from, they come from a lifetime of connecting and praying, meditating and giving myself over to the Great Spirit to channel the truth. If it doesn’t jive with a book written more than 2,000 years ago, oh, well. And if it you’ve meditated on your own connection and what I say doesn’t feel right to you, I completely respect that as we all have our own spiritual paths. But the one thing I will never respect is paying someone else to do your spiritual work for you because not only does it not work, it actually causes spiritual devolvement. It is the most dangerous thing about organized religion which is why, ironically, I have more in common with most atheists and agnostics, in this regard, than I do people who blindly follow a specific faith without using their own higher self to guide them on that path.

All religions are the truth. It’s just the truth is buried inside the faith, and one must do the digging on his or her own to progress down the path. This is because religions become like a millennium long game of telephone, and by the time the information is given to you via multiple interpretations of the scriptures and political events that color or even edit either the meaning/tone or actual information in the scripture. Try reading all the different versions of the bible. Now imagine all those versions came from early translations that were translated from early translations that were passed down through oral tradition for thousands of years. As you can see the truth soon becomes a needle inside hundreds of tangled haystacks. Many of these haystacks manipulated (say sprayed different colors or covered in chemicals or whatever) by the culture and those in power at different points in history. The only way to find that needle is to close your eyes, meditate upon it and plug into the part of you that is one with God. If you do, you walk right through all the thousands of haystacks, right to the center of the one that has the needle inside it, as if it was never lost.

Many Blessings,


Oh, and to John who posted about Lincoln,

I’m from Illinois so I’m sure I didn’t get the whole story of Lincoln. I don’t know enough so I can’t argue with your information. I’m sure he was corrupt in some ways. But he did end slavery and that took some pretty big balls.

I had heard someone in passing say he was racist, but I think everyone was back then. People were segregated and whites had no real contact with African Americans and those who did would have had contact with either slaves or extremely poor and/or undereducated African Americans thus adding to people’s stupid assumptions.

The moral argument against slavery wasn’t that they believed in the equality of the African Americans, it was about the immorality of slavery itself. I think it’s a bit much to believe anyone back then was really that advanced in regards to their understanding of race or gender. I’m sure Lincoln was a total sexist, too. As the vast majority (99.99999999%)  would have been because it was the culture they were raised in where women and minorities were not given the same opportunities and of course if you limit people then they can’t help but live up to their culture’s limited expectations. It is only the rare few that are able to rise and then they are considered the “exceptions.”

There’s always a way for people to protect their ignorance. I thank you for your information about Lincoln. I’ll have to do more research about him.

Regarding A Few Posts from Readers…

To Be Fair (and astrology info)

To be fair the idea of martyrdom and the way of compassion actually comes from Buddhism. There have been theories that Jesus studied in the far east and brought his teachings back to the Jews. His teachings are nearly identical other than some of the ideas that were later read through the Roman lens and paganized in a ancestral worship sort of way, ie. Jesus says, “I am the way,” and “the kingdom of heaven is within you,” in my opinion this is the same basic idea that the Buddha expressed when telling his followers the path to enlightenment was within their grasp through meditation and compassion. We all can ascend if we follow the way of the Buddha (not worship him). Just as Jesus never called himself the “son of God,” but rather the “son of man,” he didn’t want people to worship him as a God. He wanted them to do as he did and live by the golden rule, but enough of that.

OK I’ve been doing a bunch of research on the newest additions to our database of objects rotating around the sun. I believe that the objects known as TNOs (Trans-Neptunian Objects) are very much about the transformation of the human psyche and the earth changes which is why they were found now. They are remarkably, mostly named after water Gods and Goddesses or the underworld. So they have a Neptunian or Plutonian flavor to them. I found an interesting article which I will re-post here and send a link to this person’s site for anyone interested:

IN RECENT YEARS, a variety of planets near or beyond Pluto (but still within our solar system, orbiting our Sun and pirating our satellite TV stations) have been named for gods and goddesses associated with water. Many other notable planetary discoveries have been made in this time, such as Xena and Quaoar, but it’s interesting that in the past six years, numerous major planetary discoveries have started receiving the names of water deities — that is, mythological figures whose primary association is with oceans, rivers, rain, flooding and related themes.

Water has been dominating the news lately, with two major hurricanes striking in the Gulf Coast region of the U.S. this year, and more recently with devastating results in Mexico and Central America. But our planet is also in a fresh water crisis, rapidly depleting the tiny amount of drinkable water that we inherited the Earth with. And there are problems with the oceans, documented by Jacques Cousteau and others going back to the 1960s. (These themes are covered in the 2004 Planet Waves annual edition, aquasphere, and will be reviewed in the 2006 annual, Parallel Worlds.) So it’s an appropriate enough time for planets with watery themes to be discovered and understood as having both historical relevance and personal psychological significance.

[I would note here that there is a controversy in the scientific community, as well as the astrological, as to the definition of a “planet.” I use the term here to describe any orbiting body, in the sense that the Greeks used the word to mean “wanderer.” Personally, I don’t participate in the “what is a planet” debate because nearly all of the proposed definitions, including the one currently used, are arbitrary. When necessary, I’ll differentiate between the different kinds of minor planets: asteroid, Plutino, etc. Okay, back to water.]

Water relates to the unconscious, the emotions and the inner experience of well-being and security — or the lack thereof. It is the intuitive sense, and the psychic sense. All astrologers study the attributes of water as human energy in their work, though the signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The Astrology Encyclopedia by James R. Lewis gives an overview of these attributes. “The emotional sensitivity of the water element shows itself somewhat differently in each of the signs of the water triplicity. Cancer’s watery nature typically manifests as feelings about home, security, and family. Scorpio’s emerges as strong feelings about sex, death and occult mysteries. Pisces’ watery nature appears as mysticism, sensitivity to music, and impressionability.”

These are generalizations, but they work well enough. Remember that water flows, and these themes will always mix and match among the water signs, and indeed all charts.

The second planet ever discovered by science, Neptune (Roman equivalent of the Greek Poseidon, discovered in 1846 by the astronomer Galle in Berlin), was named for a water god. Several associations of this planet for some reason tend to collect around the letter D: dreams, delusions, denial, drugs, and drink, for example. Empathic or psychic qualities also appear, which are at times denied. There is a high degree of sensitivity, creativity, music, art, cinema and theatre, all forms of expression that involve the use of illusion; and actual experiences involving water, flooding, the Navy and the oceans. Neptune also addresses the theme of sacrifice; where it is placed, we’ll typically notice we’re giving something up. In its most wholesome expressions, Neptune is a spiritual influence. In its lowest, it corrupts with deception and substances.

The newer Water Worlds take the associations with water to a subtler, more specific level — a typical property of minor planets, which tend to represent distinct psychological processes. Or this, at least, is true once they are understood. Most research astrologers use the “keyword method” of understanding a planet, collecting a bunch of descriptive terms associated with each new world. My sense is that a planet is not understood by astrology until it can be described as a growth process. For example, many people associate the keyword “healing” with Chiron, which is true enough. But if you say, “transformation through raising awareness,” you get a much more tangible picture.

The Water Worlds are not asteroids, nor are they in the Centaur class of minor planets (such as Chiron, Pholus or Nessus). All are planets in the small, select group of named bodies called “transneptunian objects” or TNOs, because they are all beyond Neptune. They have several hang-outs, including the Kuiper Belt; the Oort Cloud; and the Scattered Disk. Most TNOs come in two major categories: ones with orbits similar to Pluto, and ones beyond Pluto (which come in several varieties). The classifications can be confusing and don’t really factor into our discussion.

Occasionally, some of these bodies are pulled into the inner solar system (inside Neptune, that is) by gravity, and become comets, Centaur planets or other types of minor planets.

TNOs, which are actual, physical planets orbiting our Sun, are different than the transneptunian points, also called TNPs or Uranians, which are eight hypothetical planets used by some astrologers. The Uranians do not physically exist; you could not build a Pizza Hut on one. They are more like etheric entities known to have astrological influence, apparently from another level of reality. [To learn more or get really confused, Google the term “Uranian Astrology,” or see the recent Mountain Astrologer.]

When new planetary discoveries are made by astronomers, a naming scheme, established by the International Astronomical Union, is followed to assign names. Discoveries close to Pluto’s orbit (called Plutinos) are named for underworld deities, that is, gods who typically deal with the affairs of the dead. Those beyond Pluto are named for deities of creation and resurrection (these are called Cubewanos, named after the first such discovery, 1992 QB1). Names are generally selected by the discoverers, though they must be approved by the IAU, an international panel of scientists and academics.

Astrologers who specialize in the field of new planets then take the name, and properties of the planet’s orbit (such as its cycle and planetary nodes), references made by many clients, and, over time, and as evidence mounts, create a delineation that can be used in chart interpretation, counseling and historical analysis.

What kind of evidence? An example can be found with the July 5-6 New Moon closely conjunct Varuna, a planet named for a pre-Vedic cosmic creation deity and lord of waters. The Cancer New Moon and Varuna were both closely conjunct the natal Sun in a United States birth chart (the July 4, 1776 Sibley chart), and the natal chart of U.S. ‘president’ George W. Bush. The following month, massive flooding inundated the Southeastern region of the country, displacing hundreds of thousands of people.

To me, the water worlds are associated with the dawn of what it seems fair to call the Earth Changes era of history, and the human experience of going through this sense of change and displacement. Long ago prophesized by Edgar Cayce and by many others since, the Earth does indeed appear to be going through a series of changes that affect both the conditions on the planet including the climate, and the vibration, growth and experience of the people here.

HERE ARE SOME details about the water words.

Varuna (2000 WR106) was discovered in 2000 and given designation minor planet 20,000 — a big honor for the discoverers R. S. McMillan and J. A. Larsen. This was the first planet beyond Pluto to get a name. [It was not the first discovered — that was 1992 QB1, which has not yet been named.] Varuna has an orbital period of 282 years. Varuna is a mighty god, one of the supreme creation deities of pre-Vedic history, still revered today by many, and this was a landmark astronomical discovery, in part because of its size.

The energy of Varuna is that which is too large to comprehend. In this respect, it has some attributes of the 12th house — the house of overwhelming or incomprehensible aspects of life that act out of sight or in the deep background.

One astrologer who has done some interesting work with Varuna is Juan Revilla of Costa Rica. In an email conversation a few years ago, Juan explained to me his interpretation that Varuna is quite literally “behind everything” — a potent and ominous force lingering in the far reaches of our lives. Among the many deities who have had planets and asteroids named for them, Varuna’s energy seems closest to what we think of as God, the all-knowing cosmic entity that exists silently behind consciousness and events.

Varuna (now in Cancer) also deals with the punishment of liars and those who violate contracts. In earlier times, mortals who did not keep their word would meet his wrath. He could bestow immortality as well. Astrological associations noted by Revilla include the impersonal laws of nature (as opposed to human nature) and the incomprehensible cosmic order (as opposed to the order of society). Questions of the gain and loss of reputation, and the issue of immortality through fame, seem inevitable with this planet.

My phrase for Varuna is, “the great equalizer.”

Many of us have also heard of Sedna (provisional name 2003 VB12, catalogue number 90377), a very distant transneptunian orbiting our Sun once every 11,040 years. Technically, this is a Scattered Disk Object or SDO. Sedna, now in Taurus, was big news when the announcement of her discovery was given in 2004 (discovered in 2003). Mythologically, Sedna is the Inuit creation deity, a goddess who looks like a seal and who lives at the bottom of the now melting Arctic Sea. (Google has many pictures of artifacts if you search Sedna under images.)

Sedna is the goddess of the frozen waters. Her myth is based on the story of a beautiful young Inuit girl who was forced to marry by her father, but was tricked into marrying a kind of demon. Her father, hearing her howls in the wind, rescues her, but in the process, she falls into the cold sea. One by one, her limbs fall off, and each becomes a different kind of sea mammal: whales, seals, and so on. She then takes up residence at the bottom of the ocean with little stubs where her arms and legs were. If you want to honor her, go down there and brush her hair, as she can no longer do it herself.

Melanie Reinhart, in her article “The Goddess of the Frozen Waters,” writes of Sedna, “The encounter with what has been lost, drowned out, or frozen long ago is her theme, which can be taken most fruitfully on the inner levels. In other words, our own ‘Ice Age’ is being highlighted here: the wounds in the soul caused by the impatience, condemnation, dismissal or anger of the father; the living hell of unresolved outrage; the violence of hardship where we cut off from what is desperate and vulnerable in ourselves or others in order to survive. And how this harshness is internalized.”

She continues, “Even in the face of unrelenting trauma and suffering, we can, indeed must, beat our drum and sing to life. This is not a plea for escapism, but rather an acknowledgement that the Work is about keeping our heart open in hell. Sedna’s story is about acknowledging just how bad things really feel, and starting from there. Radical acceptance is demanded. Allowing love and harmony into our lives (symbolized by the Star of David) may mean opening to the frozen places inside where we are conflicted and feel unloving. To try and manufacture joy is to metaphorically cut off our own fingers.”

It’s notworthy that the recent Mars station-retrograde in Taurus occurred in a conjunction with Sedna and the TNP (Uranian Point) Admetus. It was part of a yod pattern with Pluto and Jupiter. Mars, Admetus and Sedna were at the point of the yod (an aspect consisting of two quincunxes and a sextile: 150-150-60 degrees). This aspect was developing through the whole Great Hurricane phase of recent history.

Then there is Huya (provisional name 2000 EB173, catalogue number 38628, orbital period of 251 years). Huya is a Plutino discovered in 2000 by Venezuelan astronomers. They proposed the name Huya (Juya with a little accent on the ‘a’) after the rain god of the Wayuu Indians who live on the arid Guajira Peninsula of northern Venezuela and Colombia. Juya was god of rain; a warrior, hunter, seducer and inhabitant of “the place beyond the Sun.” The lack of water is the biggest problem on the Guajira Peninsula and the locals hoped that Juya, god of the rains now recognized the world over, would perform the miracle of water.

There is a second mythological Huya, an Egyptian underworld entity. Based on this mythology, some associate Huya with rites, rituals and offerings to the dead, an association I’ve witnessed personally in client work. “The Egyptians saw Huya as an underworld deity and great care was taken to offer her food and water in the tombs so she would not be forgotten,” Philip Sedgwick wrote in the Galactic Times at the time of the naming. According to the “Tour Egypt” web site, Huya, or Yuya, was the steward of Queen Tiyi, the queen mother and wife of Amenhotep III. However, the intentional naming properties all appear to be associated with the Venezuelan version of the myth.

It is interesting that Huya has two entirely different mythologies, a hint that in delineation, she may represent a point in the chart were there are two different expressions, both of which are true.

A planet called Deucalion (provisional name 1999 HU11, catalogue number 53311), who in mythology was the Greeks’ version of Noah (the son of Prometheus and the husband of Pyrrha), was discovered in 1999. Basically, this may be where the flood story in the Bible comes from; it’s like it was lifted from British TV for American TV, you can barely tell the difference except the characters have weird accents and eat different brands of cereal. Deucalion is a Cubewano with an orbit of 296 years. [The Cubewanos get their name from the first discovery in their class, 1992 QB1 (say it out loud), which for some mysterious reason persists in not having a name. I imagine its provisional designation will stick more or less perpetually.]

Phil Sedgwick proposes that Deucalion relates to “understanding the flow (tides of life), manifestation ability, magical, resourceful, and seeing the talent in everyone.” I would say: we call it ‘magic’, but it’s really nature. We call it nature, but it has a ‘magical’ quality to it. In its more difficult manifestations, he proposes that it’s about, “Feeling overwhelmed, not able to tread water (keep up with life), being financially irresponsible, and feeling the burden of humanity.” He includes “ceremonies of manifestation, spiritual exercises using images of bounty and harvest, runes, reading bones” — in other words, divination and seeking warnings and cautions about the future.

Orcus (provisional name 2004 DW, catalogue number 90482), another Plutino, was discovered in 2004, and has a 248 year orbit — quite close to Pluto’s. While this is an underworld god, not specifically a sea-god, it is the namesake of orca whales, sometimes called killer whales (who tend to be friendly to humans), so I’m including it. Orca whales despite their name are friendly to humans, but they are in a serious fight for survival. They are, by the way, practically the subject of a massive folk religion in the Seattle and Vancouver areas, where they are revered.

Sedgwick proposes that this planet can symbolize “a person of one’s word, [one who] challenges broken promises, is aligned with a spiritual creed, [and is] accountable for personal thought, word and deed.” On the more difficult side, he suggests, “hypocritical, fault finding in the ways of others, blame assigning, ducks responsibility for word and actions, unable to keep promises.”

Francesco Sciavinotto suggests that this planet is involved in the fight for survival. I would add that there is a feeling of the ethics that one would apply or adopt when faced with such a fight, and the psychological and emotional steps toward getting there.

AROUND THE TIME of the Libra Solstice there were many interrelationships between the Water Worlds with traditional planets including Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter — all in septiles and related aspects. A septile is an aspect created by dividing a circle in seven, or 51.4 degrees. You can combine septiles into biseptiles and triseptiles to have even more fun with your cosmic erecter set. So, 103 degree aspects count, as do 154 degree aspects, give or take a little for squirm.

Explaining septiles, Rick Levine says, “When you think of septiles, think of Beethoven. He had a lot of septiles in his chart. Compare this with Mozart, who had a lot of quintiles.” When I think of Beethoven I think of the 9th Symphony thundering into the air: intensity, sexuality, a driven quality. I think of poet Adrienne Rich commenting on this quality in one of her poems.

The Astrology Encyclopedia by James R. Lewis says of this aspect, “Because of the numerological association of the number seven with Neptune, it has been regarded as having a mystical or ‘beclouding’ influence.” We also get yet more water imagery with the Neptune connection. Also, when you think Seven think: The Chariot (the 7th tarot trump, related to the sign Cancer), or the Seven of Cups (in watery context, less wholesome) or the Seven of Wands (fiery context, more functional).

Whatever the esoteric connotations, we are in a time when water is big news, and should be bigger news. I am, lately, reminded of The Onion’s article from some time ago, “All Americans Issued Life Vests For Some Reason.” I am also reminded of an article I just read, a Sept. 15, 2005 offering from Steve Connor from The Independent in the UK, reprinted on Here is the lead to the article:

“A record loss of sea ice in the Arctic this summer has convinced scientists that the northern hemisphere may have crossed a critical threshold beyond which the climate may never recover. Scientists fear that the Arctic has now entered an irreversible phase of warming which will accelerate the loss of the polar sea ice that has helped to keep the climate stable for thousands of years.

“They believe global warming is melting Arctic ice so rapidly that the region is beginning to absorb more heat from the sun, causing the ice to melt still further and so reinforcing a vicious cycle of melting and heating.

“The greatest fear is that the Arctic has reached a ‘tipping point’ beyond which nothing can reverse the continual loss of sea ice and with it the massive land glaciers of Greenland, which will raise sea levels dramatically.”

Best wishes and many blessings,


And bother your Congresspeople and Senators. Don’t let the bullies win!

To Be Fair (and astrology info)

I’ve Been Thinking…

The quandary the left always finds itself in is the one touched upon in the last post. We are a group of independent spirits who believe in the rights of all and who honor ask that humanity honor the individual. We don’t expect everyone to agree with us and we don’t force people to do so with weapons. By nature we are desirous of peace and have compassion for other beings. We are the meek in the biblical statement: And the meek shall inherit the earth.

Although most of us are secular we show a greater morality, one born of compassion and love for our fellow man. We don’t need to tear down others to feel better.

Wow, it would seem we are the Christians following the path of Christ which by the way was his message. He didn’t tell people to worship him. And we are being martyred by the right wing who play on fear, anger, hatred and the darkness of men’s hearts. This is a dangerous game they play. But they don’t care. That’s the whole point, they don’t care about other people. “I’ve got mine, screw you,” should be their catch phrase.

So how do we fight them? How can we retain our ideals (which President Obama represents) and not be bullied and allowed to move the agenda of caring for each other forward?

Whether we like it or not the crazies are right about one thing – we do live in a predominetly Judeo-Christian culture. It was after all Christian religious zealots who founded this place and their desire for religious freedom really meant the brand of crazy Christian zealotry you found yourself most attracted to. Just as they had slaves working in their field they gave long detailed speeches on the meaning of equality and freedom for all (meaning white men).  It is only through the compassion and higher minded idealists like Lincoln that our society moved forward and sadly, Lincoln paid with his life.

In the Christian tradition there is no spiritual warrior despite the invented version by way of Evangelic Christianity. Goodness, (represented by Christ) holiness and God (represented here on earth by Christ) choose self-sacrifice over gathering a militia and fighting the Romans or any such military option. It’s not the Jews or the Romans who murder Christ but the Christians who follow Christ’s command to not intervene, hide him or fight for him. Just as the Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, taken peacefully by the merciless Nazis. The Jews choose the path of kindness and disbelief. The level of evil was unimaginable. And I believe we are in a similar situation. I don’t think people realize the level of evil that seeks to oppose and destroy this world. The root of this evil is greed and selfishness. It is so deeply rooted in American culture and revered by those who identify with the right that it has become the shadow self of our culture and it has been leading us down the path of total self-destruction for the past 30 years. Fighting this trickster is difficult because on that side the only law is really the law of black magic so aptly stated by Aleister Crowley (I know some think he’s gray, but this law is the line that takes one to the dark side): Thou will is the whole of the law. Meaning one can do anything to anyone in anyway if they want to. The only thing that matters is the individuals own will. One could say Karl Rove and Dick Cheney are the best example of this ideology in action. It’s the whole, “The ends justify the means,” philosophy we as school children had come to understand as wrong, because it is wrong. But this notion, which has always been embraced by the dark side, Hitler, Pol Pot, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney (how many innocent Iraqi people have died during this war? We don’t even count them in our tallies which is horrifying), is a bully pulpupit one that leads to a bloody trail. How many of us protested the war in Iraq? I know here in Los Angeles I was at protests that had literally over a million people, bigger than any protest I’d ever seen, yet it was barely reported at the time. And if the media said there were a million people in New York double or triple that amount, which would be more accurate from my years of protesting and seeing how the media reports on the Lefts agendas to do horrible things like stop wars and eliminate Apartheid.

I personally would have no compunction about fighting these people hard and taking the chance to my own health. I’ve been knocked down by police at Anti-Apartheid protests and seen angry mobs loose control while being in the frightening middle of it. But I’m a parent now and it’s not fair to my daughter that I should have to put my life on the line to protect her rights as a human being.

So back to the central question of how to fight the darkness. Besides meditation, logic and being active in letting your Representatives know how you feel. I think we need to rethink the Christian paradigm. In ancient cultures there was always the way of the warrior, one who fought to protect his/her people and honor. There was no judgment made about who one was fighting, it wasn’t about having God on ones side (although I’m sure they prayed all the same) it was about very simple things like protecting resources so ones people didn’t starve, protecting women and children and elderly people from being slaughtered by an invading army.

But this path of the spiritual warrior was really over by the time of the Roman Empire which instead of acting in defense, took on the strategy of conquering everyone and making them Romans. In other words they took an offensive position as defense to their empire which is the model for all empires, ours included. But these empires collapse eventually, Portugal, Spain, Italy, England no longer can afford this stategy like a giant crazed amoeba absorbing everything in its wake until it bursts, this strategy wastes the resources of its people and often the lives of many soldiers and expands to the point of sustainability until it fractures and falls to pieces. Does this sound familiar to you? Yes, we’re there.

So how can one fight the evil bullies of this world without becoming one? This is the eternal quandary which has fractured and divided the left and given tremendous power to the right for years. Their unifying platform is self-interest at any expense. Ours is not so easily defined other than: Equality, justice and compassion for all beings. The later can be, and is, not just broad but interpreted in many ways with many factions fighting for equality and justice, asking for compassion and help for the less fortunate. Everyone on our side has a passion for one particular cause or another as there are so many ways people step on others.

The only answer I can think of is to not engage with the darkness, to do what’s right and fair allow the world to see how much better things are when goodness and compassion prevail and allow the self-serving to realize the sky didn’t fall and perhaps Medicaid and Medicare (government programs many of them use) really aren’t so bad. I mean Reagan talked the same nonsense about it being socialism, even communism back in the 60s and I think most people at this point would say he sounded like a paranoid nut job at that point (in retrospect.)

Best wishes,


I’ve Been Thinking…

Answering Readers!

From Hope and a Plan:

I have been thinking about string theory a lot in the past week and about physics and how electrons take every single path to get from a to b.  I wonder if that isnt a physics metaphor for how we are either taking every single path as humans or our incarnations are all happening at the same time.  And if so, are all of our multiple selves impacting karmically each other?  What if we personally create a butterfly effect across dimensions (life times) impacting not only all of life which is energy in the here and now but elsewhere?  I’d love to know your thoughts…  Thanks again for a terrific subject!

Hi Hope and a Plan,

I’m glad you brought up the idea of multiple selves across time and the idea that they are impacting one another. This is something I’ve thought about due to a series of dreams I had that I was a colonist on Mars. Strangely, I met another woman around the same period who was also having similar dreams. We were (and are) both Aquarians and when comparing our dreams found they were bizarely similar. The structures in the dream were nearly identical and the small number of colonists, all the details. It sort of freaked me out at the time and I didn’t know what it meant. In retrospect I think she was actually someone who I have a future karmic tie to and we met in this life for a brief period perhaps to set something up for that lifetime which was why we were both having these dreams around the time we met each other.

Since time is pliable and really an illusion I’ve wondered if our other selves could not only be living in different times but different time trajectories. Meaning histories that could have been and futures that will be if only certain things happen. Perhaps our decision to incarnate at a collective time/space is an attempt to rectify the past and the future, shaping for the better our personal and collective evolution.

I remember as a child being confused that certain things hadn’t been invented as I had assumed things worked in a certain way such as computerization. When I found out that people actually drew the pictures for animated films I was shocked. There were a lot of things invented in my lifetime that I assumed were already here when I was young which led me to believe I had lived in the future at a certain point and came back in time to this point. I think we incarnate in this way skipping backward and forward across time for various reasons. It isn’t linear as we are led to believe by traditional ideas of reincarnation.

I think you are right about the idea of a butterfly effect which is why we skip across time and incarnate in ancient Egypt and then as a colonist on Mars, as each life effects the whole more like a globe of energy being added to by our decisions and incarnations, then a point in space/time that moves in linear fashion.

Which leads to this next question from Wei:

Denise, Could Zoma be your higher self?  Someone you were at one point?  Interesting that you found a historical reference, must have been quite a person.  I worry about channeling because of the intentions of the spirit coming through, but as long as you know what you’re doing.  It’s an interesting subject and I have no doubt channeling is real.

Hi Wei,

I have wondered that myself and actually thought it was my higher self until I found the ancient Jewish mystic and philosopher who bore that name. And then I wondered the same thing, perhaps he’s me from another life? I don’t know. When Zoma first came to me the feeling was very extraterrestrial and Zoma actually called itself “we.” It appeared as a collective group of souls or so I felt at the time. And it had a similar vibe to my experiences with Enochian energy.

But I was also more afraid of my psychic ability then and it had a dark side (probably due to my turbulent childhood). As I’ve matured my ability has become earthed more in my personality and my body which has been an interesting experience and hard to really explain. Instead of going out of my body to get information I now go inward and trace things through lines and trails usually through my heart chakra. And actually at the end of a reading I feel this overwhelming unconditional love for the person I read for due to this method.

My ability feels completely integrated unlike when I was younger. My new experiences with Zoma feel more like he is a part of myself. Even his tone and energy seem like a spiritually evolved human and not like some freaky extraterrestrial Enochian angelic force. This makes me believe that Zoma is a part of me which is why I was really the only person who could channel it/him when I was younger.

I do believe we all have a Zoma though, some part of ourselves (aka the higher self) that knows pretty much everything, is omniscient and one with God/Goddess/Universe. I have no idea why some people can access this and others can not, but I think it probably has something to do with our path in life and how we set this life up. Some of us really don’t need to be in touch with that part of our-self because our life lessons are grounded very much in the material plane. Just like I’m athletically (severly) challenged (and I mean that literally) some people are cut off from their intuition. I have one friend from high school who told me she never had so much as a Deja Vu’ or any  kind of intuition or any experience with feeling the presence of God/Goddess or really any kind of remotely psychic experience. And I know this to be true because I took a trip with her in the 1980s to New York and she didn’t even get a bad feeling when we walked through Times Square. She was totally clueless to the creepy, leering energy there, it was odd as if she had not even any primitive animal instinct for danger. For some reason she chose to be blind in this way for this lifetime perhaps to concentrate on other things. She’s a brilliant person and artist, but has not one iota of intuition. Just like I have not one iota of athletic talent.

I can only suppose we design our life time to fit our lessons and take the tools we need to fulfill our purpose leaving behind things that would distract us. The problem for most people though is they undervalue or devalue their gifts and spend far too much time lamenting what they feel they are lacking. I think this is one of the hardest lessons of all. We each admire others for the things we feel are missing from ourselves and dismiss what we are meant to give. It’s not an easy lesson. I’m only beginning to come to terms with these issues myself.

Many blessings to all,


Answering Readers!

An Interesting Question about the Universe from a Reader…

Here’s the question from a fellow reader who e-mailed this to me:

Here goes, if I can express my question lucidly:
Most of physical matter appears to be contained within something else. For example, protons and electrons are contained within atoms, and atoms are a part of all matter. All organisms found on this planet are contained on this planet which itself is contained within the solar system which in turn is contained within a galaxy which is considered a part of the universe which is thought to be INFINITE. So, going with this theme, in what is the UNIVERSE contained? If it is contained in something bigger than itself, then the universe is FINITE. If our UNIVERSE is contained in something else, then is that SOMETHING ELSE contained within something else, and so on and so on?
Is this a different paradigm for analyzing our ‘UNIVERSE’ around us or Am I Just Being Silly?!! 🙂
Here’s my answer:
There are some interesting new theories about this very question and some answers have come from String Theory. I’ll try to do a descent job of explaining what I’ve read on the subject and of course it will be in layman’s language and hopefully I won’t butcher any of the ideas too badly, so here goes. The first thing about string theory is the ideas in it are complicated and require something like at least 11 parallel dimensions in order for the theory to even work. The string part of string theory is derived from the notion that beyond the smallest known particles like quarks (which behave very unusually and in many ways prove some esoteric ideas, but that’s another story) are the tiniest of the tiniest bits that make up all known things. And once clumped together into something they take on certain characteristics. These strings are ubber tiny strings that vibrate and it is through their vibration that they attract other like strings and make stuff. I love this idea as the universe would literally be made up of inaudible music created from the tiny strings. So these strings vibrate at a certain pitch and collect to make different sorts of bigger compounds.
But the most interesting part of String Theory is the question that it set out to answer which was the notion of how did the Big Bang happen? Or what came before the Big Bang? And something to note here is that the Big Bang is a more complicated idea than most of us are taught, here’s a brief synopsis. All of a sudden space-time blasted into being, it started out very hot and very close together and has been pushing out since then. The part that we often misunderstand is the notion of space-time which is a complicated idea. Literally everything that exits in the Universe, all of time and space was created in that one moment which came from nothing. That’s a pretty heavy and strange idea.
Now the beautiful thing about String Theory, and in my opinion where it dovetails with the metaphors of all religions and the notion of “as above so below,” is the idea that what created the Big Bang was a bunch of universes all sort of floating around in what is now called a multiverse and two of these universes happened to collide into one another thus creating our universe (sort of like sex or the idea of the Goddess and the God or in esoteric Judaic and Christian traditions, the notion of God and his female soul Sophia or the feminine side of God co-creating the Universe).  Of course one then asks where did this multiverse come from and so on which is the appeal of the easy answer/creationism/intelligent design.
Here’s the thing from my own personal experience that leads me to believe String Theory is about as close as we’ve in come, in science, to the truth. When I was 12 my back was fractured and I had a herniated disc. I was put on bed rest for about 7 months. My father was dead by this time and my mother worked, so I spent 95% of my days alone. Besides watching Oprah on my little black and white TV there wasn’t much to do so I spent a lot of time, reading, thinking and meditating. A lot of my meditation was spent on God and how the Universe came to be as I was always psychic and very fascinated by this question. I had started my search for answers at about 9 when I began reading astronomy textbooks to learn about what made up the universe and peer into any clue I could find about how it worked. I found a lot of information about dwarf stars, black holes (which were still theoretical at the time) and approximations of how many stars were in our galaxy (about 300,000) but not much about how the universe came to be which I found very frustrating. I then searched through my  occult books, the bible, mythology, etc.
Again nothing satisfied so I thought about it and spent many days and nights meditating on the question until I came to the knowing that the Universe was like a circle within a circle within a circle. There was no end and no beginning, these circles went on for infinity in every direction. There was no end to how many parallel dimensions as that was infinite as well. Perhaps the greatest epiphany was that God was always and forever, meaning God had no beginning and no end. God was also not a “designer” but an energy source present in everything and everyone and there was no true beginning of time or matter, it just transformed as we did when we die. Hence we as human beings are both finite and infinite as our souls are eternal and part of God’s energy and our bodies are part of the earth which has a finite beginning, middle and end as do all physical things. The energy that makes them is infinite and forever but they have a finite period of time to “live” and develop until the next set of lessons and/or individuation process unfolds.
Of course this brings up the notion of why God would want or need to expand Him/Herself. The answer I came up with was to experience Him/Herself and allow each piece of Him/Herself to individuate and ascend infinitely, reuniting with the Self/God after a period of expansion and learning. This theory would of course mean we reincarnate for as long as we want and perhaps in some cases for as long as we need to.
I hope this makes some sense and is not to confusing.
This is why ancient religions stated “All Gods are One,” and the spiritual seeker is to always see the God/Goddess in everyone he or she meets (-Namaste). This is sometimes hard when dealing with people who are asleep spiritually or run their lives as if they are worker drones or zombies. Those who have yet to awaken to the power and truth of our collective Oneness. Or what some call “conservatives.” I’m not going to go on about the health care zombies right now who basically argue that they have theirs so f everyone else. This is a sad state we are in and one I’ve thought a lot about lately. Is it that there are too many of us on the planet and there are the same percentages of selfish people? Or is it that we are so many we are starting to act like too many rats stuck in the same cage? Even simple courtesy seems to have dissolved into the whole “me first” way of our current world. Not only is this sad on a spiritual level and hurtful to our emotional and psychic development, but it also freaks me out because it makes me think we are calling down the worst possible fate by our behavior and sadly we are all going to have to suffer under it whether or not we partake of this intensely rude and mean spirited selfishness. We are all linked and we will all have to answer to the loud mouths who would rather let a stranger starve on the street than help them. I have to admit that my natural inclination toward feeling most human beings were ultimately good has been replaced by the feeling that there is a range of goodness and most people are heavy into the middle section of gray. I know there are many good, great loving people in the world, it’s just that their voices are often softer then those who are rude and mean spirited, this has always been the case. I wish there was some way to change it.
Many blessings,
An Interesting Question about the Universe from a Reader…

Update on the new astrology, Terrance McKenna, 2012…

There have been numerous trans-Neptunian objects found, some categorized as dwarf planets, some as centaurs or minor planets which are more like a cross between a small planet and comets. So deciphering the objects and their meaning is going to take some time. I’ve also decided to try using sidereal information which is basically the astronomically correct information tweaked for the slow progression of the ages which is basically the tilt of our planet from Pisces into Aquarius. So far it’s about 24 degrees off. There is a branch of modern astrologers who use sidereal information which is also used in Vedic astrology. However this is complicated by the energy invested in the old system which also seems to be fairly accurate about the psychology associated with the old tropical placements.

As we get closer to 2012 I’ve been feeling we are headed for a sort of time warp, not necessarily something we would notice in the ordinary world. At first I likened it to a flat sheet of paper (space/time) that was being bent upward at the corners into the shape of a cup, but now I have the feeling it is most likely a naturally occurring phenomena caused (most likely) by a star turning into a black hole and the ripple caused by the event in space-time which would be more akin to a stone being thrown in water, causing a ripple effect. The original event of the star collapsing into itself and becoming a black hole could have happened 1000 billion years ago, but the disturbance is only now being felt by us as the ripple begins to hit us. This would be an entirely natural phenomena, but not one we would have ever experienced as we are a young race and these events happen over tremendous spans of time.

How exactly it will effect us I’m not entirely sure, it maybe as unnoticeable to the ordinary person as astrology and astronomical calculations shift by a matter of degrees or just seconds, or it may cause a tremendous shift in our planetary motion around the sun. I would imagine it would depend on the size of the space-time wave and also what exactly a wave like that would or could do. Perhaps the Mayans saw the supernova event and realized there would be some sort of ripple effect happening here in 2012. Maybe they knew about space-time waves and guessed from a sudden burst in the sky that this would cause a magnetic disturbance of sorts. I would doubt they knew abut black holes or understood that when a star collapsed on itself it turned into one, but you never know.

Whatever they did know it seems that time (as Terrance McKenna observed) does seem to be speeding up (and that’s not just because I’m getting older). McKenna’s theory that everyday was made up of one day in the past,  one day in the future mixed with the present seems at least symbolically accurate. He believed as we got closer to 2012 time would speed up meaning we would cycle through things that would have taken much longer to cycle through in the past, such as the dark ages in a matter of a few years. I think he was onto something as this feeling I’m getting about the ripple or time-wave feels like that. I think however in his theory we cycled so fast we ended up in a parallel dimension which might be possible but seems doubtful. The universe is dramatic in long epoch time, but not in terms of human life spans.

Many blessings,


Update on the new astrology, Terrance McKenna, 2012…

Some of the findings and perhaps a rant about the right…

So far after about a week of channeling and meditating on a nightly basis I’ve come to the conclusion that there should be 3 different rulerships for each sun sign representing the three interconnected pieces of us and reflected in ancient and modern symbolic language. In the representation of the threefold Goddess, Mother, Maiden and Crone which shows the three phases of the moon (not including the new moon which is considered masculine) of waxing, waning and full. And in current symbology utilized in Christianity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In human beings we can look to the Freudian idea of the ego, id and superego or in ancient mystical texts the higher, lower and middle selves.

I have found the class of new found objects which are trans-Neptunian objects from the Kuniper belt which have been migrating closer to us, and named after the Centaurs by astronomers, to represent and/or rule the 7 chakras. I have long ago noticed that each sun sign seems to favor a chakra that gets overworked and now it will be a matter of putting these Centaurs together with the sun signs and chakras.

The third new caste in the system are the trans-Neptunian objects or “dwarf planets,” of which Ceres is included (although not trans-Neptunian) also rule the transformation and/or healing, higher self or spiritual pathway to the sun signs. They will be assigned rulership as I go along and investigate more.

Now onto something extremely annoying the “birthers” and the idiots who don’t want to reform the health care system. These same anti-reformers (often paid by and bussed in by the health insurance companies) actually say things like “I don’t want reform because I don’t want my medicare taken away.” OK, I know everyone who reads this blog is smart enough to understand how stupid that statement is and won’t bother to explain it. And the birthers are so out on a limb that the branch they are standing on has broken and they are now basically showing themselves for what they are a bunch of racist jerks. Do they really think that anyone could go through the rigorous process of running for president with a fake birth certificate? I mean really. Seriously, that B.S. Nigerian birth certificate they “found,” wouldn’t get a person a fake ID let alone pass muster for the highest office in the U.S.

Let me remind those who are “birthers” that the reason this notion of having to be born in the U.S. is even an issue is because we rebelled against England and were worried about someone getting into the position of President who would re-unite us with the British Empire and also the worry we could end up with someone with treasoneous intentions in that position. It seems to me these birthers and the right has effectively taken up that latter mantel. Ironically these are the same people who 5 years ago were arguing for that stipulation to be taken out of the constitution because they saw Arnold Schwarzenegger as the messiah of their lame party. It’s so lame I don’t think it should even be called a party anymore, perhaps a gaggle of ignorant humans who should invest some money in what are called books and then try reading some of them.

Many blessings,


Some of the findings and perhaps a rant about the right…

Back to Astrology & More…

Again sorry posts have been patchy, my whole family has been sick with a cold, that’s what happens when you have a little one. Anyway, just wanted to update everyone on some stuff. First I’ll give some background so all of what I’m about to write makes sense. When I was in my early 20s working as a psychic I met another psychic who was interested in channeling. She somehow got me to try it and I ended up contacting and communing with a being who called itself Zoma. I just want to remind everyone here that I was not raised in any religious tradition except for a minor stint with Catholicisms shortly after my father died (he was Jewish.) My father was also 24 years older than my mother and most of his family was dead by the time I was born. My first cousins are literally twice as old as I am but anyway I digress…

So it turned out Zoma was very accurate (this is where I got my wordpress handle as you can see) remarkably so. Zoma could answer just about any question directly with specific and very detailed information. There were two occasions I remember most because I ended up discussing them with the querants later which didn’t always happen. Most often the information was written down by another psychic and if told an hour later about what had occurred I couldn’t remember much about it. It wasn’t as if I was in a full trance, but a semi-trance where I was able to interact with Zoma and ask questions in my mind, Zoma would then give the information through me, telling me the things to say. One of the two instances that stuck with me was a woman who had a lot of emotional troubles, she asked Zoma if she had experienced a violent crime. Zoma answered yes, described the area, gave the proximity of the town it took place in to her home and the name of the street it took place on. I remember this because the woman despite the accuracy of the information (which she verified) still wasn’t sure as she had blocked the incident out of her conscious mind. The second was a question about Atlantis from a fellow psychic (a subject I knew nothing about and had no interest in). The psychic asked where Atlantis had been and Zoma gave a location and the name of a ruler. She subsequently did research and found this ruler referred to in an ancient text and reference to the exact area Zoma had claimed Atlantis had been in the same text. That blew me away not only because I had no idea about the subject, but the name of the ruler was very odd and complicated which Zoma correctly identified.

OK, fast forward to the internet – the Zoma sessions were done in the early 90s before the Internet was accessible to anyone outside academia. I decided to look up Zoma and up came information about an ancient Jewish scholar/philosopher named Ben Zoma in the second century.  I thought that was very strange as he (from what I could tell was pretty obscure) and I had of course never heard of him, but again the genetic or Jungian idea of the ancestral memory thing came to mind.

To make a long story shorter I have decided to begin working with Zoma again after many years, not because of Zoma, but because the group of psychics I was teaching to channel began to try and make me into some kind of “spiritual leader” which I am morally opposed to for a variety of reasons. It’s my feeling we all have the answers inside of us if we listen close enough, people can teach people things, but it then becomes the job of the student to take up the mantel and find their own path. I do not like deification or being put in the position of power or responsibility that someone with that title inccures, so I backed away from it. I also was something like 23 years old and not ready to take on anything close to that. I also saw some of the people I had taught abuse their power by lying about what Zoma was saying to control other people and get them to do things they wanted them to do and although it was mostly inoquous, it made me very upset and crossed a line I couldn’t be part of.

So recently I have enlisted Zoma’s help to redefine the astrological system which I feel is in need o an overhaul as many things are no longer timing out and I can feel we are in the midst of a paradigm shift. I believe this is why all the new planets have been discovered and rather than hodge podging it together I’m trying to see if there is a deeper and more meaningful way of getting to all the new astronomical data and its application to us here on earth. At some point I may ask you to participate in my research and subsequently you will receive a free reading via the blog. It will of course all be private and your identity hidden. If you are interested I will make an announcement in the next few months for those of you who wish to participate, so look for that. I will need feedback to help tweak the system, so those who participate will play a vital role in the creation of this new system of divination.

I want also to qualify that I am not New Age and my interaction with Zoma comes from a much older tradition of shamanism. My earliest training was in the ancient shamanistic practices of the Celts and their interaction with other dimensional beings known as the Sidhe or as the Faery people. I was trained in my late teens by a High Priestess who came from that tradition and later worked with a man who was trained in “High Magic” in the tradition of the ancient Sumerians mixed with study of the kabbalah and rituals of the Goetia. My teacher was into talking to demons on occasion, but I personally was not, and only participated in angelic and Enochian invocations. I have never engaged in harming, binding, hurting, manipulating or impressing my will upon others through magic – this in my opinion is the definition of what is termed “black magic.” I only engage in discourses and getting information. healing (if the injured wants the help) and self-improvement through my personal connection with the divine.  Having clear and distinct moral boundaries when dealing with supernatural power is essential to keeping sane and free of negative karma.

Many blessings,


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The Family…

Anyone out there see Bill Maher last night? He had an author on named Jeff Sharlet who wrote a book called “The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power,” all I can say is if you haven’t read the hypothesis I put forward in the book (which is published here on the website) “Americhrist” then this will seem too crazy to make up (which I thought I did through conjecture, inference and intuition.) But as it turns out my theory that there was and is a secret cabal of crazy nut jobber Fundamentalist Christians who think the ends justify the means is actually very, very, very, very real and ten times as scary. They believe (as Hitler did) that because they are wealthy and in positions of power they are the “chosen” people and therefore the rules do not apply to them, only to us “little people.” Again this is one of the themes of the dystopian novel I wrote back at the turn of the century. I always knew they sort of believed it in their heart of hearts but this man Jeff Sharlet actually lived with them and they gave them their philosophy which provides no moral judgement for Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, etc. Basically any mass murdering psychopath who happened to get into politics – because, as you guessed it, they were “chosen” by God.

This theory is eerily close to, well, actually it is exactly the same argument Hitler made and believed. So there you have it, self-admittance by this group at the heart of our government which is by nature cruel, destructive, murderous and evil by any moral standard. Accordingly however they (as all socio/psychopaths) believe they are exempt from morality because of their station. I can’t think of the exact Hindu lore that addresses this very common phenomena when human beings are given power but it is something to the effect that one of the Gods is talking to a king and he’s about to crush an ant and the God says not to kill as that ant was the last one who was king. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, right? I guess even proximity to power corrupts the weak minded. Or perhaps it is the hunger for power and excess that leads them toward the centers of power only to have access to a darkening of their souls.

On another note, I looked at the transits to the Dow Jones and they are similar to the transits that occurred during the last big crash. However I’m not getting a feeling of impending doom there. Instead I have a feeling there is something strange going on, a propping up, perhaps an artificial structure holding the market up that may break later. We’ve seen a lot of this over the past 20 years as deregulation has occurred so has real accounting, accountability and truth.

Best wishes,


The Family…