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Anyone out there see Bill Maher last night? He had an author on named Jeff Sharlet who wrote a book called “The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power,” all I can say is if you haven’t read the hypothesis I put forward in the book (which is published here on the website) “Americhrist” then this will seem too crazy to make up (which I thought I did through conjecture, inference and intuition.) But as it turns out my theory that there was and is a secret cabal of crazy nut jobber Fundamentalist Christians who think the ends justify the means is actually very, very, very, very real and ten times as scary. They believe (as Hitler did) that because they are wealthy and in positions of power they are the “chosen” people and therefore the rules do not apply to them, only to us “little people.” Again this is one of the themes of the dystopian novel I wrote back at the turn of the century. I always knew they sort of believed it in their heart of hearts but this man Jeff Sharlet actually lived with them and they gave them their philosophy which provides no moral judgement for Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, etc. Basically any mass murdering psychopath who happened to get into politics – because, as you guessed it, they were “chosen” by God.

This theory is eerily close to, well, actually it is exactly the same argument Hitler made and believed. So there you have it, self-admittance by this group at the heart of our government which is by nature cruel, destructive, murderous and evil by any moral standard. Accordingly however they (as all socio/psychopaths) believe they are exempt from morality because of their station. I can’t think of the exact Hindu lore that addresses this very common phenomena when human beings are given power but it is something to the effect that one of the Gods is talking to a king and he’s about to crush an ant and the God says not to kill as that ant was the last one who was king. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, right? I guess even proximity to power corrupts the weak minded. Or perhaps it is the hunger for power and excess that leads them toward the centers of power only to have access to a darkening of their souls.

On another note, I looked at the transits to the Dow Jones and they are similar to the transits that occurred during the last big crash. However I’m not getting a feeling of impending doom there. Instead I have a feeling there is something strange going on, a propping up, perhaps an artificial structure holding the market up that may break later. We’ve seen a lot of this over the past 20 years as deregulation has occurred so has real accounting, accountability and truth.

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The Family…

6 thoughts on “The Family…

  1. Juno says:

    So about the dow jones, then Obama and Co are just artificially delaying another collapse?? Is that your take? As for The Family, I saw that episode of Maher (love his show) and had the smae reaction — funny, and what is scary is that they are really into spreading the message and building their churches on military bases! Yikes!

  2. Melissa Balivet says:

    Hi Denise,
    I’ve had the feeling that things are not good; that we’re being lied to. At the beginning of July, I read an article stating that a former Goldman Sachs employee was being pursued by Goldman Sachs, which claims that the employee took with him when he left, a “software program that could be used to manipulate the markets” if it “got into the wrong hands.” What does that seem to say? I feel that Goldman Sachs was /is probably manipulating the market. Another strange thing was going on with sales of gold bars months ago….people wanted to buy them, but the supply was mysteriously “out”. I feel that we are not being told the truth at all, and the media is cooperating as they have been for many years, with the powers-that-be, behind the scene.

  3. hopeandaplan says:

    I agree. All the of information coming out is contrary to the way the market is reacting. I have better odds at a craps table in Vegas. They keep saying its because the housing market is doing better than expected which is hogwash. Many are new buyers who are rushing to take advantage of their first buyer credit by years end. Then what happens to the numbers in the market? Theirs more spin on wall street than k street these days… Barack has said its still going to be a while before the economy stabilizes and Larry Summers keeps beating his reality check drum but the only business news covered is which way the dow headed for the day. Still we’re all getting the same feeling. But what does that mean, these people have managed to manipulate since the 90’s, per the recent Rolling Stone expose on Goldman. I know you ran a chart on Goldman before, do you see any real revelations there? Thanks Denise…

  4. Jennifer says:

    Here is an interesting post from last March. If you decide to read it, don’t stop reading because you don’t understand the lingo. It is eventually explained, and makes perfect sense.

    It says basically that AIG funneled losses from banks such as JPM, BAC and C into their own books through badly written derivatives.

    The thing that I am afraid that this will blow-up on the democrats and we could end up with a scary fundamentalists like you mentioned above in charge of our country. We could see wars and environmental destruction like never before.

    But does our fears give the current administration the right to take advantage of us like this? I am conflicted. It is unfair…

    Why can’t the Green Party get it together so that I can vote for a viable candidate in the future? I am tired of corruption, yet afraid of what could replace it.


  5. Wei says:

    I continue to be concerned about the economy. The dangers are enormous because of the political ramifications involved, which is in agreement with statements made here. Hopefully we will make the right turns in the road. The fed has to go, and the banks need to be regulated. The Goldman Sachs article in rolling stone is one of the most important articles this year, I wished it got more play.

  6. barry says:

    I am very impressed with the responses. We are getting closer to the truth. It put me in a good mood.

    Falling down on the far right of every issue is not conservative. Wanting a massive war machine in dozens of coutries is not conservative. Trying to indoctrinate that war machine into a particular religion is not conservative. The republican party today is not conservative just right wing. Falling down on the far right of every issue is never a good idea.

    Google the latest by Chalmer Johnson on why we should dismatle the US war machine. He says we have 46 foreign bases around the world and they are not there to protect you and I. The US is not only broke but has massive debts and is now printing money to cover it. Obama knows it has to change but can’t or won’t. Why is a good question. Maybe he isn’t allowed to.

    And if you havn’t read Matt Taibbi’s latest on Goldman Sachs please do so. It shows how Wall Street and Washington work.

    I can’t see anything in the US that is not corrupt. It’s one big lie.

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