Some of the findings and perhaps a rant about the right…

So far after about a week of channeling and meditating on a nightly basis I’ve come to the conclusion that there should be 3 different rulerships for each sun sign representing the three interconnected pieces of us and reflected in ancient and modern symbolic language. In the representation of the threefold Goddess, Mother, Maiden and Crone which shows the three phases of the moon (not including the new moon which is considered masculine) of waxing, waning and full. And in current symbology utilized in Christianity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In human beings we can look to the Freudian idea of the ego, id and superego or in ancient mystical texts the higher, lower and middle selves.

I have found the class of new found objects which are trans-Neptunian objects from the Kuniper belt which have been migrating closer to us, and named after the Centaurs by astronomers, to represent and/or rule the 7 chakras. I have long ago noticed that each sun sign seems to favor a chakra that gets overworked and now it will be a matter of putting these Centaurs together with the sun signs and chakras.

The third new caste in the system are the trans-Neptunian objects or “dwarf planets,” of which Ceres is included (although not trans-Neptunian) also rule the transformation and/or healing, higher self or spiritual pathway to the sun signs. They will be assigned rulership as I go along and investigate more.

Now onto something extremely annoying the “birthers” and the idiots who don’t want to reform the health care system. These same anti-reformers (often paid by and bussed in by the health insurance companies) actually say things like “I don’t want reform because I don’t want my medicare taken away.” OK, I know everyone who reads this blog is smart enough to understand how stupid that statement is and won’t bother to explain it. And the birthers are so out on a limb that the branch they are standing on has broken and they are now basically showing themselves for what they are a bunch of racist jerks. Do they really think that anyone could go through the rigorous process of running for president with a fake birth certificate? I mean really. Seriously, that B.S. Nigerian birth certificate they “found,” wouldn’t get a person a fake ID let alone pass muster for the highest office in the U.S.

Let me remind those who are “birthers” that the reason this notion of having to be born in the U.S. is even an issue is because we rebelled against England and were worried about someone getting into the position of President who would re-unite us with the British Empire and also the worry we could end up with someone with treasoneous intentions in that position. It seems to me these birthers and the right has effectively taken up that latter mantel. Ironically these are the same people who 5 years ago were arguing for that stipulation to be taken out of the constitution because they saw Arnold Schwarzenegger as the messiah of their lame party. It’s so lame I don’t think it should even be called a party anymore, perhaps a gaggle of ignorant humans who should invest some money in what are called books and then try reading some of them.

Many blessings,


Some of the findings and perhaps a rant about the right…

3 thoughts on “Some of the findings and perhaps a rant about the right…

  1. Jennifer says:

    I went to a town hall meeting yesterday in Northern Indiana. I dragged my husband there…he (and I) were afraid of violence, etc.

    What I found were wonderful people that supported the healthcare bill. They were quiet and congenial. I talked with a local reporter. I told her that if people are calling this bill “socialist,” then we should get rid of our socialist fire departments and schools. She phoned me today and we chatted. She recently had her health benefits at her reporting job just cancelled completely. She couldn’t afford COBRA.

    In any case, we all should be phoning our congressmen to show support. These guys are dealing with the insurance company plants sent to rile-up the disenfranchised people that want to have someone to blame…

    As I told my husband, “Now is the time to take a stand for those less fortunate than us – NOW!”

  2. mey says:

    Right on! (Or maybe Left on!) Why are so many astrologists so in tune with what is best for humans? I read you and Starlight, and you both give me hope that the entire Internet hasn’t been invaded by Regressives.

  3. Norah says:

    I can’t feel too much sympathy for members of Congress, Jennifer, since they have the best health care available and I have zip. Zilch. Nada. Me and millions of others.

    Glad your town hall meeting was a positive experience. The same people who are squawking about socialized medicine sat on their hands for eight years while Bush and Cheney ran amok, and said nary a word. Except to defend their fearless leaders, of course.

    Denise, I don’t think there’s any way to reach people who are that easily led down the primrose path. Grab a bible, wrap yourself in the flag, and the lemmings will follow you anywhere. Definitely NOT what Jesus would do!


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