The promised conversation with the guides about H1N1.

OK, there’s a lot to be afraid of on both sides if we are to believe everything. So I spent some time meditating and using a pendulum for answers.

I asked, “Will there be a big giant epidemic of H1Ni?” and got the answer — NO

“Will there be complications from the flu shot?” —  YES

“Will people die from the flu shot” — YES

“Will there be other complications from the flu shot” — YES

“Is this a drug company scheme to make money?” — YES

“Will a large number of children die from the H1N1 virus?” — NO

“Will this flu be in the normal middle range of most flus for deaths and complications?” — YES

“Will squalene be added now to the vaccine?” — YES

“Will this vaccine be responsible for new cases of Gion Beret Syndrome?” — YES

“Is there thimerosal in the vaccine” — YES

“Were the free doses of the H1N1 flu vaccine, given to the poor in Los Angeles and other parts of the country, a way of testing the vaccine?” YES

“Will people get hepatitis from this flu vaccine?” — YES

“Will people get AIDS from this flu vaccine?” — NO

These questions were compiled by me from those asked by you all. I hope this helps people to make as an informed of a decision as they can. Do your research. There’s a lot out there. My husband has been busy reading up on it last night and sent me some links that I have yet to open. I will put them up in the next post.

Please follow your own intuition. I’m sure for some people the vaccine is the right decision for you, but for the vast majority it may not be advantageous according to the spiritual information I’ve gotten. However every person is different and their chemistry, tolerance and needs are different. You must do what feels right for you. If you have a terrible feeling about this vaccine, avoid it. If you feel you really need it, go with your own intuition.

I must say I had sort of the feeling about the H1N1 virus that I had about the Avian flu which was not much energy at all, no more than a normal flu, perhaps even less. But I had to be sure through meditation that this wasn’t just wishful thinking. As a parent I’ve been very concerned about this and wanted to make sure about my clarity on the subject.

The prayer page is going up today. So please take a look at it and help pray for those who need help.
Best wishes to all you kind, good people,



5 thoughts on “H1N1…

  1. Wei says:

    Thanks for the insight. Please note it is Giann Barre Syndrome, which is what you can get from normal flu shots in which paralysis can occur often necessitating a visit to the intensive care unit due to breathing problems, which can lasts for months. Not fun! Wash hands and do not pick your nose under any circumstances. There are herbal remedies. I am taking chinese herbal medicine right now to treat other aliments and it happens to prevent colds and flus. Hope it keeps working.

  2. Juno says:

    Thanks Denise this info is really helpful. My gut feeling was this was just hype as a way to push new vaccines — obviously there is money to be made selling vaccines, but why would drug companies put things in the vaccines, like thimerosol, which can have such serious side effects? What is the point in seriously disabling small children and the elderly — the two most vulnerable groups?? Maybe I am being naive… My 11-year old niece had a severe reaction to her MMr shot when she was 2 1/2 and started losing her speech and bowel function (she was pretty much potty trained) shortly thereafter. Coincidence? Who knows. NOw she is on a cocktail of drugs for her severe autism and cannot speak or use the toilet. Yet, I am repeatedly told “not to be ridiculous” by doctors and nurses when I dare to raise questions. My son has had most of his shots, but I spaced them out so he was not getting whammoed by them every few months.

  3. Maddelin says:

    Hi, thanks for the pendulum test, I for one do not trust the vaccine. I was hoping you would ask the pendulum one more question. it’s the idea of nano mircochips if they will be in the H1N1 vaccine. If not this time, then in the future? thanks
    Love and light,

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