Israel A Dream and Warning…

I had a terrifying dream about Israel last night. I was in the middle of another dream and received a phone call from Israel. As I was listening and trying to figure out who and what was calling me, I looked out over the sea and saw it bubbling. It was very frightening. It was as if it was boiling and also as if it was being agitated all at once.  I shivered.

Then I was in Israel up in the mountains above a major city (I assume Tel Aviv? But I wasn’t told what city was below and didn’t actually see the city either, I was just aware that it was there behind a boulder which was obscuring my view of it.) I was with a group of military men, most dressed in street clothes, one had a military jacket on but with regular clothes other than that. We were looking for bombs and armaments. While looking we found a long cylindrical shaped bomb, like a giant bullet. I heard them say mortar, but then heard a countdown, and when it got to the number one there was a massive explosion, everything went yellow and I woke up from the force of it.

In the dream I was told (there was a guide who I didn’t see but heard) that this was not an ordinary regional skirmish, but was much bigger than that, the beginning of a world war.

It was terrifying.

It’s been a long time since I had one of these bizarre dreams. I have found that they are not always literal. It could be some  major change in Israel’s relationship to the world is coming, perhaps from some sort of mind-blowing (hence the symbolism of the bomb and the color yellow) new ideas that could lead to an escalation in a march to a much bigger war. It could also be literal though. And sometimes the dreams are literal, but exaggerated in degree for effect. I haven’t figured it out completely yet, but I had to post the warning despite being swamped and being sick. I’ll let everyone know if I have any further clarification.

Many blessings,


Israel A Dream and Warning…

6 thoughts on “Israel A Dream and Warning…

  1. bobby says:

    Very interesting dream….
    Yellow collor? Hmm, sign of Nuclear waste?
    Why you mentioned March? Why you said in March? What year 2010,2011,2012?
    Why not October or November in 2010?

  2. Helena says:

    First of all, we are in a Saturn Pluto cycle which historically has correlations with both the beginning of the First and Second World Wars, as well as every major conflict in the Middle East.

    The transits for Christmas Eve 2009 are noteworthy. Transiting Sun/Pluto in Capricorn opposes Israel’s natal (and U.S. natal) Venus, transiting Moon and Saturn in Aries and Libra respectively square Venus. Venus is the ruler of Israel’s chart, and transiting Saturn is in the 12th house approaching the first house and Neptune.
    Having said this, sometimes nothing happens, even when the transits are as dramatic as these. Let’s hope, but it’s hard to dismiss the astrological data and your dream.

  3. InvestorUno says:


    Looks like Dubai fiasco might fit the bill here huge international concerns over the state run comapny asking for holds on debt payments…

  4. Sinead says:

    I know this is completely off topic but do you get any feelings on the Amanda Knox trail? I just feel that she didn’t kill her roommate and the Italian government railroaded her. They didn’t even have evidence of DNA? Curious to what everyone thinks…

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