OK, it’s getting weird. The stars seem to be aligning among all the countries I’ve looked at in a major way, we are talking intense radical changes. Pluto will be hitting Russia’s Uranus in the 2nd house around 2013 but before it does Saturn will be conjuncting Russia’s natal Moon in the 10th again changing the way they do business and hitting them hard in the pocket-book. They too will change laws regarding how they do business which will eventually negatively impact world markets (not immediately but several years down the road). This will happen in the next couple of years. It seems that the end of the “recession” oops did I say recession I meant mild depression, isn’t over. It will be hitting China and Russia in a harder way this coming year. And they will do some radical things to change how they work and do business as transiting Saturn will be squaring Russia’s Capricorn stellium in the 2nd house of work, money and stuff. This could destabilize them and lead them into a foreign war as Pluto and firstly Saturn inconjuct Mercury and then Jupiter in the 9th. The conflict will not be on their soil but overseas. Again, all signs seem to be pointing to a global crisis and/or war starting in the next few years.

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