E-Mail and Me…

If anyone has e-mailed me in the last 6 weeks I’m very sorry. Checking it on my part has been patchy to say the least. I’m still recovering and blogging is about the most I’m up to until the holidays are over. Afterward I’ll probably do some sort of discount for people wanting to look into their upcoming year. If anyone has tried to contact me for a reading please accept my apologies. Believe me I wouldn’t be much help to you at this point as I’m still getting better, and now my child is sick and gotten me sick with a cold. I usually have lots of health problems this time of year (as does everyone) despite how hard I’ve tried to be a hermit I’ve still managed to get sick! I guess it’s all that Pisces in my chart squaring the transiting Sun in Sagittarius that does it.

Again, sorry for the delay. Also I’ve been bad about reading the comments on the site because I’m trying to rest and just post when I have a burst of energy. I’ve used the scheduling feature recently so I can keep things coming which is why I haven’t been responding if anyone has posted questions. After the new year I’ll go back to the traditional format of answering universal questions on the blog.

Thanks to all of you out there who have been avid readers and supporters. Wishing you a Happy Everything!

May this coming year bring all of your fondest wishes to fruition,


E-Mail and Me…

2 thoughts on “E-Mail and Me…

  1. bobby says:

    Well, your predictions for UK,Russia and China are so bad, and what about our paradise in USA?
    USA is still in big trouble from 2007.
    What is our next enemy and war?
    Iran,Venecuela,North Korea,Cuba,India?

  2. Linda Pride says:

    Loved the generation X post, was less that happy to read that
    “anyone with his chart would have committed suicide”…..
    That is the kind of glaring generalization that does astrology no credit
    and make your colleagues look like charlatans….not everyone born on the same time and date as Hitler actually attempted to take over the world…just saying.

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